Building classifications construction types
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Building Classifications: Construction Types. TED 316 – Structural Design. Based on how the building is constructed. Relates to: Materials used Combustibility Fire-resistance. Construction types defined. Types IA and IB Types IIA and IIB Types IIIA and IIIB Type IV Types VA and VB.

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Building classifications construction types

Building Classifications:

Construction Types

TED 316 – Structural Design

Construction types defined

Construction types defined

Construction types

Types IA and IB

Types IIA and IIB

Types IIIA and IIIB

Type IV

Types VA and VB

Construction types

Construction types1

  • Types IA and IB

    • Noncombustible and fire-resistive

    • IA has a higher fire-resistance

    • Only noncombustible materials allowed

  • IBC does not determine combustibility

  • Done through the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

Construction types

Construction types2

Types IIA and IIB

Also noncombustible

Little or no fire-resistance

IIA has minimum of 1-hour fire-resistance

IIB has no requirement for fire-resistance unless required by other sections of the code

Construction types

Construction types3

Types IIIA and IIIB


Permits wood framing

Little to no fire-resistance

IIIA requires 1-hour fire-resistance throughout with exterior bearing walls 2-hour

IIIB only requires 2-hour fire-resistance for exterior bearing walls

Construction types

Construction types4

  • Type IV

  • Combustible

  • Heavy timber construction only

    • Columns at least 8” thick

    • Floor and roof framing at least 6” thick

    • Floor and roof decks 3-4” thick (built up)

  • Exterior walls noncombustible construction

Construction types

Construction types5

Types VA and VB


Slightly less fire-resistance than Type III

VA exterior bearing wall fire-resistance is 1-hour

VB has no fire-resistance rating

Construction types

Mixed ratings lowest rating

A building or portion thereof shall not be required to conform to the details of a type of construction higher than that type, which meets the minimum requirements based on occupancy even though certain features of such a building actually conform to a higher type of construction.

Mixed ratings = lowest rating

Sources conform to the details of a type