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Contact: Dr. Gad J. Selig, PMP. COP, Associate Dean for Business Development and Outreach. Graduate Studies and Research PowerPoint Presentation
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Contact: Dr. Gad J. Selig, PMP. COP, Associate Dean for Business Development and Outreach. Graduate Studies and Research

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Contact: Dr. Gad J. Selig, PMP. COP, Associate Dean for Business Development and Outreach. Graduate Studies and Research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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University of Bridgeport & SENAC. “Opening Doors, Building Futures”. Overview UB Master of Science Degree in Technology Management in partnership with SENAC Graduate Certificate in IT Management & Governance. Contact: Dr. Gad J. Selig, PMP. COP,

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Presentation Transcript

University of Bridgeport & SENAC

“Opening Doors, Building Futures”


UB Master of Science Degree in

Technology Management

in partnership with

SENAC Graduate Certificate in IT Management & Governance


Dr. Gad J. Selig, PMP. COP,

Associate Dean for Business Development and Outreach.

Graduate Studies and Research Division


Telephone: 203-576-4870


UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09

  • Overview – University of Bridgeport
  • Graduate Degree Programs
  • Masters of Science in Technology Management
  • Research Areas
  • Dual Degrees
  • International Student Application Process
  • Questions
  • Appendix
    • Graduate Admission Process
    • Select Graduate Courses Transferable for Credit Towards the M.S. Degree in Technology Management
university of bridgeport
University of Bridgeport
  • Founded in 1927
  • Accredited, private, doctoral level institution
  • Located in the State of Connecticut, City of Bridgeport
  • Student body representing over 80 countries
  • 400 full and part time faculty, including Fullbright Scholars, National Science Foundation Fellows, etc.

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


Ideal Location!!!

Fairfield County is known as the ‘Corporate Gold Coast’ - 3rd highest concentration of Fortune 500 companiesin USA

  • Located in the State of Connecticut, Fairfield County, City of Bridgeport
  • New York City - 1Hour
  • Boston, MA - 2 Hours
  • Washington, D.C. – 5 Hours

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09

ub schools
UB Schools

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09

  • The University of Bridgeport is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • The University is also accredited by the Board of Governors of the Connecticut Department of Higher Education
  • The School of Business is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)
  • The School of Engineering is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09



UB/SENAC - BRAZIL – 11/04/09

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09

choosing a career
Choosing a Career
  • What are you interested in?
  • What are you good at?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • What skills, competencies and knowledge are 21st organizations looking for?

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


Management and Professional Career Choices

Specialists (Professionals)

Software Developers/DBMS

Business/System Analysts/Process Analysts/Enterprise Architect

Consultants/Functional/Application/Industry Specialists


New Product Development/ Marketing/Sales/Entrepreneurship


Leadership, Customer focus, Critical Thinking, Results Oriented

Interpersonal Skills, Consensus Building, Mentor, Team Building

Change Agent and Excellent Communication Skills

Project Manager/Functional Manager

CIO, CTO, Director, COO, CMO, CEO


UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


Outlook for Global IT Jobs* 2009 and 2013

  • Estimated IT spend for 52 largest countries = $ 1.4 trillion (2009)
  • Projected IT spend for 52 largest countries = $ 1.7 trillion (2013)
  • Estimated employment in IT jobs = 35.6 million (2009)
  • Projected employment in IT jobs = 41.4 million (2013)
  • The IT market will drive the creation of 75,000 new businesses over the
  • next four years.

*Source: IDG (International Data Group), Study of 52 of the Largest Countries and the Impact of IT on the Global Economy, IDC, October, 2009.

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09

global it and business services outsourcing market
Global IT and Business Services Outsourcing Market

*Does not include manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, transportation, legal and other outsourcing estimated at $1.0 trillion

Source: AMR Research Inc.,2009

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09

inter disciplinary management engineering technology leadership competencies
Inter-Disciplinary Management, Engineering, Technology & Leadership Competencies


Industry Knowledge

& Process Skills

Leadership, People & Team Building Skills




UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09

current graduate degree programs business engineering technology management
Current Graduate Degree Programs–Business, Engineering & Technology Management
  • M.S. in B.E. Biomedical Engineering
  • M.S. in C.S. Computer Science
  • M.S. in CpEComputer Engineering
  • M.S. in E.E. Electrical Engineering
  • M.S. in M.E. Mechanical Engineering
  • M.S. in T.M. Technology Management
  • M.B.A./E.M.B.A. Business Administration
  • M.S. in MSIT Instructional Technology
  • M.S. in Counseling/HR Counseling & Human Resources
  • PhD. in C.S. & CpEComputer Science & Engineering
  • PhD in T.M. Technology Management - Proposal

Completed and Under Review

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


M.S. in Technology Management Program


  • Prepares future leaders and professionals with solid inter-disciplinary skills such as analytical, quantitative, communications, technology, management and people skills required for the global setting in the 21st century by bridging the gap between technology, engineering, science and management.
  • Develops competencies in strategic management of people and processes in technology-intensive and/or dependent environments as well as new venture/product/service development and commercialization.
  • Offers a forum for analysis, development and/or application of current and emerging technologies in global markets.

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09

ms technology management curriculum choices
MS – Technology Management Curriculum & Choices*

TM Core Courses *

Choice of Concentrations

& Electives (27 Choices)**

  • Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Total Quality Management & Continuous

Process Improvement

  • Finance & Accounting for Managers
  • Leadership, Teams and Managing Change
  • Global Program and Project Management
  • Business Policy and Strategy – Capstone / Project
  • Contemporary Issues in Communications and
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Engineering Colloquium (1 credit)
  • Bio-Technology and/or Bio-Medical Management

and Technology

  • Computer, Networking & Software
  • Data Base Management Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Environmental & Energy Management
  • Health Care Management & Administration
  • New Venture Creation/Entrepreneurship/


  • Manufacturing Management
  • New Product Development & Commercialization
  • Program & Project Management
  • Service Management & Engineering
  • Strategic Sourcing & Outsourcing
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Management
  • +++++

Required Courses: 8 Courses for Degree

4 Electives – Can be chosen

*Minimum Total Credits Required = 34 for Graduation

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09

research areas technology management
Research Areas – Technology Management
  • Creating and Sustaining Innovation and Managing Proactive Change
  • Bio-Medical/Bio-Technology and Management
  • Business and Information Technology Continuity and Security
  • Environment and Energy Management and Technology (including Green and Sustainability)
  • Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship & New Venture Creation
  • Creating & Sustaining High Performance Global Leaders and Teams
  • New Product/Service Development and Commercialization
  • Strategic Marketing, Demand Creation and Growth
  • Information Technology
  • Outsourcing and Strategic Sourcing
  • Quality Management and Lean Process Management
  • Global Program and Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Corporate and Information Technology Strategy, Execution & Governance
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Service Management
  • Sports Technology and Management (future)

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


Brazilian Student Options

  • MS in Technology Management – 34 credits required (11 - 3 credit courses
  • and 1 - 1 credit course)
    • 3 Graduate courses (9 credits in total) completed in Brazil with a “B”
    • or better will be transferable towards the completion of the MS in TM
    • in the USA.
    • Option 1 –
      • 2 additional graduate courses may be taken by Brazilian students
      • through distance learning (on-line) in Brazil, which are taught by
      • UB professors in the USA.
      • 7 additional graduate courses must be completed at UB in the USA
      • over two semesters.
    • Option 2 –
      • 9 additional graduate courses must be completed at UB in the USA
      • over two/three semesters.

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


Brazilian Students

Additional Information and Work Opportunities

  • All Brazilian students will receive a scholarship equivalent to 15% of
  • the prevailing tuition costs. Students must pay a registration fee and other
  • fees (e.g. medical insurance, etc. when taking courses in USA).
  • While taking courses at UB in the USA, students are eligible to apply for
  • campus and intern jobs through CPT (Curriculum Practical Training).
  • Brazilian students who graduate with an MS in TM degree are eligible to
  • work in the US upon graduation under OPT (Optional Practical Training)
  • from 12 months to 29 months, depending on the company they work for.
  • For additional international student information (e.g. application, VISA
  • information and other requirements), go to :
  • or email:

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


International Student Opportunities

Connecticut Business Plan Competition Winners

  • University of Bridgeport Schools of
  • Business and Engineering student
  • teams won first and second place
  • awards in the graduate personal
  • business category UB
  • School of Engineering team won third
  • place award in the graduate personal
  • venture category in the Connecticut
  • Business Plan Competition.
  • The annual event, sponsored by the
  • Connecticut Venture Group and the
  • State Department of Economic
  • Development, drew more than 50
  • entries from student teams in the
  • state’s colleges and universities.
  • Only 15 of those made the finals.

University of Bridgeport Business School Professor Gad Selig, second from right, with first prize winners in the graduate division for their business plan on a date rape drug detector, from left: Udeme Idiong, Sana Sarr and his son, Sana Prince, and Gauri Jayawant.

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


Understanding the Needs of

International Students

  • Dedicated Office of International student services
  • F1 student legal advice
  • 24/7 Travel Signatures
  • OPT & CPT
  • Driver’s License and Social Security
  • International Festival

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09

Inter-Disciplinary (Dual) Graduate M.S. &/or M.S./MBA Degree & Certificate Programs – Business, Engineering & Education

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09

representative companies who have hired ub interns and or graduates
Representative Companies Who Have Hired UB Interns and/or Graduates
  • Aetna
  • ATMI
  • ATW Bodine
  • Avon
  • Bendix
  • CitiCorp (Bank)
  • GE
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • IPC
  • Purdue Pharma
  • Peoples United Bank
  • Pitney Bowes
  • TNT Expense Management
  • UBS

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


Opening Doors, Building Futures

University of Bridgeport - strongly committed to academic development and professional accomplishments!!!

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


Thank You


(Believe in Yourself)


Dr. Gad J. Selig, PMP. COP

Associate Dean, Business Development and Outreach,

Graduate Studies and Research Division


Telephone: 203-576-4870

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09

  • Graduate Admissions Process
  • Select Graduate Courses Transferable for Credit as Part of the Requirements for an M.S. degree in Technology Management

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09

graduate admissions process steps for first time graduate students
Graduate Admissions Process – Steps for first time Graduate Students
  • Student submits an application and supporting documents.
  • Application is reviewed by Admissions.
  • Acceptance letter is sent to student with student UB ID number (or reject letter).
  • First time student e-mails or visit advisor (MS TM Chair: for scheduling and approval of courses (from Brazil).
  • Student’s advisor submits approved course schedule to registrar.
  • Registrar records schedule and bill is created (Provost Office (International Coordinator) to notify Financial Aid Office of 15% tuition scholarship for Brazil – SENAC students).
  • Student creates UBNet ID: (UB e-mail and web-advisor account) at:
  • Students pays on or before the due date.
  • Attend classes.
  • After the first semester, the student can register for TM courses on-line through web-advisor.

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


Graduate Admissions Process (Cont’d)

  • Application Deadlines
    • April 1st for Summer semesters, July 1st for Fall semesters, November 1st for Spring semesters
  • Admissions Materials
    • Official transcripts & Bachelor’s degree certificate (native language and English translation)
    • 2 recommendation letters
    • Personal Statement
    • Official bank statement (dated within 6 months and indicating a balance of $26,500 to cover tuition, room and board, medical insurance and other fees)
    • Affidavit of support completed by sponsor(s)(assumes financial responsibility)
    • Copy of first page of passport
    • Application fee payment of $35 (payable by US bank check)
  • Processing Time
    • 4 weeks for acceptance/I-20 form issuance

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


Graduate Admissions Process (Cont’d)

  • UB degree acceptance requirements and English proficiency for students :
  • Acceptance Requirements:
    • Completion of an equivalent to or an accredited 4 year U.S. Bachelor’s degree
    • A minimum grade point average of 2.7 for all undergraduate coursework (this
    • varies according to different degree program requirements).
    • GRE or GMAT Exam recommended, but not required.
  • English Proficiency:
    • A minimum of 550 on the PBT (Paper Based TOEFL) or 79 on IBT (Internet Based
    • TOEFL) or passing score on the ELAB Test (an English test administered by the
    • English Language Institute at UB).
    • Applications without the required English proficiency may apply to study at the
    • English Language Institute at UB or an equivalent organization or courses, and
    • upon meeting the English proficiency requirement, matriculate into the degree
    • program.

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


University of Bridgeport

Select Technology Management Graduate Courses

Transferable for Credit

as Part of the Requirements

for an M.S. Degree in Technology


UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09



Marketing, Entrepreneurial and Innovation Issues and Practices in Management

This course focuses on strategic marketing, entrepreneurial, intrapreneurial and innovation issues, opportunities and best practices in helping organizations grow in a complex global environment which have emerged in the last few years such as the growing importance of strategic marketing, voice of the customer, customer service and innovation in helping companies grow as well as achieve and sustain competitive advantage. The business impact of new technologies which enable marketing and innovation are covered. The course also examines the principles of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in developing new products, services and processes. In addition to individual assignments, students are assigned to team projects to develop product or service market plans either for start-up businesses or within the context of a corporate venture. Prerequisite: Admissions to graduate studies.

3 lecture hours; 3 semester hours


Total Quality Management and Continuous Process Improvement

This course presents a comprehensive summary of methods for managing quality and continuous process improvements. The course objective is to develop an operational familiarity with contemporary methods found to be effective. Topics covered include statistical process control, quality function deployment, concurrent design, the house of quality, the Taguchi method, Six Sigma, lean and others. It also covers continuous process improvement methodologies and techniques. This course is intended for those students who do not plan to specialize in quality management. Prerequisite: Admissions to graduate studies.

3 lecture hours; 3 semester hours


Finance and Accounting for Managers

This course provides managers with the skills required to read, interpret and apply information about an organization’s financial position. Managerial accounting and finance concepts will be presented, followed by financial statement analysis. Topics presented from a managerial perspective will include how accounting data is generated during business operations, how financial statements are created and analyzed, management of finance to maximize return on investment, and stakeholder equity and other related topics. Students will be required to participate in case work applying the principles presented in the class.

Prerequisite: Admissions to graduate studies.

3 lecture hours; 3 semester hours

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09



Global Program and Project Management

This course focuses on the managerial aspects of how to more effectively manage, plan and execute programs/projects with a focus on high quality deliverables arriving on time, within budget, within scope and to the customer’s satisfaction. Areas covered will include program and project management life cycle phases, executive sponsorship, portfolio investment management selection and prioritization, requirements, scope and project charters, planning, development, estimating, staffing, leadership, scheduling, risk management, change management, project metrics, vendor integration and management and other related topics. This course is based on current and emerging best practices and principles. It will also discuss PM certification requirements and provide real world case studies. Prerequisite: Admission to Graduate Studies.

3 lecture hours; 3 semester hours


Product Management, Innovation and Commercialization

This course covers new product development, innovation and commercialization, as well as the product management life cycle. Topics covered include the feasibility and investment prioritization of new products or product enhancements, raising capital for new product development, market and customer needs analysis, make versus buy alternatives and product launch and commercialization issues and considerations, including promotion, pricing, distribution, competition, pre and post sales support, systems and infrastructure support, customer service and related areas. Students will work on individual and team projects that will include the development of a new product market/business plan. Prerequisite: TCMG 400.

3 lecture hours; 3 semester hours


Information Systems Requirements, Analysis, Design and Deployment

A course in the analysis, design, and development of business systems. Students will learn a variety of development models and tools available for systems development, deployment and management. The role of all systems constituents is addressed through discussion of the specification, decision-making, and review of designs, documentation, program specifications, and system improvement. Course level and content is suitable for managerial as well as the more technically oriented. Prerequisites: ITIS 400 or Director, TM program approval.

3 lecture hours; 3 semester hours

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09



Leadership, Teams & Managing Change

This course focuses on the development of leadership skills important in the effective management of change. Through role-playing exercises, videotapes, diagnostic tools, seminar discussion, selected readings, and a group project, students will learn theory and build interpersonal skills necessary for providing leadership in diverse multicultural groups and organizations. The course will address the managerial issues present in organizations undergoing accelerating change and adopting a culture of creativity. Creating and sustaining high performance multi-cultural and interdisciplinary traditional and virtual teams is covered. Prerequisite: Admissions to graduate studies.

3 lecture hours; 3 semester hours

technology management 532 (tcmg 532/MKTG 550)

Global Market Management

Strategy planning, implementation and control for market entry and development. Topics include social, political and economic changes affecting marketing opportunity; focused versus dispersed marketing efforts; marketing in developed and undeveloped countries; and marketing systems required for the various strategic alternatives. Prerequisite: TCMG 400.

3 lecture hours; 3 semester hours


Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management

This course covers the rewards and risks of outsourcing and vendor management and identifies where outsourcing should be used and not used. The objectives of the course are to help students understand how to plan, direct, manage and more effectively participate in outsourcing initiatives in terms of the feasibility of outsourcing (off-shore, near-shore, rural-shore, best shore), vendor selection, contract negotiation, vendor management and evaluation, risk assessment and terminating outsourcing deals. Prerequisite: TCMG 523 and TCMG 505 or Director, TM program approval.

3 lecture hours; 3 semester hours

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


Technology management 553 (TCMG 553/ITIS 553)

Enterprise Information Systems

This course will examine the role of information systems in business and how they provide the information required by management. Modular, best of breed, and other systems strategies and configurations, as well their managerial implications will be examined. The course is case-based and provides the student hands-on experience learning and utilizing Sage Software’s MAS200 ERP system to complete case problems. Other enterprise systems will be discussed as well, including SAP and Oracle. Prerequisite: TCMG 484.

3 lecture hours; 3 semester hours

TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT 533 (TCMG 533/MGMT 533) (Advanced elective – to be offered at UB in USA only)

Information Technology Strategy and Governance

The course covers information technology plans, strategy, business/IT alignment, governance, environmental, ethical, economic, regulatory, compliance and technical issues and trends with a focus on planning, organizing, justifying, controlling, implementing and integrating concept and real world experiences. It discusses business and IT balanced scorecards, metrics and key performance indicators. Current and emerging best business and technology strategy and governance best practice frameworks such as COBIT, CMMI, PMBOK, Kano, VOC, QDF, ITIM, Prince2, ITIL, select ISO standards and others will be covered with emphasis on lessons learned, critical success factors and pragmatic solutions. Individual and team projects and case studies are integrated into the course. Prerequisite: ITIS 400 or Director, TM program approval.

3 lecture hours; 3 semester hours

* Courses available through distance learning (on-line) in Brazil.

UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09


Thank You!


Dr. Gad J. Selig, PMP, COP

Associate Dean, Business Development and Outreach

Graduate Studies and Research Division

University of Bridgeport


UB/SENAC - BRAZIL - 11/09/09