using equations to solve problems n.
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Using Equations to Solve Problems PowerPoint Presentation
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Using Equations to Solve Problems

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Using Equations to Solve Problems

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Using Equations to Solve Problems

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  1. Using Equations to Solve Problems Who Has That Equation?

  2. Freeda is picking strawberries for her grandmother to make a strawberry pie for the Smith Family Reunion. Her grandmother needs 65 strawberries. So far, Freeda has picked 34 strawberries. How many more strawberries does Freeda need to pick?

  3. Katie’s family is going on a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The trip is 184 miles long. If her family drives 76 miles the first day and stops to spend the night, how many more miles does her family have to drive the next day?

  4. William was excited because his mother told him she would buy him a new video game. His mother told him the video game must be no more than $50. The game William wants cost $62. How much more money will William need to buy the game?

  5. In his basketball game, Jake made 15 shots. All of his shots were 3-pointers. How many points did Jake score in the basketball game?

  6. Leslie made a 84 on her multiplication test. Gabriel made 12 points higher than Leslie on her test. What grade did Gabriel make?

  7. Gina was thrilled to go to Carowinds and finally ride the Borg that everyone was talking about. When she went to get in line for the ride, her heart sank. The ride said she had to be 54 inches to ride. She was 6 inches too short. How tall is Gina?

  8. Peter had 16 quarters. The new baseball he wanted cost $2.00. How much money will Peter have left after he purchases the ball?

  9. Lakisha’s teacher assigned a 244 page book for her class to read over the next two weeks. Lakisha read 178 pages so far. How many pages does she have left to read?

  10. Julian agreed to run the neighborhood paper route for 6 weeks. How many days will Julian be working?

  11. Datwan went to visit his uncle in Charleston, South Carolina for 42 days. How many weeks was he gone?

  12. Frankie found 25 nickels. How much money did he find?

  13. Isaac was asked to share some of his model cars for decoration at the Detroit Car Show. He has 76 model cars, but was asked to share only 39 of them. How many cars will Isaac have left at home after he lends the other cars to the car show?

  14. For breakfast, Mrs. Smoak’s class received 32 juices. 18 of the juices were apple juice and the rest were orange juice. How many of the juices were orange juice?

  15. There were 21 turtles in the turtle exhibit at the zoo. One of the female turtles had 7 babies. How many turtles are now in the exhibit?

  16. Opal swam 18 laps in her aunt’s swimming pool. Each lap was 20 feet long. How many feet did Opal swim altogether?

  17. Porter found 8 dozen seashells on her trip to Hilton Head Island. How many seashells did Porter find?

  18. Drew found 18 dimes. How much money did Drew find?

  19. Miss Bonnette had 23 students in her class, 14 of which were boys. How many girls did Miss Bonnette have in her class?

  20. Lola was always trying to find new stickers when she went to the store so she could add them to her extensive sticker collection. In Target yesterday, Lola found 3 packs of 25 stickers. How many new stickers does she have to add to her collection?