gothic architecture n.
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Gothic Architecture

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Gothic Architecture. Beginning in late 1200’s. Above and right, Chartres Cathedral, near Paris. Most famous Gothic Cathedral. Characteristics of Gothic Architecture. Grew out of Romanesque architecture

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gothic architecture

Gothic Architecture

Beginning in late 1200’s

Above and right, Chartres Cathedral, near Paris. Most famous Gothic Cathedral

characteristics of gothic architecture
Characteristics of Gothic Architecture
  • Grew out of Romanesque architecture
  • Called Gothic by people during the Renaissance who viewed Gothic as being crude and backward like the Goths who invaded Rome
  • FYI: some of these bad boys took hundreds of years to complete
time for another installment of
Time for another installment of

Hey, Mr. Pope! That’s Gothic Architecture!

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And, you have to say why you think why or why not.


Trick question! The bottom is late Romanesque. Because it took so long to build, Romanesque was out of style by the time they got to the top, so the top is Gothic! Lincoln Cathedral in England