find out how overall health is affected by improper oral care n.
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Find Out How Overall Health Is Affected By Improper Oral Care PowerPoint Presentation
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Find Out How Overall Health Is Affected By Improper Oral Care

Find Out How Overall Health Is Affected By Improper Oral Care

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Find Out How Overall Health Is Affected By Improper Oral Care

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  1. Find Out How Overall Health Is Affected By Improper Oral Care

  2. Most people would often hide their smiles in public places because of the discomfort they feel about having bad teeth. However, with simple precautionary measures provided by dentists Toronto and having cautiousness of the importance of teeth can make that inferiority complex run away forever. Unfortunately, people ignoring oral hygiene can end up with lot of ailments which can sometimes be life threatening. A doctor can easily diagnose the patient by looking at the mouth and he/she can know about the brushing and flossing habits of the patient. The following list shows the type of problems one could encounter if there is no proper oral hygiene.

  3. Decay of teeth • As the mouth is a passage way to the body, many bacteria thrive to live within the mouth and grow from therein. Without proper hygiene and good nutrition it is almost impossible to contain harmful bacteria to grow. This could result in decay of the teeth and develop cavities and severe gum diseases. The condition could affect other parts of the body slowly resulting in decrease in immunity.

  4. Diabetes control • According to renowned dentist in Toronto belonging to accept the fact that oral diseases can lead to diabetes. Although there is no direct connection between the two, research indicates that people who do not care for their mouth cannot control the blood sugar levels even when suggested by the doctor. Further more if there is no proper oral care among diabetic patients, periodontitis and gingivitis can develop which lessens immunity drastically.

  5. Heart concerns • The bacterial growth if not contained can become hazardous and can extend to the heart resulting in clogged arteries and a possible stroke. Although dentists Toronto do not claim this fact officially, but research suggests that improper brushing and flossing can be the cause of some serious cardiovascular diseases. It is fascinating to know that bacteria can enter the bloodstream and thereby to the heart through the gums where there is direct connection between bloodstreams and the mouth.

  6. Fragile bones (Osteoporosis) • If there is excess plaque and uncontrollable tartar due to tooth decays and gum diseases, the region surrounding the jaw bones can get drastically weaker. This could result in the occurrence of osteoporosis which further weakens or brittles the bones to a harmful extent. • How to have a better oral health? • Although there are many problems which are highlighted by any dentist clinic Toronto, there are equally large numbers of solutions for them. • Meet a dentist quarterly or semi-annually for check up. • Brush teeth twice a day for prevention of growth of bacteria • Make flossing a daily habit • Take care of food and drinking habits • Avoid smoking, alcohol or other health hazardous habits • Change toothbrush frequently

  7. By following these simple steps one can easily avoid oral problems thereby ensuring no further damage to the health because of them. You should never forget the adversities that can come your way, while taking care of your mouth. Thus by growing awareness towards the issues concerning oral hygiene and gaining tips from a dentist clinic Toronto you can maintain great oral health along with overall health without having to face any problems ever.

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