Resolving conflicts and preventing violence
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Resolving Conflicts and Preventing Violence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Resolving Conflicts and Preventing Violence. 6 th Grade Health. Bell Ringer. Journal: Define “Gang”. Explain why (you think) someone would join a gang. Vocabulary. Conflict - A disagreement between people with opposing viewpoints, interest, or needs.

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Bell ringer
Bell Ringer

  • Journal:

    • Define “Gang”.

      • Explain why (you think) someone would join a gang.


  • Conflict- A disagreement between people with opposing viewpoints, interest, or needs.

  • Prejudice- A negative and unjustly formed opinion.

  • Abuse- The physical, emotional, or mental mistreatment of another person.

  • Assault- AN attack on another person in order to hurt him or her.


  • Homicide- A violent crime that results in the death of another person.

  • Bullying- A type of violence in which one person uses threats, taunts, or violence to intimidate another again and again.

  • Gang- A group of young people who come together to take part in a illegal activities.

Concept mapping activity
Concept Mapping Activity

  • Factors that contribute to violence


    • Engaging in risky behaviors

    • Having parents who are violent

    • Committing crimes when they were younger

    • Seeing violence as an acceptable way to behave

Ways to stay clear of criminal gangs
Ways to Stay Clear of Criminal Gangs

  • 2. Don’t join gangs or hang out with gang members.

  • 3. Don’t wear gang-related clothing.

Ways to stop violence in schools
Ways to Stop Violence in Schools

  • 2. Dress Codes

  • 3. Security Systems, Security Cameras, and Security Guards

Ways to stop violence in communities choose 4 from below
Ways to Stop Violence in Communities(CHOOSE 4 FROM BELOW)

  • Lighted parks

  • Neighborhood Watch

  • Police officer foot patrols

  • Bicycle patrols

  • Horseback patrols

Art connection
Art Connection

  • Pretend you are an advertising executive working with a team on an ad campaign to encourage students in grades 4-6 to prevent violence. The campaign needs a positive icon that will appeal to students in this age group. The icon should be fairly simple in design and easy to remember and recognize.

Violence spelling it out
Violence: Spelling it Out

  • As a way to remember some important ideas about violence, write a sentence beginning with one of the letters in the word VIOLENCE that tells something important.


  • Bullying: Gaining Insight

    • SAFARI Montage

      • 36 min


1.Table of Contents

2.Nutrition Journal/Vegetable Vocabulary

3. Nutrition Notes

4.Safari Montage Quiz/Word Search

5. Gang Journal

6. Gang and Violence Vocabulary/Concept Mapping

7. Art Connection