International student and scholar services exchange visitor updates
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International Student and Scholar Services Exchange Visitor Updates - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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International Student and Scholar Services Exchange Visitor Updates. Fall 2012. Office of International Education. OIE includes ISSS , EA and IP ISSS supports F students & J Exchange Visitors Marisa Atencio , Director, RO/DSO Gwen Fernandes , Assistant Director, PDSO/ARO

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International student and scholar services exchange visitor updates

International Student and Scholar ServicesExchange Visitor Updates

Fall 2012

Office of international education
Office of International Education

  • OIE includes ISSS, EA and IP

  • ISSS supports F students & J Exchange Visitors

    • Marisa Atencio, Director, RO/DSO

    • Gwen Fernandes, Assistant Director, PDSO/ARO

    • Katie Tudini, Senior International Advisor, DSO/ARO

    • Meg Popick, International Advisor, DSO/ARO

    • Charlie Hammons, International Advisor, DSO/ARO

    • JeevanDevassy, SEVIS Coordinator, DSO/ARO

    • BrittnyMalbrue, International Coordinator, DSO/ARO

  • 4500+ students and 600+ scholars annually

J exchange visitor program in review
J Exchange Visitor Program in Review

  • Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act (Fulbright-Hayes Act) of 1961

  • Objective of the Exchange Visitor category:

    "to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by means of educational and cultural exchanges.“

  • DS-2019 form issued by the OIE allows individual to apply for a J-1 visa at a U.S. Consulate abroad

Exchange visitor program
Exchange Visitor Program

  • Visa “alphabet soup”

  • J visa is a foreign policy visa NOT a work visa

  • Apx. 20 J Exchange Visitor categories

    • J students (non-degree, bachelors, masters, doctorate & student intern)

    • J scholars (short term, research scholar & professor)

  • EV can accept payment for services from the J sponsor

  • High flexibility comes with high standards from Dept. of State

  • Department of State audits of J program sponsors increasing

Sponsor oie and j ev relationship
Sponsor, OIE and J EV relationship

J Exchange Visitor

Department Sponsor

OIE Responsible Officer

Istart gatech edu

  • Allows paperless processing and record keeping

  • Ensures OIE can report records to SEVIS via batch for DHS compliance

  • Foreign national makes electronic requests, views DHS status, and views status of requests any time

  • More effective reporting and communication tool

  • Automated alerts sent to scholar, OIE or supervisor/P.I.

Exchange visitor categories scholar
Exchange Visitor Categories- Scholar

Short Term Scholar

  • educators

  • scientists

  • research fellows

  • writers

  • museum administrators

  • librarians

  • similar persons of recognized expertise

  • Earned Bachelor’s degree minimum

    • lecture

    • observe

    • consult

    • participate in seminars, workshops, conferences, study tours, professional meetings or similar types of educational and professional activities

    • 3 weeks to 6 months

  • Exchange visitor categories scholar1
    Exchange Visitor Categories- Scholar

    • Research Scholar and Professor

      • Teaching

      • Lecturing

      • observing

      • consulting at post-secondary accredited educational institutions, museums, libraries, or similar types of institutions

    • Earned Bachelor’s degree minimum

      • lecture

      • observe

      • consult

      • participate in seminars, workshops, conferences, study tours, professional meetings, or similar types of educational and professional activities

    • 3 weeks to 5 years

    24 month bar on repeat participation
    24 month bar on repeat participation

    • Research Scholars & Professors

      • Prevents repeated participation until a minimum of 24 months has passed since last J research scholar/professor program ended

    • Eligible to return U.S. in a different J category OR different visa type

      • GT must avoid circumventing the 24 month bar

      • Min. 60 days between J programs & identify that a “new program” exists

    Exchange visitor categories student
    Exchange Visitor Categories- Student

    • University Students:

      • Admitted to pursue a "full course of study" in a degree program or be engaged full time in a non-degree "prescribed course of study."

    • Degree seeking students (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate):

      • GTL, GT Shanghai, gov’t funded students

      • DS-2019 period based on average degree completion

    • Non-degree seeking students:

      • Exchange students

      • DS-2019 issued for 24 months max.

    • J Student Intern- Jan 2013

    J student intern
    J Student Intern

    Starting January 2013, GT will issue DS-2019s for Student Intern to a Foreign Student who:

    • is good standing and currently enrolled and pursuing a degree at a postsecondary academic institution outside the United States

    • demonstrate the U.S. internship will "fulfill the educational objectives for a current degree program at the home institution“.

    • will participate in activity that furthers interchange, mutual enrichment, and linkages between GT and research and educational institutions of other countries

    • demonstrate the established financial support, either from GT or other sources, to live in Atlanta ($1500 month)

    • will maintain health insurance coverage that is required by federal regulations throughout the duration of the applicable J program

    • will engage in a paid or unpaid internship not involve unskilled or casual labor, child care or elder care, aviation or in clinical positions, does not involve more than 20% clerical work and does not displace full or part-time temporary or permanent American workers or serve to fill a labor need.

    J student intern why change
    J Student Intern- WHY CHANGE?

    • Compliance with Dept. of State regulations

    • More appropriate categorization for students who conduct research/internship at GT to fulfill educational objectives for a their degree

    • Student Intern timing considerations

      • Start J program on the 1st of the month

      • Minimum 2 month Internship

      • 12 month maximum

    • OIE will lead coordination and use iStart submission information to create

      DS-7002 which replaces the GT Template Placement Agreement

    • Student Intern Placement Fee ensures OIE has resources to manage compliance and can provide J Student Interns support not in place for scholar categories

      • Orientation specific for J Student Interns

      • Involvement in campus activities and events

      • Monitor evaluations required by DOS

      • $50 GTL & GTShanghai

      • $325 for all others

    J student intern flow
    J Student Intern Flow

    • Foreign student identifies an academic sponsor

    • HR administrator submits iStart J Student Intern Program request

      • Identifies 2nd approver to complete English Language proficiency

    • HR administrator submits Export Control e-form

      • Identifies 2nd approver to complete export control questions

    • J Intern completes J Student Intern Applicant information via iStart

      • Academic Certification sent via iStart to home university advisor/dean

    • Department Compliance Certification

    • OIE reviews and processes DS-2019 and DS-7002 within 5 business days of complete submission

    J exchange visitor process review
    J Exchange Visitor Process Review

    • Foreign national identifies a GT sponsor eligible to supervise their exchange program at GT

    • Sponsoring dept. submits iStart request with detail about:

      • J-1 program request (program activities)

        • English language proficiency (2nd approver)

      • Export control (2nd approver)

      • Exchange Visitor (J-1 applicant information)

      • Funding (Financial Upload)

      • Departmental certification

    • OIE reviews materials & issues DS-2019 within 5 days of complete submission

    • Sponsoring dept. issues invitation letter, picks up and mails DS-2019 to scholar

    J exchange visitor process review1
    J Exchange Visitor Process Review

    • Scholar uses DS-2019, invitation letter, financial docs., etc… to apply for the J visa stamp

    • Scholar uses J visa & DS-2019 to enter the U.S.

      • Reports to sponsoring dept. within 15 days of DS-2019 start date OR contacts sponsoring dept. to request a deferral

      • Completes Affiliate paperwork & obtains username and password needed to access GT systems

      • Completes J-1 Scholar Check-in e-form in iStart <30 days after DS-2019 start date

        • Copy of DS-2019, I-94 and visa stamp

        • U.S. address

        • Evidence of health insurance or OIE will send a link to enroll in GT Student Blue plan

    • OIE validates the DS-2019 within 30 days of DS-2019 start date & schedules EV for OIE orientation

    Changes in 2011 2012
    Changes in 2011-2012

    • Use iStart to complete OIE check-in allowing OIE to activate DS-2019 & confirm new J scholar orientation date

    • Export control; P.I. 2nd approver in J program e-form

    • Scholar e-mailed pre-arrival, initial reporting required & extension alerts from

    • If not in the U.S. within 15 days of DS-2019 start date notify OIE to defer

    • Evidence of continuous health insurance for extensions, travel validation, out of country & transfer

    • E-form for DS-2019 signature prior to travel outside U.S.

    • Out of Country e-form for travel >30 days if J Research Scholar/Professor program will continue upon return to GT

    Health insurance changes
    Health Insurance Changes

    • J scholars can enroll in the GT BCBS Student Blue plan

      • Rate banded by age

      • Monthly payment (2 months min. with bank draft)

    • Ensures scholars have:

      • reputable insurance

      • access to an affordable group rate

      • BCBS & Stamps Health Center support (claims, understanding insurance, etc…)

    • J scholars NOT eligible to receive health care services from Stamps Health Center

    • GT benefits eligible J scholars MUST purchase a Medical Evac. & Repatriation plan prior to completing OIE check-in

    • Pre-arrival & orientation materials provide insurance info.

    • J-1 applicant e-form asks scholar about insurance coverage

    Changes for 2013
    Changes for 2013

    • Incidental employment, advisory opinion & dependent e-forms (Jan 2013)

    • Additional detail requested regarding GT program activities, EV English language proficiency and educational and cultural activities being offered by sponsor (Feb 2013)

    • Export Control is it’s own e-form

    • J Student Intern category (Jan 2013)

    • Sunapsis 3.0 with new functionalities for ISSS (late spring 2013)

    • Ongoing training of ISSS advisors on scholar issues

    Follow up feedback questions
    Follow-up, Feedback & Questions

    • Follow up:

      • ISSS will send out:

        • this presentation

        • a flow chart for J Student Intern

    • Feedback?

      • What are your thoughts and concerns?