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Gaining Decisions

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Gaining Decisions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gaining Decisions
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  1. Gaining Decisions G. Earl Knight

  2. How To Bring People to a Decision

  3. I. Have a Compelling Sense of Mission “The World turns aside to let the man pass who knows where he is going” “Men of solidity of character” Evangelism, 171

  4. II. Have an Aggressive Character “Compel them to come in.” Luke 14:23 “By kindness compel them to come in.” Christ’s Object Lessons, p. 237. “The only compulsion which he employs is the constraint of love.” Mount of Blessings, p. 182.

  5. III. Set The Example • To persuade another Man to do what you want him to, you must be persuasive in your life.

  6. IV. Having a Conviction of the Truth Yourself • Psalms 116:10

  7. V. Be In Earnest • “If we were more in earnest, men would be more convinced of the truth of our message”. Evangelism, p. 170.

  8. VI. Your Very Approach Can Influence People for Christ • “Approach the people in a persuasive, kindly manner.” Evangelism, 444.

  9. VII. Let Your Speach Be Persuasive • 2 Corinthians 5:11

  10. VIII. Demand a Decision • Let this be in every sermon, not waiting until the series is finished.

  11. IX. There is a Psicological Moment to ask for a Decision • Hebrews 4:7

  12. X. Study the Countenances of The Hearers Watch the faces to know when to press for decision. He (Jesus) watched the faces of His hearers. Marked the lightining up of the countenance, the quick responsive glance, which told that truth had reached the soul.” Evangelism, 295.

  13. XI. Let Others’ Experiences Help Make Decisions • Take a Brother who has had a strugle along to tell his story.

  14. XII. Make The Decisions in a Personal Way • In the quiet of the Home, Rather than expect the final decision publicly.

  15. XIII. It is the Work of the Holy Spirit to Convict and Convert • After we have employed all our persuasiveness, it is the work of the Holy Spirit to convict and converts.

  16. XIV. Do Not Push Them To the Point of Refusing. • A Man wishes to be consistent and if he once refuses, he rarely changes his mind.

  17. Appealing For a Decision to Accept Christ

  18. Step 1 • God Dearly Loves You.

  19. Step 2 • We are all in need spiritually.

  20. Step 3 • God’s solution to our problems is found in Jesus Christ.

  21. Step 4 • We must personally invite Jesus to help us.

  22. Working For Decisions

  23. Meeting Specific Objections

  24. A. About Accepting Christ

  25. B. About Personal Problems

  26. C. About Present Beliefs

  27. D. About Relatives and Friends

  28. E. About the Sabbath

  29. F. About Standards

  30. G. About Inner Feeling and Excuses

  31. Points to Keep in MindHow to Get Decisions

  32. How to get Decisions • Ask for a decision on the material presented at the end of every study. • Encourage your student to put in practice each new duty as it unfolds. • Do not ask for a major decision until your prospect has sufficient information to enable him to make an intelligent one. • Call for a decision when you see evidence of conviction.

  33. How to get Decisions • Learn to recognize signals. • Help him make his decision definite. • Clear away obstacles. • Use decision questions...

  34. Decision Questions • Is everything clear? • Do you know what you should do? • What’s keeping you from doing it? • You plan to do it some time, don’t you? • Why not do it now? • The Appeal of the Cross. “Christ Crucified” Talk it, pray it, sing it, and it will break and win hearts.

  35. The Decision

  36. Five Motives that Move People to Decision

  37. Five Motives • Desire for Gain • Desire for Confort and Convenience • Desire to please loved ones • Desire to gratify pride • Desire for protection

  38. I. Acknowledge the Truth

  39. II. Make every study clear and convincing.

  40. III. A Matter of Life or Death

  41. IV. Uniting with the Church A. Only those who entered the ark were saved. B. The Third Angel’s Message is a definite call out of a definite place. 2 Cor. 6:17; Rev. 18:1-4. C. The saved will be numbered with the remnant who keep the comandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. Rev. 14:12; Rev. 12:17. D. Make a personal appeal for surrender to Christ.

  42. The Final Call • “Under the loud cry, thousands will step out from the shadows into the light, surmounting all obstacles and breaking all ties that bind.” Review and Herald, 1895. • “At the time, many backsliders will return to the church as these wandering sheep again hear and heed the voice of the Great Shepherd.” Evangelism, p. 693.