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Innovation vs. Invention - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shelee King George Puget Sound Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology. Innovation vs. Invention. What’s your invention?. Think of an invention that you use regularly that would impact your life greatly if you had to live without it. Table Connections.

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Shelee king george puget sound center for teaching learning and technology

Shelee King George

Puget Sound Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Innovation vs. Invention

What s your invention
What’s your invention?

Think of an invention that you use regularly that would impact your life greatly if you had to live without it.

Table connections
Table Connections

Introduce yourself to your table mates.

  • Share your name and where you live and work

  • Your current job

  • The invention you use regularly

Pleased to meet you
Pleased to meet you!

My past

My present

My belief in education

In this session
In this session…

  • Change

  • Tomorrow’s workforce

  • Innovation vs. invention

  • Technology in the classroom

  • REAL learning tasks

    Beyond today – Take action on at least two ideas to promote innovation in the classroom.


Table talk


What are some big elements of change occurring in the past 30 years?

Our dreams as educators
Our Dreams As Educators

What skills do our students need to cope with change?

21 st century skills us
21st Century Skills: US

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Written and Oral Communications



Information Technology Application


Real world example
Real World Example

Bellingham, WA Radio Ad: 104.3 FM

Wanted: Traffic Reporter Assistant

Must have skill with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and graphic manipulation 

Also, must be able to multi-taskand prioritize in a fast paced office environment

Dreams to reality
Dreams to Reality

Explore the kind of learning needed to prepare students with theseskills….

Reaching our dreams
Reaching Our Dreams

What skills and knowledge do TEACHERS need to offer this type of learning to their students?

Teachers need to iste
Teachers Need To (ISTE):

Inspire student learning and creativity

Design, develop digital age learning expectations and assessments

Model Digital age work and learning

Promote and model digital age citizenship

Engage in professional growth and leadership

Innovation vs invention
Innovation vs. Invention

1 2 3 4

Read the 4 discussions comparing innovation to invention.

Which one helps you clarify the comparison the best?

Langwitches blog
Langwitches Blog:

While I was completing my Masters Degree in Instructional Technology, I was convinced that by helping teachers integrate technology into their lessons (doing the same thing…just with technology) would make the difference.

As a technology integration facilitator
As a Technology Integration Facilitator

… I was convinced that by co-teaching with classroom teachers, we would give students the opportunity to work with different media to extract/ share information and express themselves while not adding to the teacher work load of doing “one more thing”. We used technology tools to engage students and activate THEIR way of thinking and learning while teaching the CURRENT curriculum and that would make the difference.

It never was about the technology
It Never Was About the Technology

Now, I have arrived at a point in the process where I believe that it is not (never was) about technology. To make a difference, it has always been about good teaching, reflecting and focusing on (relevant?) student learning.

Technology carousel
Technology Carousel

  • Think about the ways students work and the types of activities you include in your lessons.

  • How can technology add value to or make the work easier for the following learning tasks?

    • Communication

    • Collaboration

    • Gathering Information

    • Organization of Information

    • Expression

The learning activity checklist
The Learning Activity Checklist


Filter through which we can look at lessons

A real task

REAL Audience

REAL Problem

REAL Product

REALTask or not?

Innovate a traditional task
Innovate a Traditional Task

Groups of 3-4

Choose a recorder

Task Template

Revise an existing traditional task so that it meets the 3REALS of engaging tasks.

Post your paper for viewing when done

Wows and wonders gallery walk
Wows and Wonders Gallery Walk

  • View and travel as a team

  • Sticky Notes to leave your comments:

    • Wows for insights gained

    • Wonders for questions you have

  • Wait for the music signal to move to the next station

Head heart foot
Head- Heart- Foot

Personal reflection

Share if time

Shelee King George

Thank you
Thank you

Shelee King George