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Jessica Currier – Homeless Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Jessica Currier – Homeless Program

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Jessica Currier – Homeless Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jessica Currier – Homeless Program
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  1. Jessica Currier – Homeless Program I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at the College at Brockport. I minored in Criminal Justice and Psychology, as well. During my undergraduate career, I was on the Dean’s List, Dean’s List with Honors and the President’s List. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the College at Brockport and am currently an advanced standing student at Syracuse University. I completed my prior field placement with the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester Afterschool Program at Adlai E. Stevenson School 29. Tamara Goodacre – HUD/VASH Coord.David Bowman – HUD/VASH SUD C.M. Program serves homeless vets through a multitude of services. Social Workers connect homeless vets to find housing, employment opportunities, and assess for emergent needs. Substance abuse treatment groups are also offered to assist individuals. Mental and physical health referrals are also made through this program. The homeless program has strong partnerships with different institutions within the community that help serve individuals and families. This program is one of the newest to have a social work intern work in the clinic.

  2. David Minney – Patient Aligned Care Team I obtained my undergraduate degree at Syracuse University in the year 2013 with double majors in social work and psychology. In my senior year, I interned at Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare, which is an agency that aims to treat individuals with substance use disorders. At first, I was placed in a community residence, but I was then switched to their inpatient facility. In my undergraduate program, I was active in Social Workers United and I was president my senior year. As well, I received the Bachelor of Science in Social Work Award of 2013. Additionally, senior level social work students were awarded a Chancellors Award for Public Engagement and Scholarship.   Steven Armendarez – PACT Social Worker PACT is a fast paced, dynamic program aimed at working with Veterans who are immobile due to medical reasons. The team works closely with physicians and nurses in the field of medical social work. The Veteran’s Administration is considered to be a “teaching hospital,” and as such, the multidisciplinary model is used as a teaching mechanism for staff as well as students. In this setting the student will assess caregivers and family members to determine areas of need, and make appropriate referrals for treatment. There are also opportunities for the student to provide Brief Family Therapy.

  3. Naomi McLaughlin – Military Sexual Trauma I am currently enrolled in Syracuse Universities Master of Social Work, advance standing program. I obtained my Bachelors of Science Social Work at Syracuse University with cum laude standing. During my undergraduate program I was inducted into the Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society, Salute Veterans Honor Society as well as multiple Dean’s list achieve- ments. During my undergraduate internship, I was placed at Vera House, which is a local domestic and sexual assault victim’s advocacy agency. My internship at Vera House is one that challenged me to my fullest ability at the time and pushed me when they knew I could do it. Because of that, I was completely out of my comfort zone, yet gained invaluable experience. Janice Creamer – MST Coordinator Janice Creamer specializes in sexual trauma and has become a MST coordinator for the VA. In this program, the student will treat individuals who have been affected by sexual trauma through group and individual therapy. There are also opportunities to work closely with service providers within the field of behavioral health. In the spring, the student will participate in the BEHOC’s annual “clothesline project” honoring the many victims of sexual abuse, and bringing awareness to the larger community. Janice is a board member with women’s health, so the student can also have exposure to community advocacy through this affiliation.

  4. Megan Vogt - Geriatrics I received my Associates degree in Chemical Dependencies at Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica, New York. I transitioned and furthered my education obtaining a BSW from Syracuse University in May 2013 and matriculated into the Advanced Standing MSW program at Syracuse University in July 2013. My previous field placement experiences have been with the Center for Family Life and Recovery working in prevention with adolescents; Central New York Psychiatric Center working in forensics within a correctional facility; McPikeAddiction Treatment Center working with individuals with alcohol and substance abuse disorders in an inpatient setting and at VVS High School working with adolescents in a school setting. Kim Hummell – Extended Care CoordinatorHillary Reichel – Home Based Primary Care An exciting field placement led by Hillary Reichel who was a previous student intern in the program. The program is based in the community and provides home based care to those who are home bound and aging. The team assesses and treats individuals in the home to support the notion of “aging in place.” The physician on the team will also do doctor’s visits in the home. The student will also get a board overview of geriatrics and how they look at policy through contract funding, administration, nursing home and adult home inspections.