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Alberta Tar Sands

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Alberta Tar Sands - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alberta Tar Sands. Cameron Flynn. What Is a tar sand?. A tar sand is an area that has large amounts of oil under a sandy area, each grain is surrounded by water and bitumen film (as shown in the background). What Effect Doe’s Mining Them Have On The Environment?.

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alberta tar sands

Alberta Tar Sands

Cameron Flynn

what is a tar sand
What Is a tar sand?

A tar sand is an area that has large amounts of oil under a sandy area, each grain is surrounded by water and bitumen film (as shown in the background).

what effect doe s mining them have on the environment
What Effect Doe’s Mining Them Have On The Environment?
  • The Alberta tar sands give off 5% of Canada’s pollution and 1% of the worlds.
  • In order to mine from the tar sands, the miners must remove all plant and animal life from the area.
where are they
Where Are They?
  • The tar sands are in Alberta's prairie's, wood’s and many rural area’s.
who runs the sands
Who Runs The Sands?
  • The Alberta Government and people.
when did they get discovered
When Did They Get Discovered?
  • The sands were originally discovered way back in the Paleolithic times, back when they only got 500 barrels of oil per sand, no that’s just when they were made (it was a joke). They were Discovered some fifty sixty years ago.
why do we mine them
Why Do We Mine Them?
  • We mine them so that we can power our cars and homes, although there are many more environmentally friendly ways.
how do we get the resources and workers to mine them
How Do We Get the Resources And Workers to Mine Them?
  • The government provides money through taxes.
  • The sands provide lots of work, so many Albertans work there do to loss of jobs in the past years.
why should i care
Why Should I Care?
  • The sands are ruining the environment and air.
  • They are you're main source of power.
  • The power runs ships and cars allowing transport to other countries for exotic foods.
  • They are killing wildlife by being mined and therefore less food for you.
  • The mines are helping with global warming and dimming.
what is you re opinion
What Is You're Opinion?
  • My opinion is that we should use wind, solar and water energy to power our vehicles and etc.
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