The canada u s fulbright program
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The Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program. Fulbright Awards for Canadian Scholars, Students, and Professionals 2008-09. The Fulbright Program. World’s premier academic exchange program Attracts students and scholars from around the world Active in more than 155 countries.

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The canada u s fulbright program

The Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program

Fulbright Awards for Canadian Scholars, Students, and Professionals


The fulbright program
The Fulbright Program

  • World’s premier academic exchange program

  • Attracts students and scholars from around the world

  • Active in more than 155 countries

“International educational exchange is the most significant current project designed to continue the process of humanizing mankind to the point, we would hope, that people can learn to live in peace… We must try to expand the boundaries of human wisdom, empathy and perception, and there is no way of doing that except through education.”

- Senator J. William Fulbright

The mandate
The Mandate

  • To foster mutual understanding between

    Canada and the United States by:

    • Providing grants for academic exchange to outstanding Canadian and American graduate students, faculty, and professionals

    • Encouraging scholarship and public debate on issues of primary importance to the two countries, building overall intellectual capacity, and participating in the shaping of future leaders

Eligibility requirements
Eligibility Requirements

  • Canadian citizenship

  • Proficiency in English

  • Degree requirement:

    • Undergraduate degree (for Student awards)

    • Ph.D. or equivalent professional experience

      (for Scholar awards)

  • Previous Fulbright Awards:

    • Lifetime maximum of 1 Fulbright student award

    • Lifetime maximum of 2 Fulbright scholar awards

  • No recent substantial experience in the United States

  • Eligible to travel to the United States

    on a J-1 visa

Fulbright award opportunities
Fulbright Award Opportunities

  • For Students and Junior Professionals

    • Traditional Fulbright Student Awards

    • Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program

    • Fulbright Science and Technology Award

  • For Scholars and Experienced Professionals

    • Traditional Fulbright Scholar Awards

    • Canada-U.S. Fulbright Visiting Research Chairs

    • New Century Scholar Program

  • For Government of Canada Mid-Career Executives

    • Fulbright Mid-Career Professional Program

Traditional fulbright student awards
Traditional Fulbright Student Awards

  • Formal Enrolment Awards

    • For candidates who plan to enrol in a graduate program in the United States

  • Graduate Research Awards

    • For candidates enrolled in a graduate program who wish to conduct graduate research in the U.S. for one academic year

  • Independent Research Awards

    • For candidates who wish to pursue one year of research in the United States

Traditional fulbright student awards1
Traditional Fulbright Student Awards

  • Benefits

    • US$15,000 for one academic year

    • Health Benefit Plan

    • J-1 visa services

    • Fulbright enrichment opportunities

    • Worldwide network of Fulbright alumni

  • Deadline

    • November 15 for awards to be

      taken up next September

Foreign language teaching assistant awards
Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Awards

  • Program Highlights

    • For Francophones between 21 and 29 years of age interested in teaching their native language and culture to American students

    • Serve as a teaching assistant for up to 20 hours/week for a period of 9 to10 months, beginning in August/September

  • Benefits

    • Tuition scholarships for two graduate-level courses

    • Room and board, plus US$500 monthly stipend

    • J-1 visa services

    • Health Benefit Plan

    • Cultural exchange

  • Deadline

    • January 15, 2008 for awards to be taken up

      the following September

International science and technology award
International Science and Technology Award

  • Program Highlights

    • Prestigious new award for Ph.D. study in science, technology, or engineering at top U.S. institutions

    • Intended to support candidates who demonstrate

      unique aptitude and innovation in scientific fields

  • Benefits

    • Tuition at a top U.S. university

    • Monthly stipend for up to 36 months

    • Health Benefit Plan

    • Book and equipment allowance

    • Research allowance

    • Professional Conference allowance

    • Travel and visa support

    • Enrichment activities

Traditional fulbright scholar awards
Traditional Fulbright Scholar Awards

  • Program Highlights

    • For candidates who plan to conduct research, teach, or pursue a combination of both activities at an American host institution of their choice for one semester or an academic year

  • Benefits

    • US$12,500 for one semester

    • J-1 visa services

    • Health Benefit Plan

    • Fulbright enrichment opportunities

    • Worldwide network of Fulbright alumni

  • Deadline

    • November 15 for awards to be taken up

      September or January of next academic year

Canada u s fulbright visiting research chairs
Canada-U.S. Fulbright Visiting Research Chairs

  • Program Highlights

    • Conduct research and develop partnerships

    • Guest Lecture at the graduate and/or undergraduate level

    • Contribute to overall intellectual life at host institution

  • Benefits

    • US$25,000 for one semester

    • Health Benefit Plan

    • J-1 visa services

    • On-campus support

    • Fulbright enrichment opportunities

    • Worldwide network of Fulbright alumni

  • Deadline

    • November 15 for awards to be taken up

      September or January of next academic year

Canada u s visiting research chairs for canadians
Canada-U.S. Visiting Research Chairs for Canadians

  • Canadian Studies, North American Studies and Canada-U.S. Relations

    American University Michigan State University

    Arizona State University SUNY­ Plattsburgh

    Duke University University of Washington

    Kennesaw State University Woodrow Wilson International Center

  • Creative Writing Field Open

    Arizona State University University of California, Santa Barbara  

    New York University Vanderbilt University

  • International Business & Economics Journalism

    Brandeis University New York University

  • Law and Society Public Diplomacy

    New York University University of Southern California

“My best memory, apart from having so much time to research and write, was assigning Canadian texts to my creative writing class. The students, most of whom had grown up reading American fiction had never read anything quite like it before, and we had long discussions about the idea of ‘international’ writing. It was probably the best class, and certainly the best experience I had while teaching at NYU."

- Tamas Dobozy,Fulbright Chair in Creative Writing at New York University

Fulbright senior specialists program
Fulbright Senior Specialists Program

  • Program Highlights

    • Offers Canadian institutions the opportunity to collaborate with leading U.S. scholars and professionals

    • Grants range from two to six weeks

    • Canadian universities may submit requests for a Senior Specialist throughout the calendar year

    • American senior scholars may apply throughout the year for candidacy on the Fulbright Senior Specialist Roster

  • Sample Activities

    • Conduct needs assessments, participate in specialized programs and conferences, consultation, present lectures, seminars or workshops

Fulbright mid career professional program
Fulbright Mid-Career Professional Program

  • Program Highlights

    • Provides opportunities for professional development

      to senior executives of the Government of Canada

  • Eligibility Requirements

    • Undergraduate Degree

    • Canadian citizenship

    • Proficiency in English

    • Employment at the EX or equivalent level and above

      with the Canadian Federal Public Service

    • Nomination by Deputy Minister of home department

    • Employment in an area of the Federal government where advanced knowledge of Canada-U.S.

      relations would be beneficial

Enrichment opportunities for canadian fulbrighters
Enrichment Opportunities for Canadian Fulbrighters

  • Students

    • Gateway Orientation Program

    • Enrichment Seminars

    • Professional Enhancement Grants

    • Metropolitan Area Enrichment Programs

    • Fulbright Association

    • Cultural events in New York City

  • Scholars

    • Occasional Lecturers Program

    • Metropolitan Area Enrichment Programs

    • National Council for International Visitors

    • Fulbright Association

Applying for a fulbright award
Applying for a Fulbright Award

  • An application includes the following:

    • A completed checklist

    • A completed application form

    • A personal statement

    • Statement of proposed research/


    • 3 letters of reference

    • Official transcripts (for students and

      recent Ph.D.s)

    • English language proficiency report, where


  • Applications are due November 15, 2007 for

    awards to be taken up during the 2008/09 academic year

  • Application instructions and forms are available at

    • Select the appropriate award category and it will lead

      you to the corresponding application form

Review and selection process
Review and Selection Process

From Application to Notification

How to prepare a competitive application
How to prepare a competitive application

  • Write a project or research proposal that is clear, concise, and can be reviewed by academics outside your field

  • Include a letter of acceptance from your host institution, or proof of communication Emphasize how your project will improve the understanding of Canada-U.S. relationships, in addition to how it will benefit either your host institution or research in your field

  • Outline how you would serve as an ambassador to the United States

To apply
To Apply

  • Application instructions and forms are available at:

  • For further information, please call 613-688-5540, or contact:

    Michelle Emond Brad Hector

“Our future is not in the stars but in our minds and hearts. Creative leadership and liberal education, which in fact go together, are the first requirements for a hopeful future for humankind. Fostering these -- leadership, learning, and empathy between cultures -- was and remains the purpose of the international scholarship program.”

- Senator J. William Fulbright