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Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin. SS1H1 – Students will read about and describe the life of historical figures in American history. Identify the contributions made by Benjamin Franklin (inventor/author statesman)

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Benjamin Franklin

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    1. Benjamin Franklin SS1H1 – Students will read about and describe the life of historical figures in American history. Identify the contributions made by Benjamin Franklin (inventor/author statesman) Describe how everyday life of these historical figures is similar to and different from everyday life in the present (food, clothing, homes, transportation, communication, recreation)

    2. Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1706. • He had 11 older brothers and sisters. He was the youngest. • Due to having little money, Benjamin only attended school for two years. He then had to work with his father making candles.

    3. Working for Dad • Benjamin learned how to make soap and candles. • Candle making was an important job because everyone used candles. There was no electricity. This is a candle making machine similar to what Benjamin would have used. Wax was melted, then poured down in to the molds.

    4. Becoming a printer • When Benjamin was 12, he went to work for his brother as a print maker. He learned how to print books and newspapers. Ben had to use individual letters to put words together to make sentences. It took quite a while to get just one page put together. Here you can see the metal letter used by printers.

    5. Becoming a writer • At the age of 17, Ben moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He wanted to start his own printing shop. • He wrote and printed an almanac. An almanac is a book of charts, graphs and information. • Ben’s almanac was funny and useful and included famous quotes such as, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” • Ben wanted to help others so he went to other towns and cities to show printers better ways to work.

    6. Ben’s most famous book… • The most famous book Franklin wrote was his autobiography. An autobiography is when a person writes about their own life. • Franklin told about things he did to become a better person. He listed the following goals: • Save money • Work hard • Stay clean • Be organized • Be polite

    7. Let’s review… • Where was Ben Franklin born? • How many years did he attend school? • What jobs did he have? • Did he like to share his knowledge? • Why were Ben’s goals good ones? • Any questions?

    8. An Inventor • Inventors think up new and useful things. • Benjamin was very curious about how things worked. • He studied things like lightening and distance.

    9. In the 1700’s, lightning started many fires. Franklin used what he learned about lightning to invent the lightning rod. Lightning rods prevent fires by carrying lightning away from buildings.

    10. The other thing he discovered while he was studying lightning, was the a way to keep electricity. He discovered this by using a kite and a metal key in a huge thunderstorm. • This was one of Franklin’s biggest discoveries!

    11. Franklin also invented the odometer, which measures distance by counting the times a wheel turns. This is a picture of a modern day odometer. Where do you see one of these today?

    12. Franklin invented a metal stove. People called it the Franklin stove. It made more heat with less wood than a fireplace. Franklin stoves caused fewer fires than fireplaces. This is the actual Franklin Stove that Benjamin Franklin invented. This is a modern day version of Benjamin’s stove used today.

    13. Ben invented bifocal glasses. This is the actual pair he wore. Each eye could see through two pieces of glass…one for up close and one for far away. He invented other things too. Have you ever seen a chair with a writing table on one side? Franklin thought of it first!

    14. Benjamin Franklin helped begin the very first lending library. Although he only went to school for two years, he studied and taught himself different things by reading. He wanted to share all his books with others, so he started lending them out. We are lucky that he started this, because we get to check out many books each year.

    15. A Strong Leader • Benjamin Franklin became a leader in Philadelphia by being useful to the people there. • He helped communities by uniting neighbors to start the first fire department. • People watched out for each other when houses caught on fire…they helped put the fires out. • Starting a fire company showed respect for the needs of others.

    16. Others trusted Ben Franklin because he was a smart man. They listened to his ideas. He helped start the United States. • Ben made a commitment to help the 13 original colonies win their freedom. • He helped write the Declaration of Independence with his friends John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

    17. A war began between England and the colonies. The colonies needed money for supplies and food. Franklin sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to France. He asked the king and queen of France for help. They said yes! They helped the colonies win the war against England.

    18. Let’s review… • What are some of the things Ben Franklin helped to invent? • How was he a good leader? • What type of community projects did he help start?

    19. Character Traits • Ben Franklin is remembered as one of the most important leaders of the early United States. • One of the ways we honor him is by his picture being on the 100 dollar bill.

    20. Character Traits • Ben Franklin showed Respect by caring about the needs of others. Franklin wanted to do things that were useful to people.

    21. Character Traits • Benjamin Franklin showed Commitment by doing all he could to help win freedom for our country. One of his biggest achievements of commitment was helping to start the United States of America.

    22. What do you know about Benjamin Franklin? Test your knowledge!

    23. Benjamin Franklin was born in __________________. • Benjamin Franklin attended school for _______ years. • Benjamin Franklin invented/created many things. Name 4. • Ben went to work for his father making what? Boston, Massachusetts 2 candles

    24. Franklin also got his neighbors together to help put out fires. He started the first _______________________. • Benjamin Franklin helped the United States get its freedom. He helped write the _______________________. • Franklin printed a book called an Almanac. His Almanac was full of funny and useful information. His Almanac was called ________. • The other thing he discovered while he was studying lightning, was the a way to keep _____________. He discovered this by using a kite and a metal key in a huge thunderstorm. Fire department Declaration of Independence Poor Richard’s Almanac electricity

    25. 9. Benjamin Franklin had _____ brothers and sisters. • 10. Franklin is remembered as an American Hero for being a strong leader and an __________________. • 11. Franklin crossed the Atlantic Ocean to ask for help from what country _____________________. • 12. Benjamin Franklin was a man with many positive character traits. Two of them we talked about were ____________ and _________. 11 inventor France Respect and Commitment

    26. 13. Franklin wrote a book about his own life. In this book he talked about things he did to make himself better. A book written about your own life is called an ___________________________. • One of Franklin’s inventions that we still use today and can be found in cars is the __________________________. • Write one sentence that tells one thing you learned while studying about Benjamin Franklin. Autobiography Odometer