domain names and websites you will acquire n.
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Domain Names and Websites You Will Acquire PowerPoint Presentation
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Domain Names and Websites You Will Acquire

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Domain Names and Websites You Will Acquire - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Domain Names and Websites You Will Acquire. You will be provided with these domain names and their websites:

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Domain Names and Websites You Will Acquire

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    1. Domain Names and Websites You Will Acquire • You will be provided with these domain names and their websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

    2. Cost, also November, 2011 Viewing Statistics for only the itvdictionary.comdomain. • Total Visitors - 40965 • Total Pageviews – 300055 • Total Different Webpages Viewed - 13984 Usage statistics for only is displayed on this page. There are roughly 2 dozen other interactive TV (iTV) websites as part of the portal. ----------- I‘ll trade all the IP discussed in this presentation and related webpages for your unrestricted common stock (and/or cash.) Asking price: 6 figures Philip Gurian (owner/operator) -501-644-5604 –

    3. Easy Alteration of Its 10,000+ Web pages • The vast majority of the webpages include a collection of iframes. • It takes about a half hour to change/update all the webpage’s advertisements, links, and other data in those iframes.

    4. More on The Intellectual Property You Get • Thousands of excellently positioned general Interactive TV & Internet TV related webpages, including thousands of webpages of Interactive TV related definitions • A sophisticated site-run internal search engine with advertising capacity • Two large Interactive TV related business indexes, the industry’s biggest • Interactive TV related trademarks: The Internet TV Dictionary and Business Index™, The Video on Demand Dictionary and Business Index™, The Targeted Advertising Dictionary & Business Index™,The Interactive Television Institute™ and The Interactive Television Dictionary and Business Index™. • Roughly 2 dozen of the best “.com” interactive TV related domain names (see next page) • A small interactive TV opt-in mailing list • Several other interactive TV related web sites and more.

    5. The Interactive Television Institute • You get industry leading introductory, comprehensive, online, self-paced, education guides (classes) about interactive television and Internet TV. • This institute can be developed further as Rupert Murdoch has with his The Interactive Television Research Institute.

    6. You’re A Leader, Show The World How It’s Done! The Interactive TV Dictionary & Business Index™ is one of the top positioned sites in regard to the broad topic of interactive television. It’s an excellent way to make sales and promote your view of Interactive TV.

    7. Regularly Referenced By The Public • Extensively updated in 2010 and the second half of 2009. • Hundreds of interactive TV reference acknowledgements come up in Google when typing in “itvdictionary reference”. • The general public views an industry’s “Dictionary, Business Index and Institute” with immediate respect. • This extensive collection of intellectual property offers an established, respected and easily expandable forum for greatly furthering your interests in regard to interactive TV and its future.