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Monitoring. Required for Sponsors with Multiple Sites. Sponsors With Multiple Sites. Additional requirements in application “Management Plan” Location of sites Procedure for adding new sites Schedule of reviews Administrative Staffing Pattern. Multi-Center Monitoring.

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Required for Sponsors with Multiple Sites

Sponsors with multiple sites
Sponsors With Multiple Sites

Additional requirements in application

  • “Management Plan”

    • Location of sites

    • Procedure for adding new sites

    • Schedule of reviews

  • Administrative Staffing Pattern

Multi center monitoring
Multi-Center Monitoring

  • Three times annually

  • Two visits unannounced

  • New sites within first 4-weeks of CACFP operation

  • Visits cannot be more than 6-months apart

p. 96


  • Must document reviews, p. 98

  • Must review all sites including main” site

  • Must receive approval from SDE prior to claiming meals at new sites

p. 96

Multi site sponsors
Multi-site sponsors

  • Keep records separate for each center, except expenses

  • File one claim, but report meals separately

  • Can store records at a central location

  • Other records will be reviewed at on-site visit

p. 96

Monthly edit checks
Monthly Edit Checks

  • Are only approved meals claimed?

  • Maximum Number of Meals


    Total enrollment days served # meal types max. number of meals

    (check formula against total meals claimed)

    3. Block Claiming – same # meals claimed for two or more meals

    (Must be able to defend)

Set up permanent files
Set up Permanent Files:

  • Annual Food Program Application

  • Civil rights complaint procedure, p. 92 (or tell auditor use one in book)

  • Procurement plan (completed & signed)

  • Training Records (for initial training; for multi-sites once a year)

  • Multi-site monitoring forms

p. 94

Monthly files
Monthly Files:

  • Attendance Forms

  • Monthly Summary Form*

  • Copy of the completed Claim

  • Menus

  • Production Records

  • Monthly General Journal* Financial Records

  • Time Sheets*

  • Sign-in and -out Sheets

  • Monthly Edit Checks for multi-site Sponsors

  • Master Roster print-out, if computerized

p. 94

F rp applications master roster
F/RP Applications & Master Roster

  • Do annually and keep up daily

  • Notebook

    • Master Roster in front

    • F/RP Applications alphabetical behind

Must have a F/RP Application on each participant claimed at the Free or Reduced-Price Rate!

p. 94

Put your program to bed each month
Put Your Program to Bed Each Month

  • Review all required monthly records

  • Place in one file/envelope

  • Mark month and year

  • Seal and move forward!

How is your program monitored
How is your program monitored?

  • May be announced

  • May be unannounced

p. 105

Administrative reviews
Administrative Reviews

  • Review every three years

  • Monitor current operations

  • Sample month is reviewed

Seriously deficient sponsors
Seriously Deficient Sponsors

  • Submission of false information

  • failure to keep records

  • claiming meals not actually served

  • claiming meals that do not meet requirements

  • non-compliance with bid or contract requirements; and/or

  • claiming meals in months when not meeting 25% requirement

  • More…