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The Radio International Marketing System

The Radio International Marketing System. Helps Identify Obtainable Goals Helps Develop Your Strategy Prevents Wasting of Resources Your time Your money. Radio International is. Adult...… Sophisticated...… Contemporary. Radio International is. 100 Miles of Magnificent Coastline!.

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The Radio International Marketing System

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  1. The Radio InternationalMarketing System Helps Identify Obtainable Goals Helps Develop Your Strategy Prevents Wasting of Resources Your time Your money

  2. Radio International is... Adult...… Sophisticated...… Contemporary...

  3. Radio Internationalis... 100 Miles of Magnificent Coastline! Monaco Côte d'Azur Western Italian Riviera

  4. Cote d'Azur MonacoWestern Italian Riviera Full-time resident population is approximately 1,300,000. Part-time residents add another 750,000.

  5. Cote d'Azur MonacoWestern Italian Riviera Visitors add another 9,851,000! Multi Lingual (Example:45% of travelers through the Nice Cote d’Azur Airport claim to be “English Speaking”).

  6. Radio International is........... Sophisticated & Comfortable Unlike most radio stations who serve a steady stream of fast paced excitement geared toward the young, Radio International offers a sophisticated program of music that is familiar to people between 30 and 65 years of age and comfortable to listen to.

  7. Intelligently Targeted.... While young people lack spending ability, older people (65+) often are not influenced by advertising because their buying habits are firmly fixed. On the contrary, adults 30 - 65 not only have strong spending power but, more important, they actually look to advertising and publicity for information regarding purchases they may make. Accordingly, Radio International believes that these 30 - 65 year-old adults make a more valuable target for our advertising clients.

  8. Researched and Proven..... The Radio International standard library consists of the most popular International Hit songs of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Each of these titles has been scrutinized for its relevance and appropriateness for the target audience. The core library is then flavored with appropriate classical, jazz and show-tune selections.

  9. International..... Radio International is the exclusive major media outlet with multi-lingual messages. Residents and visitors agree that one of the most enjoyable things about the Riviera is its wonderful sense of being an “International Community”. Radio International advertisers enjoy the ability to speak to the French, Italians, English, Scandinavians, Germans, Americans and others in their own language or their 1st second language.

  10. No Blah-Blah.... Radio International highly restricts the presence of “DJ” voices and other announcements. Our music is presented in “sweeps” of at least three to five songs together before stopping. When we do stop for publicity, the listener never hears more than four commercial spots at a time and never for longer than two minutes at a time. We also protect our client’s interest by never placing competing advertisers closer than twelve minutes to one another. (Greater if desired.)

  11. Network! Radio International is actually a "mini-network" of five different transmitters. RDS technology allows automobile receivers to automatically detect and switch to the strongest of our signals as they may be driving from St. Tropez, France up through Monaco and all the way to, and beyond, Imperia on the Italian Riviera

  12. Why Advertise? • Expand Market Share • Defend against new or aggressive competitors • Brand Development

  13. Why Advertise? • Advertise location • Move old inventory • Improve Employee Morale • Promote specific sale events • Sell products and services now • Sell regular price merchandise • Promote off-price merchandise • Use available co-op funds

  14. Why Advertise? • Improve image • Build store traffic • Educate the consumer • Create a new position • Expand demographics • Increase name awareness • Promote new store openings • Promote new merchandise and departments

  15. WHY RADIO?

  16. Immediacy • Radio is uniquely capable of helping you meet the demands of changing market and inventory conditions. • Radio can respond to your changing market requirements within the shortest possible time.

  17. Ability to Target a Market • Radio can target your specific market better than any other media. • Determine your clientele by age group and life-style then choose the radio stations that best represent your specific customer.

  18. Simple • Radio is simple to use. • There’s less time needed to plan and produce a commercial that gets results than with either TV or print.

  19. Simple • Commercial announcements can be changed or modified quickly and easily. • All copy and spot approval can be done over the phone, by fax or email.

  20. Frequency • Frequency is created by repeating your message often. • Frequency is the key to putting people in your store or at your event! • Radio is the best possible medium for creating frequency at low cost.

  21. Mobility • Radio goes everywhere. • Whether it’s at work or around the home, in the car, or at the beach, radio goes all the way to the point of purchase.

  22. Theater of the Mind • Radio commercials can be more visual than video or print commercials by using “theater of the mind”. • Make your message memorable by using creative commercials that stand apart from all the others.

  23. Radio Is The #1 Medium Close To Point of Purchase. Read: In any 24 hour period, 63% of Adults 25-54 are exposed to Radio within one hour of making their largest purchase of the day.

  24. Radio International Research

  25. Radio International Research

  26. Radio International Research

  27. The Radio InternationalMarketing System Helps Identify Obtainable Goals Helps Develop Your Strategy Prevents Wasting of Resources Your time Your money

  28. Covering The Riviera Like The Sun!

  29. Radio International Covering The Riviera Like The Sun!

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