factors affecting analy mwt2 performance n.
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Factors affecting ANALY_MWT2 performance PowerPoint Presentation
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Factors affecting ANALY_MWT2 performance

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Factors affecting ANALY_MWT2 performance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Factors affecting ANALY_MWT2 performance. MWT2 team August 28, 2012. Factors to check. Storage servers Internal UC network Internal IU network WAN network Effect of dCache -locality caching versus WAN direct access IU analysis nodes specifically. Individual storage servers.

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Presentation Transcript
factors to check
Factors to check
  • Storage servers
  • Internal UC network
  • Internal IU network
  • WAN network
  • Effect of dCache-locality caching versus WAN direct access
  • IU analysis nodes specifically
individual storage servers
Individual storage servers
  • We have previously measured performance of each storage node individually with various “blessing tests”
    • Nodes are uct2-s[14] and iut2-s[6]
    • Note xxt2-s[3] are first gen; xxt2-s[4-14] are SAS2 H800
  • Each storage node is over-provisioned for CPU and memory (96G) – even while running dCache services and Xrootd-overlay
  • Each node has a single 10G NIC, a potential bottleneck
    • Some of the s-nodes have an additional 10G port that could be cabled and bonded
  • Currently only UC and IU have storage and since all accesses are local no analysis jobs run at UIUC presently
    • UIUC will add 300TB this fall
storage network utilization at uc
Storage Network utilization at UC

An hour sample.

See IO nicely spread over servers, noobvious bottlenecks or hot spots

storage network utilization uc week
Storage Network utilization UC (week)

Over past week.

More less the same- good spread,

100-300 MB/s continuously per system

uc network
UC Network

This link is now 2x10G

uc network bottlenecks 1
UC Network – Bottlenecks (1)
  • PC8024F and PC6248 stack
    • Cacti (guest/cacti): http://www.mwt2.org/cacti/graph.php?action=view&local_graph_id=3581&rra_id=all
    • Last week. There are moments of saturation (3)
uc network 2
UC Network (2)
  • PC6248 and Cisco 6509 is 2x10G bonded
    • http://www.mwt2.org/cacti/graph.php?action=view&local_graph_id=3757&rra_id=all
  • Last week (looks fine mostly < single 10G)
wan network
WAN Network

Last week’s IO to UC: green is usually FTS transfers from BNL, blue IO mostly to IU

but some to UIUC. This is for one of the 10G NICs from the 6509 to campus core (there is a second NIC to campus core, and the bonded plot, neither of which I can findin our cacti hierarchy at the moment)

iu local network
IU local network
  • Storage nodes are each connected via 10GB link to 6248 switch stack
  • Compute nodes are connected to the same stack via 1GB connections
  • 6248 switch has dual-10GB uplink to rtsw2, the 100GB Brocade switch
iu centric wan picture
IU-centric WAN picture

This picture does not show connectivity to the other MWT2 sites;

to UC, the connection is through MREN currently

iu wan network
IU WAN network
  • WAN traffic last month (peaks up to 8 Gbps)

There are 100 Gbps links to Chicago available – though not all the way to UIUC and UC

wan direct access versus dcache locality mode caching
WAN direct access versus dCache-locality mode caching
  • We believe since turning on dCache-caching we have reduced the load on the WAN

dCache-locality was turned

circa 8/6/2012 (~ Week 31)

dcache locality mode
dCache locality mode
  • Cache hit rate is about 75%
  • Individual files are used an average of 4 times
  • The average transfer transfer reads 25% of the file
dcache site caches
dCache Site Caches

Cached data

IU pools

UC pools

low efficiency at iu
Low efficiency at IU
  • Slow jobs are not associated with a particular data server
  • According to strace, most system time is spent in munmap command
  • Jobs are slow even on a completely empty node
  • Data is cached at IU
summary and improvements
Summary and improvements
  • Add second 10G to 8024F-6248 link at UC and bond
  • Cable up second 10G port for uct2-s[11-14]
    • will need to add another 8024F, which will also require further trunking rearrangement
  • Adding additional storage nodes will increase number of IO channels decreasing single-node contention