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Prof. Dr. Pedro-José Bueso Guillén, LL.M. Eur. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Workshop on “Knowledge Society and Law. Compared Experiences from Mediterranean Europe”. Rome, 26 April 2004. The Walqa Laboratory. Prof. Dr. Pedro-José Bueso Guillén, LL.M. Eur. Professor for Commercial Law, Dept. for Enterprise Law, University of Zaragoza.

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Presentation Transcript

Workshop on

“Knowledge Society and Law.

Compared Experiences from Mediterranean Europe”

Rome, 26 April 2004

The Walqa Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Pedro-José Bueso Guillén, LL.M. Eur.

Professor for Commercial Law, Dept. for Enterprise Law,

University of Zaragoza.

Law School Co-ordinator, Legal & Business Laboratory, Technology Park Walqa

Initiative Walqa

Technology Park Walqa

Location and Installations

Advanced Laboratories UZ


Initial Goals

Research Areas  LAW & BUSINESS

Legal & Business Laboratory


Activities  evolution


Specific Teaching LEFIS


Strenghts and Prospects



Aragón  Point of Reference for e-business in Spain

Improve Integration of SMEs in Internet and e-Business

Adaptation of Compulsory and Occupational Training to ICT


Adoption by Society of ICT

Stategic Actions

Wideband Network

Centre of Excellence

Technology Park

Alliance with University of Zaragoza

Initiative Walqa

Technology Park Walqa

  • Start of operations: January 2002

  • Promoters: Regional Government of Aragón and Town Council of Huesca

  • Goal: To Became a Pole of Innovation and R&D in the Field of ITC, Internet and e-Commerce

  • Nowadays managed by an Public Agency

  • Technology Park Walqa is Member of:

Location Map (I)











Superficie del Parque:

529.000 m2 = 52,9 Ha.



Location Map (II)

Technology Park Walqa

  • To Achieve Its Goal 

  • Concentration of a Critical Mass of ICT Companies

  • Looking for Favouring the Growth of ICT Sector in Aragón

  • Taking Maximum Advantage of Human Resources with High ICT Qualifications in Aragón Strategic Alliance with UZ:

    • Degrees on Telecomunications and Informatics Engineering

    • Research Teams 

    •  Advanced Laboratories UZ

  • Advanced Laboratories UZ

    Essential Element for Technology Park Walqa to Became a Pole of Innovation and R&D in ICT, Internet and e-Commerce:

    Membership in IASP and APTE


    500 m2 Surface Area in Building No. 1 of Technolgy Park Walqa

    Operative since February 2003

    Advanced Laboratories UZ

    • Facilities (Common Use):

    • 76 Workstations

    • 3 Senior Offices

    • Technical Floor

    • ADSL Connection 512Kb to UZ  Next: Optical Fiber Connection to RACI

    • Servers:

      • 4 Servers SUN + 1 Disks Server: Domain Administration (Windows NT), Structural Management of Internal Network, Web Services (HTTP, ...), Firewall, Data Bases, Development, etc.

      • 1 Backup Robot

      • 1 SAI

    • Computers:

      • Over 50 PCs:From Pentium Celeron 633MHz + 128MB RAM + 10GB HDSince Pentium IV + 512MB RAM + 60GB HD

      • OS Windows y Linux

      • Office & Specific Software

    • Other Hardware:

      • Color Laser Printers

      • Scanners

    • Computer Assisted Teaching Area

    Advanced Laboratories UZ


    Promotion Institute of Aragón


    University of Zaragoza


    Technology Institute of Aragón

    Collaboration Agreement on the Promotion of Training of High Qualified Human Resources and of Increasing of R+D+I Capabilities in the field of ICT in Aragón

    June 2001

    Advanced Laboratories UZ

    Initial Goals

    • Teaching:

      • Applied Lectures (Compulsory Training)

      • LL.M. Thesis

      • Ph. D. Thesis

      • Teaching for Professionals and Companies

    • Research & Development:

      • Research Proyects

    • Support to ICT Companies  Helping Technology Park Companies in:

      • Test Beds for New Products

      • Co-operation Programmes

    Advanced Laboratories UZ

    Research Areas

    In order to Achive the Initial Goals Were Created FIVE Laboratories in Tecnology Park Walqa:

    • Engineering Laboratories:

      • UMTS Applications Laboratory

      • Radiofrecuency (RF) Laboratory

      • Broadband Laboratory

      • Advanced Computing Laboratory

      • At the moment: In Redeployment

    • Legal & Business Laboratory

    Legal & Business Laboratory


    • Senior Staff (Ph. D.):

    • 2 Co-ordinators of the Business School

    • 1 Co-ordinator of the Law School

    • 1 Senior Manager in situ

    • Junior Staff (LL. M.):

    • 4 Permanent Grant-Holders

    • 3-6 Non-Permanent Grant-Holders

    Regarding the Initial Goals:


    No Compulsory Training

    Focusing On Postgraduate Specific Training


    Oriented to R&D with Companies

    Support to ICT Companies:

    Not Only Technology Park Walqa

    Extending Support to Governmental Organizations

    New - Management:


    Legal & Business Laboratory

    Activities: Evolution


    Workshops and Seminars:

    Research Seminar on Accounting and Digital Enterprise (2003)

    Next: Seminar on IS Observatories (2004)


    Workshop on Teaching of e-Government (2003)

    Seminar on e-Government: Teaching and Enterprise (2003)

    Summer Course on e-Commerce (2003)

    Next: Database and Expert Systems Applications, DEXA’04 (2004)

    Legal & Business Laboratory

    Activities: Management

    Direct-Linked Postgraduate Studies:


    D+TIC  Initiative


    e-Business Strategies and Models


    Legal & Business Laboratory

    Activities: Specific Teaching

    Master en Administración

    Electrónica de Empresas

    Emerging Research Groups (20 Researchers  11 Ph. D.)

    Financial and Economic Analysis of the Digital Enterprise

    e-Commercial Promotion, Contracting and Taxing

    Data Protection and Digital Signature

    Legal & Business Laboratory

    Activities: Research (I)

    Observatory of the Information Society of Aragón (OASI)

    Proyect Equal

    PROFIT 2003 Next: PROFIT 2004

    Next: Chamber of Commerce

    Legal & Business Laboratory

    Activities: Research (II)

    Need of Such a Partner on Legal & Business Matters Usefulness

    Real Interactive Combination of Law & Business Interdisciplinarity

    Institutional Roots Neutrality

    Aviability of High Qualified Researchers to Fill Gaps


    UZ Research Organization


    Legal & Business Laboratory


    To Improve Strengths

    To Consolidate Basic Structure – also Legally  Autonomy

    To Take On Core Functions of Centre of Excellence (Now Being Reconsidered)

    To Develope Tasks in e-Government and to Combine Them with Tasks in e-Commerce and e-Business

     A Real Chance for

    Institutional Supported R&D

    Legal & Business Laboratory


    Thank you very much for your attention!

    Phone: +34 976 761 384

    Fax: +34 976 761 499


    [email protected]

    The End