Federal it asset management the government s sam challenges
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Federal IT Asset Management: The Government’s SAM Challenges. Alan Vander Mallie, Program Manager U.S. General Services Administration Interagency Policy and Management Division January 2010. Software Asset Management. The GSA Role Federal SAM/ITAM Program The Government’s SAM Framework

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Federal it asset management the government s sam challenges l.jpg

Federal IT Asset Management:The Government’s SAM Challenges

Alan Vander Mallie, Program Manager

U.S. General Services Administration

Interagency Policy and Management Division

January 2010

Software asset management l.jpg
Software Asset Management

The GSA Role

  • Federal SAM/ITAM Program

  • The Government’s SAM Framework

  • How’s it working for US?

    • Successes, Challenges & Trends

Gsa role l.jpg
GSA Role

GSA has a major role in managing Government assets:

  • Real Property (over $1.4 trillion)

  • Personal Property (disposes > $21 billion per year)

  • Travel and Transportation (>600,000 vehicles/1,460 aircraft/$12.3 billion in annual travel expenditures)

  • Information Technology Strategy (purchase $76 billion/year)

  • Regulatory Information (FAR, FMR, FTR, GSAM)

  • Federal Advisory Committees (public transparency)

Gsa role4 l.jpg
GSA Role

Information Technology spending for FY 2010 may total $76 Billion

  • Mission Systems – approx $44 billion

    • Over 6,000 business cases for mission systems

  • Infrastructure – approx $32 billion

    • 25 major business cases for IT infrastructure

Federal sam program l.jpg
Federal SAM Program


  • Support technology strategy efforts so govt is running in the most secure, open, and efficient way possible

  • Help govt realize technical and social goals -focus on process solutions vs technology solutions

  • Create strategic value from SAM/ITAM


  • Manage Smarter, Buy Smarter, and Increase compliance of IT assets

Federal sam program6 l.jpg
Federal SAM Program

Benefits include support for:

  • Aggregated buys through vehicles such as SmartBUY

  • Improved infrastructure optimization and efficient software/hardware usage

  • Closer alignment with approved lists of COTS software (FEA and EA)

  • Better use of acquisition, finance, and installed versus actual usage data

  • Assurance that security features are incorporated into software products as required (e.g., NIST FIPS 140-2 preclude the use of unvalidated encryption protection of sensitive or valuable data within Federal systems)

  • Achieving Section 508 compliance for software/hardware use by persons with disabilities

  • Going Green with IT purchase decisions for more energy efficient IT operating environments & end-of-use disposal

Federal sam program7 l.jpg
Federal SAM Program


  • Support for desktop management & core configurations

  • Auto-discovery of installed software via tags

  • Scheduling maintenance upgrades and software/hardware disposition

  • Improving and clarifying software-use policies (who, what, where, when, why)

  • Development of standard federal-wide license use clauses including certified tagging to protect intellectual property and identify/prevent software and hardware piracy

  • Informed software security patching and upgrades, installation and deployment

  • Informed user and IT support staff training.

Federal sam program8 l.jpg
Federal SAM Program

Challenges to Establishing Effective SAM:

  • Reason it is not being already done – it is very hard

  • Need for tools to feed SAM dashboard (HW/SW)

  • Data standards for feeder systems do not exist

  • Overall SAM Enterprise Frameworks do not exist

  • Implementing policy that integrates multiple key business processes

  • Dealing with tangible and intangible assets that have many different terms of use depending on the vendor, dealing with each vendor requires a unique approach

  • Try not to create a process that requires excessive overhead for agencies

Federal sam program roadmap l.jpg
Federal SAM Program - Roadmap


  • Govtwide SAM Programs

  • Promote Govtwide standardization, consolidation and optimization

  • FedITAM website available share

  • best practices and tools


  • FedITAM Program Realization

  • Launch Website so Citizens, Industry & Government can participate in advancing SAM

  • Highlight use of automated tools

  • Work with Agencies and LOBs re benefits


  • Discovery & Program Foundation

  • Recommend guidelines and strategic framework

  • Document lessons learned internal/industry

  • Asses current state-of-SAM across Government

Federal sam framework l.jpg
Federal SAM Framework

The Federal SAM Framework focuses on process improvements using ISO 19770 and other SAM/ITAM related standards and tools for:

  • Capturing inventories of deployed software, lists of approved software within FEA and agency enterprise architectures, CPIC investment portfolios, and authorized user data from CIOs;

  • Capturing acquisition, purchasing, and negotiated license usage rights information from CAOs; and

  • Capturing invoice, payment and finance information from CFOs.

Federal sam framework11 l.jpg
Federal SAM Framework

The goal of communicating a common framework across Government is to:

-- foster visibility of standards and assets, and promote better management, strategic sourcing, and accurate tracking

-- so that information, assets, people, and processes are adequately detected/identified, protected and connected across the federal government.

Federal sam framework12 l.jpg
Federal SAM Framework

NOTES: The Federal SAM Program & Framework recommends that every software acquisition should be aligned with:

  • OMB policy and guidance for software acquisition and SmartBUY acquisition

  • Federal enterprise architecture (FEA)

  • Agency strategic plans and enterprise architectures

  • Federal security standards

  • Capital planning and investment controls (CPIC)

  • Legislated acquisition and IT requirements.

Federal sam framework13 l.jpg
Federal SAM Framework

“The Govts SAM framework offers a view into integrated lifecycle management for IT assets”

The Government’s SAM Framework – 6 process areas that cross organizational boundaries:

  • Approving Software & Hardware

  • Managing the Buy

  • Managing Contract Compliance

  • Monitoring Inventory Usage

  • Complying with Policies & Standards

  • Financial & Capital Planning

How is it working for us l.jpg
How is it Working for US?

ID Management technology strategy for Implementing HSPD12

Initiative has clear and visible govtwide architecture related to a govtwide acquisition strategy which includes a public list of approved & certified products and services.

Website: http://www.IDManagement.gov

How is it working for us16 l.jpg
How is it Working for US?

SmartBuy/ESI/GWACs and other Strategic Sourcing agreements

Initiative has CoBranding between GSA and DoD - Use of common clauses, terms & conditions to achieve best value – Mandatory consideration of Smart Buy/ESI contracts in FAR Case 2005-014.

Website: http://www.gsa.gov/smartbuy

How is it working for us17 l.jpg
How is it Working for US?

IT Infrastructure Optimization

Initiative promotes use of automated tools and adoption of SAM/ITAM processes – Consolidated hundreds of infrastructure investments into 25 and applied highend consulting and engineering expertise to acquisition and operating plans.

How is it working for us19 l.jpg
How is it Working for US?

Questions Raised by Tool Analysis:

  • Do CIOs have the personnel, policies, and procedures in place to optimize IT assets?

  • Do CIOs know what they have, where it is, who is using their IT assets?

  • Do CIOs have the right tools and enough information to optimize and manage their IT assets?

  • Are CIOs buying tools using SmartBUY agreements?

How is it working for us20 l.jpg
How is it Working for US?

Published website at www.gsa.gov/feditam to make technology strategy for Federal SAM visible to citizens, industry, and government so we can work together.

Contact and interact with US at [email protected]

Alan Vander Mallie

Federal SAM/ITAM Program Manager

Office of Governmentwide Policy

U.S. General Services Administration

Phone: (202) 501-6901

Email: [email protected]