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Open Arms. OSP Group 2. Karilyn Bufka, Kristine Cargill, Kimberly Cox, Sarah Dobbrastine , Keri Foster, & Dawn Kooiman. Open Arms – A mental health clinic for all. Why are mental health clinics needed?.

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Open arms

Open Arms

OSP Group 2

Karilyn Bufka, Kristine Cargill, Kimberly Cox, Sarah Dobbrastine, Keri Foster, & Dawn Kooiman

Open arms a mental health clinic for all
Open Arms – A mental health clinic for all

Why are mental health clinics needed?

  • Increased awareness of mental illnesses related to recent shootings such as Sandy Nook Elementary and Aurora Colorado theater shootings

  • War and terrorism and their effects on both veterans and civilians

  • Economical concerns related to recent downturn of US economy

Detroit wayne county statistics need
Detroit - Wayne County Statistics/Need

  • Population: 706,585 people (US Census Bureau, 2013)

  • Mental Illness is present in one in four individuals (CDC, 2011)

  • Est. people with mental illnesses in Detroit: more than 176,000 people

Mission statement
Mission Statement

Open Arm's mission is to promote mental health by providing individualized, confidential, and supportive care with the intent to assist in successfully accomplishing individualized health goals and enable clients to effectively participate in the community in which they reside. We are dedicated to delivering services to achieve victory over mental illness, PTSD, and substance abuse through education, advocacy, and research while offering compassion and concrete solutions to attain mental wellness and treat everyone who enters our doors with dignity and respect.


At Open Arms we encompass the community’s individuals who seek mental health services. Our highly trained staff will provide a comprehensive, culturally competent assessment to all who are in need of mental health treatment, but specializing in PTSD and substance abuse disorders. We focus on providing learning tools specific to each individual’s needs to help them gain the skills necessary to increase self-confidence. Setting goals and measuring attainable outcomes will help us to assess the progress for each individual. Dedication, integrity, and dignity are held to the highest standards through all of our treatment programs. At Open Arms we value each person as an individual and assist each client to obtain the highest level of independence and functioning in the community.

Organizational goals objectives
Organizational Goals & Objectives

  • Goal 1. To devise a concise, specific treatment plan for each individual, focusing on background, patient engagement, and creating a patient profile for individuals with mental illness and/or substance abuse.

  • Objectives:

  • To show attendance to therapy sessions evidenced by participating in 4 sessions per month.

  • To show progression towards recovery evidenced by acquiring a job or maintaining a current job.

  • To apply and implement tools of relaxation through journaling, exercise, or group therapy during time at the clinic.

  • To remain free of all addictive substances evidenced by negative drug tests performed weekly while in treatment.

  • To build a support system through developing relationships and strengthening current relationships. 

Organizational goals objectives cont
Organizational Goals & Objectives, cont.

  • Goal 2. Provide completely confidential, high-quality care and treatment for all ages within our community suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder through education, advocacy, and research.

  • Objectives:

  • To devise a positive influential support system specific for each individual within one month.

  • To identify the underlying origin of PTSD on each patient upon the first session.

  • To devise three coping mechanisms specific to each individual to use to overcome the stress of PTSD by the third session.

  • To have each individual attend 4 sessions of their choosing within the first month of treatment.

  • To apply and implement tools of relaxation through journaling, exercise, or group therapy by the second session.

Organizational goals objectives cont1
Organizational Goals & Objectives, cont.

  • Goal 3. Establish financial stability to provide mental health care services to individuals in the community.

  • Objectives:

  • To apply for Block Grants for funding yearly.

  • To maintain affiliation with Detroit Medical Centerthrough open communication by meeting with DMC leaders the 1st of every month.

  • To market public recognition through donations received by community members and businesses.

  • To advertise ‘Open Arms’ services by distributing flyers, pamphlets, and business cards at community events and health care facilities quarterly.

Job descriptions
Job Descriptions

  • Executive Director: BA, BS, or BBA – Master’s level with experience.

    • Develops clinical programs suited to meet the needs of the client and changing environment.

    • Manages and oversees the daily operations of the clinic.

    • Motivates professional teamwork among staff members.

    • Serves as the chief spokesperson for Open Arms.

    • Develops and implements policies that enhance the operational functions of the clinic.

    • Supervises and evaluates staff member’s performance.

    • Adheres to the mission and philosophy of the clinic.

  • Financial/Budget Specialist: CPA and/or PFS (Personal Financial Specialist).

    • Develops financial plans that support the organization’s plans, projects, and goals.

    • Develops sources for funding for the organization’s plans, projects, and goals.

    • Prepares financial reports for submission to the Executive Director.

    • Assists in applying for applicable mental health block grants.

    • Manages and monitors financial activity of the clinic.

    • Reviews cost data with management and creates cost saving plans.

    • Oversees accounts payable and receiving to ensure accuracy of information and procedures.

Job descriptions cont
Job Descriptions, cont.

  • Therapist: LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor).

    • Collaborate with physicians, nurses, and social work to design a therapeutic treatment plan for individualized for each client.

    • Document and record each client’s discussions, ideas, and thoughts evaluating progress throughout treatment.

    • Psychoanalyze each client in a privatized setting.

    • Listen to each client’s thoughts and ideas while attempting to change the abnormal behavior or thought.

  • Administrative Assistant: Minimum High School Diploma with experience.

    • Contributes to team efforts of operating a safe environment for clients.

    • Maintains accurate data files and billing reports.

    • Responds to incoming phone calls, clients, and clinic visitors.

    • Makes outbound calls to confirm client appointments.

    • Have knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel and 1 year experience of medical billing.

    • Assist the staff with administrative duties as needed.

    • Assist and processes new client information forms and updates changes to demographic information as needed.

Job descriptions cont1
Job Descriptions, cont.

  • Registered Nurse – Mental Health Specialist: PMHN (Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse) minimum Bachelor's degree.

    • Provides professional nursing care to clients of the Open Arms clinic diagnosed with mental illnesses, PTSD, and substance abuse.

    • Conducts assessment evaluation on all clients that seek treatment.

    • Formulates and carries out nursing care treatment plans.

    • Explains and educates clients on mental health, medications, and treatment plans.

    • Administers medications as ordered by the physicians.

    • Collaborates and works cohesively with other team members to provide comprehensive client care.

    • Responsible for maintaining a safe clinical environment.

Job advertisement
Job Advertisement

Seeking a Full Time Registered Nurse

For a state of the art Mental Health Clinic to work in a patient first community oriented facility where teamwork is essential.

Current MI license and mental health experience required.

Please apply at Open Arms clinic or online., 2013


Open arms

Sources for Advertising

  • Local Source:

    • Detroit Free Press

      • Premium Package - $299

        • 28 days online & 28 days of print exposure

  • Journal Source:

    • American Nurses Association

      • 1 Month Run - $2,365

        • 1/10 page ad

        • Will run to coincide with Detroit Free Press Ad


  • Salaries (per year):

  • Executive director $100,000 - $125,000

  • Administrative Specialist $28,000 - $35,000

  • Financial Specialist $52,000 - $65,000

  • RN – Substance Abuse specialized  $42,000 - $55,000

  • RN – PTSD specialized $42,000 - $55,000

  • RN – General Mental Health $42,000 - $55,000

  • Psychiatrist $92,000 – $125,000

  • Therapist $75,000 - $90,000

  • Case Manager $45,000 - $55,000

  • Incentives:

    • Clinic is closed all major holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, & Christmas). Employees receive holiday pay equal to one work day.

    • PTO is accumulated based on number of hours worked and how long they have been employed with the clinic.

    • $8,000 per employee is budgeted for fringe benefits for each employee.

Budget cont
Budget, cont.

  • Building Expenses:

    • Cost of office properties in Detroit: $123 per square foot

      • Proposal: 7,000 square foot office

        • Cost: ~$861,000

        • Will look into rental and leasing opportunities to save money in this area

    • Utilities:

      • Heating and Electricity:

        • Estimated monthly cost: $300-400 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013).

  • Other Expenses:

    • Internet & TV Services

      • Premium package (due to high volume usage): $163.95 monthly (Comcast Corp., 2013)

    • Supplies

      • Average cost in the U.S.: $19 monthly (Kunz, 2013)

Open arms1

Open Arms

Please consider investing in this company.

We appreciate your time and interest.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


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