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Eno Interactive Whiteboard

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Eno Interactive Whiteboard . Stefan Pitcoff SPitcoff@hamtramck.k12.mi.us. What were going to cover. Basic operation Basic trouble shooting Connecting other devices – DVD, VCR, etc. Websites that work well with the board. How it works:. No power cord…. No cable to connect to computer….

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eno interactive whiteboard

Eno Interactive Whiteboard

Stefan Pitcoff


what were going to cover
What were going to cover
  • Basic operation
  • Basic trouble shooting
  • Connecting other devices – DVD, VCR, etc.
  • Websites that work well with the board
how it works

How it works:

No power cord….

No cable to connect to computer….

Uses Bluetooth signal between computer and stylusto communicate.

The “tools” are located on the magnetic strip.

getting started

Getting started:

    • If the Polyvision Driver icon does not appear on your screen, you will need to open it.
  • On a PC it will appear in the bottom right, in the task bar and will look like this     or this If it does not appear, go to START – ALL PROGRAMS – POLYVISION – POLYVISION DRIVER. You can send it to your desktop as a shortcut.
ready set go

Ready, Set, Go!

With the stylus paired to your computer, and the driver appearing on your screen…. Uncap your stylus.

If your driver looks like this     with a green dot on it, then you are ready.

to make it interactive

To make it interactive…

  • Click the “Project” button on your magnetic strip.
  • Tap the board.
  • A green screen should appear.
  • Use your stylus to tap the center of the target. Continue until you have pressed the center of all targets.
three ways to use the eno

Three Ways to Use the ENO:

  • … as a regular whiteboard, with dry erase markers.
  • …as a mouse controlling your computer.
  • …as an interactive writing surface using digital ink.
mouse mode

Mouse Mode

Once your ENO is interactive, it is in MOUSE mode, meaning your stylus is a mouse controlling your computer.

You can open applications, files, folders, etc…

You know it is in MOUSE mode when your cursor appears as an arrow on your screen.

switching to pen mode

Switching to PEN Mode

To switch to PEN mode means you are going to write on your board with digital ink.

Click the PEN/MOUSE button on your magnetic strip.

Your cursor will no longer show up because it is a pen and you are ready to write.

let s say you want to

Let’s say you want to….

    • Open a Word document and write on it using digital ink…
  • 1. Switch to MOUSE mode.
  • 2. Open your document.
  • 3. Switch to PEN mode.
  • 4. Choose your color and line thickness and you are ready to write.
let s say you want to1

Let’s say you want to…

    • Pull up a blank writing screen and write on it using digital ink…
  • 1. Make sure you are in PEN mode. (Your cursor should NOT be an arrow.)
  • 2. Click the “Previous/Back” button on your magnetic strip.
  • 3. When finished, click the Save button to save it as an image, or the print button to print, if you choose.
  • 4. To return to your computer screen, press the Next button on your magnetic strip.
the magnetic strip shortcuts

The magnetic strip shortcuts:

There are more color choices available by clicking on the color palette

on your magnetic strip. You can access the highlighter tool here as


customizing the polyvision driver

Customizing the Polyvision Driver:

There are some features that you can customize by clicking on the Polyvision Driver icon.


Then go to “customize Polyvison driver.”

polyvision driver

Polyvision Driver

General Tab

~ These are personal preferences.

~ Make sounds when switching modes.

~ Looking for automatic updates.

~ Changing cursor for left handed people.

~ Show a desktop alert window.

~ Enable battery warnings.

You can customize these if you choose.

polyvision driver1

Polyvision Driver

Save Tab

You can save an image of your screen!

~Choose the format… I suggest PDF.

~Choose the size.

~Choose the destination for the saved images.

polyvision driver2

Polyvision Driver

Draw Tab

Choose your settings for pen style on start up.

Color and Style

polyvision driver3

Polyvision Driver

Print Tab

You can print your screen.

~Select page set up (landscape or portrait)

~Select your printer.

polyvision driver4

Polyvision Driver

Projection Tab

~Choose how many alignment points you want.

I suggest “better or best.”

~Fixed Projector, remember last alignment - disable

~Replay Strokes (Uncheck this unless you want to keep seeing what you did, over and over again.)

polyvision driver hidden gem

Polyvision Driver… hidden gem!

Projection Tab

~Red Button

The red button on the magnetic strip can perform different functions. You can choose what it does.

Pen Color – write with red pen

Spotlight – show a spotlight on screen

Reveal – covers screen with a shade for masking

(reveal part of the screen at a time)

polyvision driver5

Polyvision Driver

Hardware Tab - ignore

~Automatic pairing of stylus.

~Making sure stylus is recognized by computer.

eno stylus tips

ENO Stylus Tips

Do not hold the stylus at a 90 degree angle.

Avoid “choking up” on the stylus as there is an on/off switch located at the

bottom where one normally grips a pen.

When uncapping the stylus, wait 6/7 seconds, then it is ready for use.

AAA lithium battery will last about 4 weeks depending on use.

pairing the stylus

Pairing the Stylus

  • PC without built in Bluetooth:
    • Put the Polyvision radio into a USB port on your computer.
  • (Use the SAME port every time.)
    • Click on the Polyvision Driver icon, go to configure driver.
    • Go to HARDWARE tab and click on auto-pair stylus.
caring for your eno board
Caring for your ENO board
  • To clean...For daily use use a dry cloth, standard eraser or whiteboard marker eraser and water.
  • For residue wipe board with a clean cloth moistened with a liquid cleanser or water.
  • Then rise with warm, clear water to remove any residue from the cleaner.
  • Finally wipe dry with a clean cloth. Is your board is used daily, the cleaning can be performed two or three times a week.
  • Repeated cleaning may be needed for writing left on the board for more than two days.
caring for your eno board cont
Caring for your ENO board (cont)
  • If a board is written on with permanent marker...Write over top the permanent marker with a dry-erase marker. Then follow the steps listed above.
  • If that does not work then moisten a clean, dry cloth with isopropyl alcohol. Wipe the board in a circular motion to loosen marker residue. Rinse with clear water and dry the board with a clean cloth. Repeat these steps as necessary to remove all residue.
  • To remove crayon or tape...Dampen a clean, dry cloth with water.Apply a small amount of non-abrasive cleanser without bleach, onto
attaching other devices to your projector speakers
  • Your projector / speakers are designed to allow you to connect other devices to them
  • A VCR to play older videos you may have
  • An iPod or Smartphone for playing music in your class room
  • A tape player for older recordings you may have
  • Your document camera
switching sources
Switching sources
  • If you can reach the projector in your room you can switch between sources by using the button on the projector or on the remote
websites that work well with your board
Websites that work well with your board
  • teachertube.com & schooltube.com – like youtube but not blocked
  • MATH
    • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives – www.nlvm.usu.edu
    • Multiplication.com – math games
    • http://resources.oswego.org/games/SplatSquares/splatsq100.html numbers 1 - 100
websites continued
Websites (continued)
  • ELA
    • Starfall – starfall.com
    • Wordle.net – make word clouds
    • ettcweb.lr.k12.nj.us/forms/newpoem.htm – forms for students/class to easily create poetry
    • ictgames.com/literacy.html – literacy games
    • http://www.googlelittrips.org/ - virtual field trips aligned to popular books using Google earth
  • Social Studies
    • Google Earth –free download from google.com/earth
    • eduplace.com/geonet/index.html – quiz game focusing on either North America or the other continents
websites continued1
Websites (continued)
  • Science
    • sciencenetlinks.com/tools/ - grouped by grade level and benchmark. Includes description and how to use the resource.
    • http://www.kscience.co.uk/animations/anim_1.htm– teacher-made flash animations of science topics for middle and high school
  • General
    • http://www1.center.k12.mo.us/edtech/resources/sbsites.htm - Interactive internet resources
    • teacherled.com – interactive whiteboard resources for teachers
    • thinkfinity.org – free lesson plans and a whole section of interactive lessons
    • http://www.superteachertools.com/jeopardy/ - jeopardy template for whiteboards
    • http://www.rockingham.k12.va.us/howto/smartboard/lessons.htm - lots of resources broken down by subject
    • http://ldshomeschoolinginca.org/vft.html - list of virtual field trips


Stefan Pitcoff