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Improving Employability in Central London PowerPoint Presentation
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Improving Employability in Central London

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Improving Employability in Central London - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Improving Employability in Central London
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  1. Improving Employability in Central London HELEN PAYNE, SHARED INTELLIGENCE 2 MARCH 2010

  2. The brief and process • To support the development of sub-regional partnership work on employability • Improve co-ordination of employment programmes • Process involved mapping provision • Discussions with boroughs, CLF Board and JCP London on role of boroughs, relationship with JCP and FND contractors, and potential for improvement

  3. Mapping Provision Through template, gathering information on Council, ESF, LSC, JCP, WNF funded discretionary provision Matching with national spine Concluded: Some level of duplication Compounded by implementation of FND

  4. Direction of policy • Employment White Paper – Building Britain’s Recovery • Recognises need to tailor and design services for local partnerships • Increased personalisation of JCP services – the “black box” • Introduces total place • Supports greater involvement in commissioning • Training should match employer demand, move people into sustained employment and develop their skills • Single DWP/BIS budget to fund training for unemployed people • Extension of JCP reach – stock IB claimants, widening support to professionals, over 50s, January Guarantee for 16-19s • Conservative policy – Getting Britain Working • Single integrated work programme replacing FND, New Deal and Pathways to Work – extending active support to all benefit claimants

  5. Opportunities for Influence and Devolution • DWP Co-commissioning • As a minimum, consultation on all employment support procurement • Where interest and capacity exists, co-commissioning • In the future, a more extensive role for local partnerships in commissioning

  6. Issues for boroughs Does the role of local councils needs clarification/confirmation? Definition and role of London sub-regions? Relationship with JCP at borough and sub-regional level is in transition Developing good relationship with DWP contractors is key

  7. Questions for Discussion How does this compare with other London sub-regions? To what extent are boroughs prepared for roll-out of FND and developing relationships with prime contractors? To what extent are boroughs clear about preferred arrangements for consultation with JCP on future commissioning? What are the issues and support needs for councils over the coming months?