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Chairman of Judges

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Chairman of Judges - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chairman of Judges. To be, or not to be? That is the question!. Chairman of Judges. Ask yourselves two questions........ Why would I want to be a Chairman of Judges? Why would I not want to be a Chairman of Judges? (answers on a the back of a postage stamp, please!). Chairman of Judges.

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Chairman of Judges

To be, or not to be?

That is the question!

chairman of judges
Chairman of Judges
  • Ask yourselves two questions........
  • Why would I want to be a Chairman of Judges?
  • Why would I not want to be a Chairman of Judges?

(answers on a the back of a postage stamp, please!)

chairman of judges1
Chairman of Judges

What Qualities does a Chairman of Judges need to have?????

(beyond bringing the Haribo!)

the chairman a leader
The Chairman, a leader?
  • Someonewho can handlepressureunderdifferentcircumstances and creates a calm and confidentatmosphere in thewholegroup.
  • Someonewhoshouldknowthe know-how to maketeamswork.
  • Someone open-minded.

Someonewithgoodcommunicationskills (withothercommissionmembers, organizingcommittee, teamcaptains, archers and WA).

  • Someonewithtechnicalknowledge and skills.
  • A problemsolverratherthanjust a problemidentifier.
  • Someoneable to foreseeproblems and discusspossiblesolutions to them in advance.

It’s nice to be liked, but as a leader itcannot be thecontrolling factor.

  • Otherqualities: passionforthework he/shedoes, humour, strength of character, patience, commonsense, trustworthiness, creativity, amongothers.
handling fellow judges easy
HandlingfellowJudges. Easy?
  • Judges whokeep a verylowprofile at thecommissionmeetings, and yet do a goodjobonthefieldifthey are notfacedwithunusualsituationsputtingthemunder stress.
  • Judges who are active participants in thecommissionmeetings, and contributesolutions to problems, and whonormally do theirjobonthefieldwith a highlevel of performance.

Judges whomakeseveralmistakesonthefield or do notseem to be fucosedontheirjob.

  • Judges whofocusonunimportantthings and overlookmajorissues.
  • Judges who try to overpowertheirchairman.
  • A combination of theabove.
  • Appointjudges to do differentjobsconsideringtheirstrengths and weaknesses.
  • Keep a closereyeonthosejudgeswho do notseem to be veryconfidentduringthecompetition.
  • Underwhatcircumstanceswouldyou, as a chairman, overrule a wrongdecisionmadeby a judge to preventthe case frombeingtaken to Jury?
  • Doesthewrongdecisionaffectanarcher’s score?

7 arrowsshot: sixlower scores entered and deduction of thehighestscoringarrowentered in thescorecard.

  • Onearrowtoomanyisshotout of time: thejudgedidnotdeductthehighestscoringarrow.
  • Onearrowshotout of time in a match withalternatingshooting. Thejudgeidentifiesthearrow and deductsitsvalue, and notthehighest score.
  • Enjoy your job, and make it possible for your judges to enjoy theirs as well.