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STScI Tiger Upgrade. CPT Project Manager: Jim Grice Technical Manager: Mark Calvin. Presentation Overview. Which machines will be upgraded When they will be upgraded How to upgrade them Custom install contents Miscellaneous. Which Macs will be upgraded?.

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Stsci tiger upgrade

STScI Tiger Upgrade


Project Manager: Jim Grice

Technical Manager: Mark Calvin

Presentation overview
Presentation Overview

  • Which machines will be upgraded

  • When they will be upgraded

  • How to upgrade them

  • Custom install contents

  • Miscellaneous

Which macs will be upgraded
Which Macs will be upgraded?

  • Macs with Panther (OS X 10.3) will be upgraded to Tiger (OS X 10.4).

  • Macs with Tiger currently installed will be upgraded with CPT admin scripts. Beta testing machines are up-to-date.

  • Macs on Visitor Network will generally be moved to the STScI network.

  • Pre-Panther Macs will be handled separately.

What is the upgrade schedule
What is the upgrade schedule?

  • Upgrades will generally be by division.

  • Upgrades will begin May 1.

  • Most upgrades will take place between the second and fourth weeks of May.

  • Special cases and stragglers will be cleaned up the last 1 1/2 weeks in May.

What are the system requirements
What are the system requirements?

  • Macintosh computer with a PowerPC G3, G4 or G5 processor.

  • Built-in FireWire port

  • DVD drive for installation

  • 256MB of RAM

  • 3GB of available hard disk space (4GB if you install the developer tools)

Before you upgrade
Before You Upgrade

  • Back up your important data. (A complete bootable backup to external FireWire drive is recommended.)

  • Get the printed CPT Tiger Upgrade Instructions and media (DVD if you’re at Panther, CD if you’re at Tiger already.)

  • Make sure your Mac meets the minimum system requirements, and if not, let CPT know. (x4400,

Procedure panther to tiger
Procedure: Panther to Tiger

  • Perform Software Update until your Panther software is up-to-date. (< 1.5 hrs)

  • Insert Upgrade DVD and double-click “Install Mac OS X”. Will boot from DVD. (~ 20 min) Follow prompts and accept defaults. (< 1 hr)

  • Force-quit Setup Assistant and run SymantecUninstaller if necessary.

  • Perform Software Update until your Tiger software is up-to-date. (< 1 hr)

  • Return DVD to CPT.

Procedure tiger to tiger
Procedure: Tiger to Tiger

  • Insert Tiger Upgrade CD.

  • Double-click on the TigerSecurityScripts.pkg installer.

  • Accept defaults and authenticate when necessary. Choose Restart when prompted.

  • Login and return the CD to CPT.

  • Entire procedure takes just a few minutes.

Getting help
Getting Help

  • Most people should have no problem with the upgrade process. However, if you have problems or need help:

  • Write down the details of the problem you’re having.

  • Call the CPT Help Desk at x4400

Performance issues panther to tiger upgrade
Performance Issues (Panther to Tiger upgrade)

  • Spotlight will fully index any drives attached to the Mac. You can change Spotlight preferences to ignore drives, folders, or file-types.

  • When first run, the Mac Mail application will convert all email to a format searchable by Spotlight.

  • These Spotlight processes can take hours and cause poor performance during this time.

Installers added by upgrade
Installers Added by Upgrade

  • A folder named “InstallDir” with dmg files is created in the Applications folder.

  • DVD: adds Xcode 2.2.1, X11User, SymantecUninstaller, TeXShop, and STScI-VPN installers.

  • CD: adds STScI-VPN installer.

  • Many users will not need this software.

What cpt admin scripts do
What CPT Admin Scripts Do

  • Create an admin account accessible via ARD and SSH by CPT systems admins.

  • Periodically check ARD and SSH, and turn them on and/or open their firewall ports if the configuration has changed.

  • Periodically send reports to CPT for systems administration, similar to those on Solaris and Linux systems.

Unix software issues panther to tiger upgrade
Unix Software Issues (Panther to Tiger upgrade)

  • The /usr/local, /usr/stsci and /sw trees will not be touched during the upgrade.

  • Your Unix paths and aliases should function after the upgrade.

  • If you install Fink packages from source, or use Fink compilers, you should install the new XCode Tools, remove the /sw tree, and install Fink and its packages from scratch.