Lego trek 2 the wrath of a guy who sells rich corinthian leather
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Lego Trek 2, The Wrath of A Guy Who Sells Rich Corinthian Leather - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lego Trek 2, The Wrath of A Guy Who Sells Rich Corinthian Leather. Not really. I Had A Bit Of Help From My Trusty Noise Familiar. I think I was hiding from the camera this week. Week 4 – LegoCAD. Eek.

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Week 4 legocad eek
Week 4 – LegoCAD. Eek. Leather

  • We discovered on a whole, and from viewing the first set of people’s presentations, that LegoCAD is not terribly popular with the students. Or the instructors for that matter.

Week five saw me evading the camera again
Week Five Saw Me Evading the Camera Again Leather

  • What we actually did during this week was to see if we could get our bots to actually accomplish anything. Most of the time was spent with the class programming bots, and going over to the board to try our luck at accomplishing any of our tasks.

Week 6
Week 6 Leather

  • There is no week six. This is not a Monty Python tribute, though it very well could be given that there is no rule number 6. It seems that this week, my mother locked herself out of her house. Fortunately, I have a key to the house. Unfortunately, I was not aware that she was locked out until approximately 6:00PM, thus preventing me from attending class. Let’s just throw in another picture of my son for good measure.

Week 7 more bumping into things
Week 7: More Bumping Into Things Leather

  • My bot is somewhat ugly, but it can run into things. For most of the tasks, that’s good enough. Check out the funky touch sensor on the bumper. It works when no rocks get in the way.

More week 7
More Week 7 Leather

  • More programming, more testing, and more amusement as our lego robots managed to run into things over and over again.

Week 8
Week 8 Leather

  • At this point, I have to teleport you onto a rock where the genesis torpedo has been used to create life. Before you realize that your situation isn’t so bad, you’ll find the person with the biggest and most bouncy hair to shake his (or her) fist in the air and yell “Khan” most exaggeratedly.