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CEP Set 3 (E). Task 1. East College celebrat ed its 50 th anniversary on 12 February, 2011, with one hundred past graduates and four guests attending.

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Cep set 3 e

East College celebrated its 50th anniversary on 12 February, 2011, with one hundred past graduates and four guests attending.

The school was originally located in Jordan, and there were only 5 teachers and 65 students in its first years. However, it moved to a larger building in Hung Hom in 1972, and there are 22 teachers and over 800 students now.

Cep set 3 e

Our past graduates have done very well in manydifferent areas.For example, Mr Jeremy Kwok won the Hong Kong Book of the Year Award in 1990. In addition, Ms Tracy Liu is the Secretary for Education whileMs Lucy Tung owns a successfully business called Hi Tech International.

The celebration included a full stage programme. The special guests gave speeches about themselves and the school, and some of the past graduates and students sang the school song and other songs together. In addition, the principal presented awards to outstanding past graduates and past teachers. The programme ended after the Drama Club staged a musical to honour the celebration.

Cep set 3 e

Besides the stage programme, visitors were alsotreated to two displays. There was a display of school annuals from past years and a display about the school’s history.

The celebration would not have been possible without the hard work of the student volunteers. The Form 4 volunteers greeted the guests and designed the invitations. The Form 5 and Form 3 volunteers decorated the auditorium and the lobby. They were also responsible for the displays and the cloakroom.

Cep set 3 e

We would like to thank all the student volunteers for their efforts in making the celebration a wonderful success.

Reminder for task 1
Reminder for Task 1

  • Point 2: give the number of graduates (total)

  • Point 3: don’t give names of guests

  • Points 8-10: focus on achievements of graduates

    X Jeremy Kwok wrote a book called Rain


     Address the graduates by surname

Cep set 3 e


X The details are as follows:

X In the introduction:

We had many student volunteers this

year, yet do you know the details of the

celebration? Let me give you more

information about the anniversary


X Don’t use contracted forms.


  • Detailed address of school

  • Full names of guests

  • Exact time of reception and performance

  • Taking photos is not stage performance

  • Giving starting time of reception and program time e.g. 6.30 p.m., 8.30 p.m.

  • Detailed description of the achievements

  • Form 4 volunteers help with sending thank you letters to guests

Task 1
Task 1

Details of the event

  • Date: 12 February, 2010

  • 100 past graduates NOT 70 + 30

  • 34 special guests

    Brief history of school

  • Location: originally in Jordan

  • 5 teachers & 65 students

  • Location: Hung Hom in 1972

  • 22 teachers & 800 students

Cep set 3 e

Past graduates’ achievements

8. Mr Jeremy Kwok …. Award

9. Ms Tracy Liu … Secretary for Education

10.Ms Lucy Tung … Hi Tech International

Details of stage programme

11. Guests … gave speech

12. Graduates …sang school song and other


13. Principal … presented awards

14. Drama Club … a musical

Cep set 3 e

Details of the displays

15. Display of school annuals

16. Display of school’s history

Various contributions of student volunteers

17. F.4 volunteers greeted the guests

18. F.4 volunteers designed the invitations

19. F.5 and F.3 volunteers decorated the

auditorium and lobby

20 F.5 and F.3 volunteers were responsible for displays and cloakroom

21. Thank all student volunteers for their efforts

Task 2 32 marks
Task 2 (32 marks)

  • Positive comment: key information

  • Criticism: key information

  • Specific suggestion for next time

    Use bare infinitive after ‘should’, ‘could’,


    sb suggest sb (should) do sth

Common mistakes
Common mistakes

History display

X attracted a lot of attention

 good selection of items


X good food  wide selection of food


X graduates built school spirit

 songs built school spirit

Cep set 3 e


X photographers did very well

 photos are of high quality


X select flowers in the course

 smart to have flowers in school colours



X not enjoy eating while standing up

 people not enjoy eating while standing up


X The lights were not working.

 Some lights were not working.


X Not enough photographers

 Not enough photos

Specific suggestions
Specific suggestions


 Ms Au suggests that students help (to) take photos.

X Ms Au suggests taking photos.

X Ms Au suggests students can help take photos.

X Ms Au suggests students helping take photos.


We ought to have two areas for the cloakroom.

Task 3 marks
Task 3 ( marks)

  • Factual errors : content (7 + 3 marks)

  • Grammatical change

  • Grammar for last section: 3 marks

  • Total: 13 marks

  • * Use third person plural ‘they’ in the last paragraph to refer to student volunteers.