title of book to be a slave author julius lester n.
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Title of Book: To Be A Slave Author: Julius Lester PowerPoint Presentation
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Title of Book: To Be A Slave Author: Julius Lester

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Title of Book: To Be A Slave Author: Julius Lester - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Title of Book: To Be A Slave Author: Julius Lester. Name: Jonathan S. Class Period: 5 th Period. Context Clues. Text Purpose.

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title of book to be a slave author julius lester

Title of Book: To Be A SlaveAuthor: Julius Lester

Name: Jonathan S.

Class Period: 5th Period

text purpose
Text Purpose
  • Julius Lester wrote this book to explain to us how the slaves were treated and how they were used for the slave owner’s purpose. The intended audience was for young adults who want to learn more about how the slaves lived or how slavery came to be.
text structure
Text Structure
  • Julius Lester uses compare and contrast as well as description. It affects the way you read this book because if it didn’t have description you wouldn’t know where or how the slaves lived or where they lived. If it didn’t have compare and contrast, some major parts would be taken out of the book.
text representation
Text Representation
  • Some slaves were marched in coffles, others were shipped by steamboat. Each slave was expected to pick at least two hundred pounds of cotton a day. If they didn’t meet the requirements or picked more than two hundred, they were whipped. The houses the slaves were held in were not suitable for human living.
compare contrast

Title: Aow-How slavery Really Ended In America

1.How some slaves escaped to a fort

2.How slavery really ended

3.How it all led up to the Emancipation Proclamation

4.Short story

5.How an officer helped slaves

Title: To Be A Slave

1. Gives Interviews

2.Where slaves slept

3.How they lived


5.How they were mistreated


1.Talk about slaves

2.Both have famous people

3.Have true stories

4.Both are famous history

5.Thought slavery was wrong

reading response
Reading Response
  • Pg.37- The slave’s owners would make them steal from other slave owners. I didn’t like how they made them do this. They made the steal the cattle from other slave owners. I feel that this is cruel to the slaves because if caught, they might be shot. If they did get shot, the slave owner would not care and would leave them there to die.
  • Pg.46- They would sell slaves like they were animals. The sellers would only feed the slaves long enough for them to last until they were bought. Sometimes they weren’t fed and the owners would put grease on their mouths so it would look like they were fed. They would make the slaves look real good so that they would sell. The owners would sell them to the nicest bidder, but instead the highest bidder.
  • Pg.104- Slaves used to have parties on Saturday nights. Since they didn’t have to get up early on Sundays, Saturdays were a perfect day. The owners didn’t mind, but often sent lookouts to stop these parties. The slaves used signal words to tell other slaves when the party was going to be. They put on the nicest clothes they had and danced all night.