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Telerik Software Academy

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Telerik Software Academy. Free Training and Job for Software Engineers. Svetlin Nakov, PhD. Manager Technical Training Telerik Corp. Telerik Software Academy. About Telerik. About Telerik. What does Telerik do? Software development productivity tools

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telerik software academy

Telerik Software Academy

Free Training and Job for Software Engineers

Svetlin Nakov, PhD

Manager Technical Training

Telerik Corp.

  • Telerik Software Academy
about telerik1
About Telerik
  • What does Telerik do?
    • Software development productivity tools
    • ASP.NET AJAX and MVC, XAML, WPF, WP7, Win8 and HTML5 components, ORM, Cloud, Reporting, CMS Solutions, Productivity Tools, Testing Tools, Agile PM Tools, Mobile Dev Tools
  • Headquartered in Bulgaria
    • Offices in USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, UK
    • 700 employees – mostly developers
  • Employer #1 in Bulgaria for 2012
about telerik academy

About Telerik Academy

Free Trainings for .NET Software Engineers

about telerik academy1
About Telerik Academy
  • Telerik Software Academy is an initiative for free training of young software engineers
    • Software Academy
      • .NET Devs, Front-Ends, QAs, Dev-Supports
    • Kids Academy
    • School Academy
    • Algo Academy
    • Online Courses
    • Contests and other free initiatives
learning tracks
Learning Tracks

Kids Academy

School Academy

Online Courses

Algo Academy

Software Academy

Web Front-End

C# Programming

Dev. Support

.NET Dev.



Job at Telerik

Another Job

telerik kids academy

Telerik Kids Academy

Free Programming Courses for Children

telerik kids academy1
Telerik Kids Academy
  • Telerik Kids Academy is computer programming training for children
    • For children: 2-6 class at school
    • Basics of computer programming with C++
    • 20 training centers, 16 towns
      • Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas, Pleven, Gabrovo, Shoumen, Rousse, Smolian, Stara Zagora, Yambol, Haskovo, Blagoevgrad, Kardjali
    • Monthly online programming contests + participation in the official national contests
telerik school academy

Telerik School Academy

Software Development Trainingfor High-School Students

telerik school academy1
Telerik School Academy
  • Telerik School Academy
    • Free software developmenttrainings for high-school students
    • 3 days every month, live in Sofia
    • Practical software development
      • C#, PHP, C++, HTML5, JavaScript, ASP.NET
      • Databases, SQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server
      • Mobile development, XAML, Windows 8
      • 3D graphics, game programming
    • Preparation for the National IT Olympiad (NOIT)
telerik algo academy

Telerik Algo Academy

Free Training for the Algorithms Contests

telerik algo academy1
Telerik Algo Academy
  • Telerik Algo Academy
    • Free algorithms, data structures and problem solving trainings for high-school students
    • 2 days every month, live in Sofia
    • Real-world programming contest
      • 10 problems: 5 easy and 5 hard
    • Practical preparation for the national programming contests
    • Preparation for the National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI)
software academy program @ telerik

“Software Academy” Program @ Telerik

Free Training + Job @ Telerik for.NET Devs, QAs, Front-Ends and Support Engineers

the software academy program @ telerik
The “Software Academy” Program @ Telerik
  • Become a skillful software engineer for free
    • It takes 12-18 months (half / full time job)
      • Learning, homework, projects, team work
    • Web development track (HTML5, JavaScript, …)
    • Programming track (C#, OOP, DB, …)
    • Professional tracks
      • .NET Developer, QA, Support Engineer, Web Front-End, XAML Front-End, ASP.NET Dev, Mobile Dev, Windows 8 Dev, Cloud Dev, …
software academy first semester
Software Academy:First Semester
  • C# programming and Web technologies basics
  • Spring group (Apr 2013 – Jan 2014)
    • 1 time weekly (exercises) + homework
  • Autumn group (Oct 2013 – Jan 2014)
    • 3 times weekly, 4 hours in class + homework
software academy second semester
Software Academy:Second Semester
  • Object-Oriented Programming(Feb – Mar 2014)
  • High-Quality Code (Arp – May 2014)
  • JavaScript Programming basics (Feb – May 2014)
  • 3 times weekly, 4 hours in class + homework
  • Optional: Slice & Dice, CMS, Networks, OS
software academy third semester
Software Academy:Third Semester
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (May 2014)
  • Databases, SQL and ORM (June 2014)
  • JavaScript Libs and Frameworks(May-June 2014)
  • 3 times weekly, 4 hours in class + homework
  • Optional: SEO, UI Design, System Administration
  • QA Academy track start
software academy forth semester
Software Academy:Forth Semester
  • Full time – 5 days weekly, 8-10 hours in class
    • Contract to graduate and apply for job in Telerik
    • July 2014 – October 2014
academy specialties
Academy Specialties
  • C# Developer
  • Web Site Developer
  • SEO Expert
  • Front-End Web Developer
  • XAML Front-End Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Client Solutions Software Engineer (Dev Support)
  • Server-Side Developer
  • System Administrator
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • ASP.NET Web Developer
  • Windows 8 JavaScript Developer
  • Windows 8 XAML Developer
  • .NET Developer
c developer
C# Developer
  • Required courses
  • Optional courses
web site developer
Web Site Developer
  • Required courses
  • Optional courses
seo expert
SEO Expert
  • Required courses
  • Optional courses
front end web developer
Front-End Web Developer
  • Optional courses
  • Required courses
xaml front end developer
XAML Front-End Developer
  • Requiredcourses
  • Optionalcourses
server side developer
Server-Side Developer
  • Required courses
  • Optionalcourses
mobile application developer
Mobile Application Developer
  • Requiredcourses
  • Optionalcourses
asp net web developer
ASP.NET Web Developer
  • Requiredcourses
  • Optionalcourses
windows 8 javascript developer
Windows 8 JavaScript Developer
  • Requiredcourses
  • Optionalcourses
windows 8 xaml developer
Windows 8 XAML Developer
  • Requiredcourses
  • Optionalcourses
net developer super ninja
.NET Developer (Super Ninja)
  • Optional courses
  • Required courses
qa engineer
QA Engineer
  • Requiredcourses
  • Optionalcourses
academy exams
Academy Exams
  • Several types of exams for all courses
    • Live exams
      • Practical problems to be solved in 5-8 hours
      • Live, in Telerik Academy
    • Practical team projects
      • Developed at home / at the academy labs in team
      • Defended in front of the trainer's team (live)
    • Other evaluation criteria
      • Forums activity, knowledge sharing, helping the others, participation in contests / projects
  • Best graduates from all academy courses will get certificates
    • Signed by Telerik academy trainer's team
    • Verifiable online
  • Students graduated full learning track (e.g. Front-End Web Developer)
    • Will get paper certificate
    • Will get additional awards from the Academy
    • Can be invited to a job interview
software academy requirements
Software Academy: Requirements
  • Strong motivation to become a skillful software engineer
  • Long-term commitment to work in Telerik / other software company
  • Technical English
  • Excellent Bulgarian
  • Excellent computer literacy
  • Enough free time: ~ 4-8 hours / day
software academy when and where
Software Academy:When and Where?
  • Spring groups start:
    • End of April 2013
  • Autumn groups start:
    • End of October 2013
  • The venue
    • Telerik Software Academy labs
    • 31, Alexander Malinov Blvd., Sofia, Mladost-1A
software academy how to apply
Software Academy:How To Apply?
  • First check if you meet the requirements!
  • Steps to apply:
    • Prepare your CV (do not copy / paste it!)
    • Write a cover letter (do not copy / paste it!)
    • Register at
    • Send your documents (CV, cover letter, diplomas, certificates, etc.)
    • You will be invited to entrance exams
software academy entrance exams
Software Academy:Entrance Exams
  • Entrance exams for the Software Academy
    • English Test (basic English skills)
      • Just learn English!
    • IQ Test (mathematical-logical problems)
      • Prepare by solving IQ tests (find some in Google)
    • IT Test (basic IT / computer science skills)
      • Prepare by watching our videos:
  • You can attend an exam only once per year
software academy alumni
Software Academy: Alumni
  • Telerik Software Academy in the last 3 seasons
    • 2009-2010 – 96attendees, 25joined Telerik
    • 2010-2011 – 115attendees, 40joined Telerik
    • 2011-2012– 300attendees, 80joined Telerik
    • 2013-2014– 1000attendees, 100to join Telerik
  • This is the 5thseason of the Software Academy
      • 2013-2014– 500attendees (spring) + 1000 attendees (autumn), 100-150engineers expected to join Telerik
software academy online
Software Academy: Online?
  • Can I participate online?
    • Quick answer: partially
    • The "software academy" training program is very heavy learning track
      • It takes 6-8 hours daily for 12-18 months
      • Live attendees will have better chances
    • Most of the academy courses can be taken online (except Telerik's proprietary trainings)
    • The champions form the online courses could be invited to join the academy live
graduate in two years
Graduate in Two Years?
  • Can I graduate for 2 or 3 years?
    • Generally "Yes"
    • You could take 7-8 courses the first years and the rest in the second years
  • What if I am a school student?
    • You could take the "software academy" program as well
    • School students could take 2-3 courses each semester and graduate for 3-4 years
free online courses @ telerik software academy

Free Online Courses @ Telerik Software Academy

Software Development Trainings for Anyone

online courses
Online Courses
  • The online / student courses are:
    • The same courses from the software academy
    • Provided for free for any learner worldwide
      • Anyone can register and attend them
    • Full access to videos + presentations + demos + homework + projects
    • Best performers can take the live exams
    • Best graduates get certificate
    • Register at
software university

Software University?

Get a Diploma of Higher Education

software university1
Software University
  • The “Software University” Program
    • First graduate Telerik Academy
    • Next continue in a partner university / college
    • Study 1-2 years more (save 1-2 years)
      • All exams at the Academy are acknowledged
    • Get an accredited higher education diploma
      • From the university, not from the Academy
  • We cannot provide more information until we sign with some of the partner universities!
telerik software academy1
Telerik Software Academy

free trainings @ telerik academy
Free Trainings @ Telerik Academy
  • Telerik Software Academy
  • Telerik Academy @ Facebook
  • Telerik Software Academy Forums
  • Telerik School Academy