Sport development committee february 12 2012 meeting
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Sport Development Committee February 12, 2012, meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sport Development Committee February 12, 2012, meeting. Initiate passions, build dreams…. Video – The Plan , Golf Canada . Golf in Schools CN Future Links. Golf in Schools in Canada . Golf in Schools in Québec and Eastern Ontario. Golf in Schools.

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Sport development committee february 12 2012 meeting

Sport Development Committee February 12, 2012, meeting

Initiate passions build dreams
Initiate passions,build dreams…

Video– The Plan, Golf Canada

Golf in schools cn future links
Golf in SchoolsCN Future Links

Golf in schools in canada
Golf in Schoolsin Canada

Golf in schools in qu bec and eastern ontario
Golf in Schoolsin Québec and Eastern Ontario

Golf in schools
Golf in Schools

  • 346 schools registered in Québec and Eastern Ontario;

  • In the summer of 2011, a $50,000 grant enabled 85 schools to benefit from full subsidy of their program registration;

  • We continue recruiting.

Golf in schools1
Golf in Schools

Our recruiting actions

  • Bougeons ensemble – Phys. Ed. Teachers’ convention

  • Québec PGA tradeshow

  • Expo-Golf

  • Communication with golf clubs and golf professionals

Golf in schools2
Golf in Schools

Presented by Callaway

  • Program credibility;

  • Increased awareness;

  • Networking – sales representatives;

  • Contribution in designing equipment to introduce the program in high schools.

Golf in schools3
Golf in Schools

How can we guarantee the program’s success…

Regional Associations

  • Incite local stakeholders to adopt a school;

  • Match schools with a CN Future Links program;

  • Contact the registered schools – build a network;

    • See the complete list of schools in your region.

Golf in schools4
Golf in Schools

How can we guarantee the program’s success…

Golf Québec

  • Training sessions for all participants;

  • Recruiting new schools;

  • Supporting regional associations’ projects;

Build a network it s possible eastern townships regional association s project
Build a network… It’s possible!Eastern Townships Regional Association’s project

Golf in schools5
Golf in Schools

Regional Associations

  • What are your projects?

Cn future links1
CN Future Links

  • Exceptional and free teaching tool;

  • Enables standardizing all interventions towards junior golfers;

  • An online resource for everyone: participants, parents, professionals, volunteers…

Cn future links2
CN Future Links

How can we guarantee the program’s success…

Regional Associations

  • Incite golf professionals to join the program;

  • Promote the promote towards industry stakeholders;

  • Make sure that registered coaches are active;


Cn future links3
CN Future Links

How can we guarantee the program’s success…

  • Golf Québec

  • CN Future Links training: recruit and activate;

  • Directory of CN Future Links golf school on website;

  • Support regional associations’ projects;

Cn future links4
CN Future Links

Regional Associations

  • What are your projects?

Video– Junior skill challenge

Rjt and ict regional schedule
RJT and ICTRegional schedule

Rjt and ict age categories
RJT and ICTAge categories

Boys and girls

Introduction to Competition Tour - ICT

7-8 year olds

9-11 year olds

Regional Junior Tour – RJT

12-13 year olds

14-16 year olds

17-18 year olds

Rjt and ict yardages
RJT and ICTYardages


7-8 years old (6 holes)

Par 3: 60 to 80 yards

Par 4: 180 to 200 yards

Random course of 6 holes

9-11 years old (9 holes)

Par 3: 80 to 100 yards

Par 4: 200 to 220 yards

Par 5: 240 to 260 yards

Total of 1,800 yards +/- 100 yards


12-13 year olds : 6,000 yards (boys) / 5,500 yards (girls) +/- 100 yards

14-18 year olds : 6,500 yards and over (boys)

14-18 year olds : 6,000 yards (girls) +/- 100 yards

Rjt and ict eligibility conditions
RJT and ICTEligibility conditions

  • To be a member in good standing of Golf Québec – including junior public golfers;

  • Comply with the age requirement of a specific category on the day of the competition;

  • Specification for the ICT

    • Registered in the training program of a golf school and/or be a member in a golf club;

    • Be able to submit a written attestation provided the golf school or golf club.

Rjt and ict actions to be undertaken
RJT and ICTActions to be undertaken…

  • Communication

    • Promote our tours through our communication networks;

  • Recruit volunteers;

  • Incite clubs and professionals to get involved.

Rjt and ict some tools
RJT and ICTSome tools…

  • Tournament Manual

  • Regional Order of Merit

Inter regional championship
Inter-Regional Championship

  • September 15 and 16

  • Host club to be determined

  • 36-hole competition;

  • Groups of 3 regions will depend on respective representation at the Provincial Junior Championship;

  • The well known inter-sectional matches’ model will be used in future years;

  • Regional team of 8 players: 2 girls and 6 boys;

  • Selected based on their ranking on their regional OOM;

  • Training camp organized by your coach;

  • Supervision of athletes in Inter-Regional Championship.

Qu bec games shawinigan 2012
Québec GamesShawinigan 2012

  • Ms. Jocelyne Bourassa appointed as ambassador of the 2012 Québec Games;

  • From July 31 to August 2;

  • At the Club de golf Le Mémorial – Shawinigan South;

  • 19 administrative regions / 19 coaches / 19 teams.

  • Your role

  • Facilitate the presentation of the Québec Games’ regional finals in collaboration with coaches – Identify a later date in your RJT competition schedule.

Your regional coach your partner
Your regional coachYour partner

  • Inform and guide parents, players, and industry stakeholders to stay in line with the LTPD – competition schedule, training, …

  • Build a network with schools that are registered in the Golf in Schools program;

  • Actively use the CN Future Links program;

  • Support his Regional Association by implementing the RJT and ICT;

  • Participate in scouting and evaluating regional talents;

  • Prepare the Regional Team for the Inter-Regional Championship.

Your regional coach your partner1
Your regional coachYour partner

  • Requirements

  • Be a PGA of Canada member;

  • Have a coaching certification: Coach New Competitors (PGA of Canada);

  • Funding for coaching training

  • Up to $500 for the Coach NC training;

  • Training in collaboration with the Provincial Coach – April 26 and 27 in Québec City.

  • Evaluation of your coach and activity report

Your regional coach your partner2
Your regional coachYour partner

Regional directory identify a junior representative in each golf club
Regional directoryIdentify a Junior Representative in each golf club

  • Beginning with the list of our member-clubs;

  • Add the contact information of the clubs’ Junior Representatives.

  • Why…

  • Tools to recruit volunteers to support your programs;

  • Improve the transmission of information on our programs in clubs;

  • Promote our success stories.

  • Support…

  • Solicit the help of professionals to find the right people;

  • Inform in regional annual meetings.

Development camp
Development camp

  • Objectives

  • Identify talent;

  • Prepare future athletes.

  • The program is composed of 3 flights

  • 2 evaluation camps;

  • 1 training camp;

  • 2 information meetings for parents and athletes;

  • Selection criteria

  • By age group;

  • Ranking on the provincial OOM;

  • Comply with participation criteria of the PJT;

  • Eligible to play in the 2013 Canada Games (based on age);

  • Eligible to play in the Québec-Ontario Challenge.

14 17 year olds
14-17 year olds

  • Financial support program for athletes – high school level

  • Athletes registered in a Golf-Études program;

  • Supervised by our Provincial Coach.

  • Athletes

  • ÉlizabethAsselin and ValérieTanguay;

  • Hugo Bernard, Cullen Chung, Félix Normand, MaximeLaoun, Jean-Michel Veillette, Étienne Papineau, Éric Marshall, and Jean-François Robert.

18 25 years olds
18-25 years olds

  • Financial support program for athletes - amateurs

  • Athletes involved in a process leading to excellence;

  • Services covered must be in line with the technical, physical, tactical and psychological preparation;

  • To register in the program, athletes must submit their detailed project to Golf Québec;

  • Projects will be reviewed by a selection committee and chosen candidates could be invited for an interview to be conducted at the Golf Québec office; 

  • Candidacies will be accepted until Friday, February 24, 2012.