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National AIDS Control Programme -IV

National AIDS Control Programme -IV. Reshma S. Milestones. 1990, Medium Term Plan ( 1990-1992)was launched First National AIDS Control Programme (NACP - I ) was launched in 1992.

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National AIDS Control Programme -IV

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  1. National AIDS Control Programme-IV Reshma S

  2. Milestones • 1990, Medium Term Plan (1990-1992)was launched • First National AIDS Control Programme(NACP-I) was launched in 1992. • NACP-II launched in 1999: decentralization of programme implementation to State level and greater involvement of NGOs. • NACP- III implemented during 2007-2012: scaling up HIV prevention interventions for HRG and general population, and integrate them with Care, Support & Treatment services. • NACP-IV has been developedfor the period 2012-2017.

  3. Objectives • Objective 1:  Reduce new infections by 50% (2007 Baseline of NACP III) •  Objective 2:  Comprehensive care, support and treatment to all persons living with HIV/AIDS

  4. Key priorities under NACP-IV • Preventing new infections • Prevention of Parent to child transmission • Focusing on IEC strategies for behaviourchange in HRG, awareness among general population and demand generation for HIV services • Providing comprehensive care, support and treatment to eligible PLHIV • Integrating HIV services with health systems in a phased manner

  5. New Initiatives under NACP-IV • Scale up of programmes to target key vulnerabilities • Establishment of Metro Blood Banks and Plasma Fractionation Centre • Scale-up of Opioid Substitution Therapy for IDUs • Scale-up and Strengthening of Migrant Interventions atSource, Transit & Destinations • Female Condom Programme • Scale up of Second Line ART

  6. Package of services provided under NACP-IV Prevention Care, Support and Treatment Low risk populations High risk populations People living with HIV/AIDS • Targeted intervention • Needle-Syringe Exchange Programme and Opioid Substitution Therapy for IDUs • PreventionInterventions for Migrant population at source, transit and destination • Link Worker Scheme for HRGs in rural areas • Prevention & Control of STI/RTI • Blood Safety • HIV Counseling & Testing Services • Prevention of mother to child transmission • Condom promotion • Social Mobilization, Adolescent and Youth Interventions Programme • Laboratory services for CD4 Testing • Free First line & second line ART • Pediatric ART for children • Early Infant Diagnosis for HIV • Nutritional and Psycho-social support through Community Care Centres • Treatment of Opportunistic Infections

  7. Targeted intervention • Key risk groups covered under Targeted Intervention programme - High risk group - Bridge population • TIs provide services, such as behaviourchange communication, condom promotion, clean needle and syringe for people who inject drugs, STI care, referrals for HIV and Syphilis testing and linkages with Anti-Retroviral Treatment

  8. Link Workers Scheme • Community-based intervention • Provide services to high risk groups, vulnerable population, bridge population and PLHIV in rural areas • IEC under Link Worker Scheme: Mid-media programmes include wall writings, wall paintings, folk performances and hoardings. • Rural interventions continue to be challenge owing to inadequate infrastructures, poor outreach initiatives and stigma associated with HIV

  9. Prevention & treatment of RTI/STI • Counselors are provided at designated STI/RTI Clinics • Colour-coded STI/RTI kits provided for free supply at all government STI/RTI clinics, CHC/ PHC and NGOs • All HRG population receives packages of - Free consultation and treatment for their symptomatic STI complaints - Quarterly medical check-up - Bi-annual syphilis and HIV screening

  10. Blood safety • Increase regular voluntary blood donation • Promote component preparation • Enhance blood access through well coordinated blood transfusion services • Establish Quality Management Systems to ensure Safe and quality Blood

  11. Condom promotion • Condom Social Marketing Programme(CSMP) was launched by NACO • Establishment of rural outlets, non-traditional outlets and outlets in TI project areas and truckers’ halt-points • Consistent condom use promoted through Folk Media Campaign, Red Ribbon Express Campaign, Migrant Campaigns and Health Camps across various programmeStates. • NACO completed implementation of scaled-up FC Programme

  12. Model of HIV treatment Services Select Medical college Medical college and District Hospital Sub-district Hospital/ CHC

  13. ART Scale up for PLHIV in India, 2005 - 2012

  14. ART Scale up for Children Living with HIV/AIDS in India, 2005 - 2012

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