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Marion School District Annual Report to the Public October 24, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Marion School District Annual Report to the Public October 24, 2013

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Marion School District Annual Report to the Public October 24, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marion School District Annual Report to the Public October 24, 2013. Marion School Board Meeting MSD Central Office Board Room 6:00 p.m . Marion School District Mission Statement.

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Marion School District Annual Report to the Public October 24, 2013

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    Presentation Transcript
    marion school district annual report to the public october 24 2013

    Marion School DistrictAnnual Report to the PublicOctober 24, 2013

    Marion School Board Meeting

    MSD Central Office Board Room

    6:00 p.m.

    marion school district mission statement
    Marion School District Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the Marion School District to provide our students with a basic program of instruction so that they will acquire the academic, social, and decision-making skills needed to become productive citizens in our rapidly changing technological world.

    marion school district mission statement continued
    Marion School District Mission Statement (Continued)

    We recognize individual differences in students and believe that all children can learn. We strive to meet their needs and interests by offering a balanced curriculum and creating an atmosphere conducive to learning.

    marion school district board of education
    Marion School District Board of Education


    Mr. A. Jan Thomas, Jr.


    Mr. Steve A. Sutton


    Rev. Jeffrey Richardson

    Mr. Wm. Bart Turner Ms. Darrylee Arms

    Mr. Brian Proffitt Mr. Daryel Jackson

    marion school district administration
    Marion School District Administration


    Mr. Don Johnston

    Deputy Superintendent

    Mr. Jeff Altemus

    Director of Elementary Education K-5

    Dr. Robin A. Catt

    Director of Secondary Education 6-12

    Mr. Hugh Inman

    academic programs staff

    Federal Programs

    Ms. Julie Coveny

    Special Education

    Ms. Sue McQuay

    Ms. Helen Johnson

    Technology Coordinator

    Mr. Tim Taylor

    Technology Trainer

    Ms. Nancy Hardy

    msd support staff

    Maintenance & Custodial Services

    Mr. Dusty Duncan

    Athlete Director

    Mr. Paul Johnston

    Food Services

    Ms. Susan Madison


    Mr. Doyle Jones

    Health Services

    Ms. Leslie Brick

    new licensed positions
    New Licensed Positions
    • MSD RTI/School Psychology Specialist
    • AES 1 First Grade
    • MIS 1 Special Education
    new classified positions
    New Classified Positions
    • MJHS Special Education Paraprofessional
    • MHS Plato Lab Paraprofessional
    teacher license status
    Teacher License Status

    2013-2014 Adding Areas of Licensure:

    • 6 Special Education Teachers
    • 1 Middle Level Teacher
    • 1 Social Studies Teacher
    • 1 Counselor
    • 2 Media Specialist


    All core content teachers are highly qualified.

    2013 minority recruitment report
    2013 Minority Recruitment Report
    • Marion School District continues to use TalentEd, Recruit, & Hire as MSD’s on-line application service to better serve our applicants and to provide our district with intuitive software to recruit, hire, develop, and retain the best teachers and leaders possible to positively increase student achievement.
    • Marion School District increased Marion Intermediate School’s minority teacher percentage from 7% to 9%.
    • Marion School District hired a minority Special Education teacher at Marion Intermediate School with a MSE in Special Education.
    • Marion School District promoted a minority assistant principal from Marion Middle School to Marion Junior High School.
    board members training
    Board Members’ Training

    All MSD board members received last year’s required annual training by December, 2012, and will have completed this year’s required hours by December 31, 2013.

    In accordance with Act 1775 of 2005, all members of a local school board of directors who have served on the board for twelve (12) or more consecutive months shall obtain no less than six hours of training and instruction by December 31 of each calendar year.

    professional development for the 2012 2013 school year
    Professional Development for the 2012-2013 School Year
    • Marion School District provided 399 hours of professional development between June 1, 2012 and August 16, 2013.
    • Teachers were able to earn at least 42 hours of the required 60 hours before school began.
    • Our Instructional District Technology Trainer offers our staff technology professional development throughout the year: New Teacher Orientation, i-Pad Apps, Tips and Tricks for the i-Pad, Interactive Websites, Websites for CCSS Lessons, TAC/HAC, etc.
    marion school district
    Marion School District


    • Avondale Elementary
    • Marion Elementary
    • Marion Intermediate
    • Marion Middle
    • Marion Jr. High
    • Marion High & Crittenden Prep Academy


    • 4291 students PK-12
    • 311.5 Certified Teachers & Administrators
    • 209 Classified Employees
    marion school district mileage and meals
    Marion School District Mileage and Meals

    Miles Traveled in 12-13:

    • 340,870 miles for regular daily routes
    • 62,889 miles for trips
    • 7,131 miles for after-school program
    • 9,546 miles for summer school

    Meals Served in 12-13:

    • 709,875 meals served to students
    • 20,618 meals served to adults
    • 49,543 meals contracted and served
    important differences that you will see
    Important Differences That You Will See
    • Annual Measureable Objectives (AMOs)
    • Targeted Achievement Gap Group (TAGG)
    • Classification System:
    • Exemplary
    • Achieving
    • Needs Improvement
    • Needs Improvement Focus
    • Needs Improvement Priority
    annual measureable objectives
    Annual Measureable Objectives
    • Schools no longer have to focus on meeting Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) – a single measure, assigned arbitrarily that was the same for everyone regardless of where they were starting from or the challenges in their student population.
    • Instead, we look at performance, growth, and graduation rate (for high schools) and establish Annual Measureable Objectives (AMOs) that are unique to each school.
    • Each school and school district is assigned AMOs based on student growth, student performance, and graduation rate (for high schools). By looking at the data in different ways, schools gain clarity regarding the areas in which improvement efforts should be focused.
    tagg students
    TAGG Students
    • Targeted Achievement Gap Group (TAGG) – one population group which includes:
    • Economically disadvantaged
    • Students with disabilities
    • English language learners
    • It only takes 25 students to make a TAGG group.
    • Eliminates multiple counting of students who are in more than one subgroup.
    avondale elementary school
    Avondale Elementary School

    Grade Levels

    • Pre-K
    • Kindergarten
    • First


    • 759 Students PK-1
    • 51.5 Certified Teachers & Administrators


    Mrs. Glenda Bryan

    Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Kristi Rice

    avondale elementary school1
    Avondale Elementary School
    • Status: Accredited by ADE and Advanced
    • All 2013-14 teachers are licensed. All teachers are highly qualified in core content areas.
    • One (1) teacher is currently working under an Additional Licensure Program
    • Accountability Designation: Achieving in both Literacy and Math (AES receives designation from MES.)
    aes proposals toward meeting 2013 14 annual measureable objectives
    AES Proposals Toward Meeting 2013-14 Annual Measureable Objectives
    • Continued Implementation of Common Core State Standards

    *Reading Street


    *My Math

    *All are researched based programs aligned to CCSS

    aes proposals continued
    AES Proposals continued
    • Promote the vision at AES that ALL students can be successful learners and can strive for excellence.
    aes proposals continued1
    AES Proposals continued
    • Continue professional learning communities that embrace learning rather than teaching, work collaboratively to help all students learn, and use data from formative and summative assessments to make decisions concerning curriculum and instruction. (Defour, Eaker, and DuFour)
    aes proposals continued2
    AES Proposals continued
    • Continue to use positive reinforcement strategies and implement behavior interventions to reduce inappropriate behavior in the classroom.

    (Canter, McLeod, Dr. Joe Martin)

    aes proposals continued3
    AES Proposals continued
    • Provide Response to Intervention (RtI) to small groups of students in need of help academically and/or behaviorally.
    aes proposals continued4
    AES Proposals continued
    • Use the Teacher Excellence Support System (TESS) to support high yield teaching strategies and authentic student engagement in learning.
    aes proposals continued5
    AES Proposals continued
    • Continue with guided reading in the literacy curriculum for both kindergarten and first grade
    aes proposals continued6
    AES Proposals continued
    • Continue to promote parental and community involvement through our HEART Committee (Helping Educate And Reach (kids) Together), Watch D.O.G.S. and Magnificent M.O.M.S. programs.

    Parent Night

    Magnificent Mom

    Watch Dog Dad

    aes proposals continued7
    AES Proposals continued
    • Use communication tools such as Newsletters, Calendars, notes, and School Messenger messages to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so parents know what they need to do to help their children be successful in school.
    aes proposals continued8
    AES Proposals continued
    • Continue use of technology resources to enhance student learning (SmartBoards, SmartTable, mobile laptop computer labs, iPads, iPods, and netbooks)
    • Continue use of HeadSprout, Education City, Starfall, Reading Eggs, IXL Math, Accelerated Reader software
    aes proposals continued9
    AES Proposals continued
    • Implement the use of iPads in the classrooms to enhance student learning.

    *Each teacher has an iPad for use in her classroom at this time. We have added 260 mini iPads to be used in RtI and project-based learning. Many of our teachers have secured additional devices through grants by Donors Choose.

    ipad minis at aes
    iPad Minis at AES!
    • With 2013-14 Title I funds we propose to add to the number of devices. Our goal is to eventually get a device in the hands of every student.
    marion elementary school
    Marion Elementary School

    Grade Levels

    • Second
    • Third


    • 598 Students 2-3
    • 42 Certified Teachers & Administrators


    Ms. Natalie Rooney

    Assistant Principal

    Mr. Jon Fulkerson

    marion elementary school1
    Marion Elementary School
    • Status: Accredited by ADE and AdvancED
    • All 2013-14 teachers are licensed. All teachers are highly qualified in core content areas.
    • Two (2) teachers are currently working under an Additional Licensure Program
    • Accountability Designation: Achieving School in both Literacy and Math
    mes annual measureable objective for literacy and math performance
    MES Annual Measureable Objective for Literacy and Math Performance

    AYP Reports were replaced in 2012 with ESEA Accountability reports. Schools & Districts will be held accountable for their All Students and Targets Achievement Gap Group (TAGG) for the purpose of designation.

    marion elementary school progress
    Marion Elementary School Progress

    You must test 95% of all students (including mobile) to meet percent tested. You will be a “Needs Improvement School” the first year you do not test 95% in Math or Literacy.

    marion elementary school progress continued
    Marion Elementary School Progress Continued

    You can be classified as Achieving through one year, or three years in performance or growth (where applicable). In order to be designated as Achieving for Literacy or Math, a school/district must meet the projected AMO or 94% proficient

    Your percent proficient must meet or exceed your AMO. We did not meet performance for “All Students” in Literacy only. – RED.

    Schools can meet or exceed their AMOs in growth. MES meet their AMOs for “All Students” and “Targeted Achievement Gap Groups” - GREEN.

    ESEA TAGG information is provided as well.

    mes proposals to meet or exceed the 2012 2013 benchmark
    MES Proposals to Meet or Exceed the 2012-2013 Benchmark
    • Become Bucket Fillers by giving sincere compliments, helping without being asked, and genuinely showing kindness and respect to others. To make bucket filling a habit and a way of life, resulting in individuals with full buckets who are healthy mentally, emotionally, and socially. Have you filled a bucket today?
    • Continue to implement Failure Free Reading Program to enhance student fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension for SPED and students performing in the bottom 10%. Our Failure Free students reading levels grew from instructional reading level pre test score of a 1.1 to 2.7, and growth of +1.7.
    • Bookmark club - BMC is our morning reading club. It is available to 3rd grade students who need extra support in Literacy Skills: phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary and/or fluency. Students work in small groups of 4-8 to strengthen their skills.
    mes proposals continued
    MES Proposals (Continued)
    • Use effective strategies for working with parents by sending home Weekly Book Bags with activities to increase vocabulary and enhance reading comprehension skills for parents and students to work together.
    • Continue to use technology through the use of the Smart Boards, Computer Lab, Smart Response Systems, iPods, Portable Notebook Lab, iPads, and Front Row Sound Systems.
    • Through the Accelerated Reader Program, MES students passed 72,383 test and earned 42,388 points last year. The average book level was at a 3.3 level, with 89.6% correct on tests. Our goal this year is also to meet the criteria for Master Classroom and Master School.
    mes proposals continued1
    MES Proposals (Continued)
    • Continue to promote parental involvement through our PEACE Volunteer Program (Parents Experiencing Awesome Children Everyday) and Watch D.O.G.S. program.
    • Continue to implement the CCSS in literacy, using six units to teach the learning expectations. Math skills are taught using On Core and the CGI (Cognitively Guided Instruction) mathematical approach. CGI allows students to construct strategies for themselves when given a word problem.
    • Promote the mission at MES that ALL students will become productive citizens in an ever changing world.
    marion intermediate school
    Marion Intermediate School

    Grade Levels

    • Fourth
    • Fifth


    • 653 Students 4-5
    • 43 Certified Teachers & Administrators


    Ms. Julie Molloy

    Assistant Principal

    Ms. Debbie Reginelli

    marion intermediate school1
    Marion Intermediate School
    • Status: Accredited by ADE and AdvancED
    • All 2013-14 teachers are licensed. All teachers are highly qualified in core content areas.
    • Two (2) teachers are currently working under an Additional Licensure Program
    • Accountability Designation: Overall designation is Needs Improvement School; (Achieving in Literacy & Needs Improvement in Math)
    mis proposals to correct deficiencies and or meet the 2013 14 benchmark
    MIS Proposals to Correct Deficiencies and/or Meet the 2013-14 Benchmark
    • Response to Intervention (RtI)period for every student in math. Focused instruction for those who are in need based on universal screening assessments.
    • Writer’s Workshop sessions under the direction of MIS Literacy Facilitator for students who scored Basic or Below on 2013 Benchmark Test.
    • A grant from “Reflex Math” provides electronic fact practice with built in assessments and progress monitoring for 35 of the most in-need students.
    mis proposals continued
    MIS Proposals (Continued)
    • Teachers continue to provide relevant, regular Benchmark practice in the content areas of Math, Reading and Science.
    • Classroom teachers work together regularly in PLCs as content specialists in specific subject areas for more efficient and effective instruction.
    mis proposals continued1
    MIS Proposals (Continued)
    • Instructional Assistants are used to assist the in delivery of RtI services…
      • IAs’ schedules allow them to help daily in the same math classes for consistent assistance.
      • IAs work with Math teachers for small group specialized RTI services 3 times per week.
      • IAs assist teachers with special classroom activities when 2 sets of hands are needed.
      • IAs allow teachers to attend PLC meetings by covering their classrooms.
    marion middle school
    Marion Middle School

    Grade Levels

    • Sixth
    • Seventh


    • 646 Students 6-7
    • 45 Certified Teachers & Administrators


    Ms. Carissa J. Lacy

    Assistant Principal

    Mr. Adam O’Neal

    Assistant Principal

    Mr. Blake Owen

    marion middle school1
    Marion Middle School
    • Status: Accredited by ADE and AdvancED
    • All 2012-13 teachers are licensed. All teachers are highly qualified in core content areas.
    • Two (2) teachers are currently working under an Additional Licensure Program
    • Accountability Designation: Overall designation is Needs Improvement School; (Achieving in Literacy & Needs Improvement in Math)
    mms proposals to correct deficiencies and or meet the 2012 amo
    MMS Proposals to Correct Deficiencies and/or Meet the 2012 AMO
    • Students who are not meeting proficiency in Literacy and/or Math are provided interventions.
      • During school hours, Enrichment teachers will identify low Student Learning Expectations and provide a mini lesson with leveled practice and monitor student progress. Students utilize the “Mathletics” program in the Tools for Learning Class. In addition, students are able to access the Interactive Online Math textbook to assist with areas of need.
    • Teachers use data from The Learning Institute to progress monitor students and plan interventions.
    mms proposals continued
    MMS Proposals (Continued)
    • Administrators will continue using classroom walkthroughs to support high yield teaching and learning strategies.
    • Professional Learning Communities (P.R.I.D.E.) will continue to meet weekly to discuss high yield teaching strategies and analyze student data to increase the achievement of all students.
    mms proposals continued1
    MMS Proposals (Continued)
    • Each content area is represented on the Campus Leadership Team. The CLT meets monthly to discuss areas of improvement and gain at MMS.
    • Prior to the Benchmark Week, MMS will participate in a Benchmark Blitz to get students excited and prepared for the benchmark exam.
    marion jr high school
    Marion Jr. High School

    Grade Levels

    • Eighth
    • Ninth


    • 694 Students 8-9
    • 50 Certified Teachers & Administrators


    Mr. Elmer West

    Assistant Principal

    Mr. Willie Rogers

    Dean of Students

    Mr. Melvin Brown

    marion jr high school1
    Marion Jr. High School
    • Status: Accredited by ADE and AdvancED
    • All 2013-14 teachers are licensed. All teachers are highly qualified in core content areas.
    • Accountability Designation: Overall designation is Needs Improvement School; (Needs Improvement in Literacy & Achieving in Math)
    mjhs proposals to meet or exceed the 2013 14 benchmark
    MJHS Proposals to Meet or Exceed the 2013-14 Benchmark
    • Students not at proficient level in Literacy take an in-class Literacy tutorial course during school hours in addition to the regular Language Arts class.
    • Students at MJHS participate in a Vocabulary program. All faculty members have been trained in the Academic Vocabulary method that helps raise comprehension and achievement in various subject areas.
    mjhs proposals continued
    MJHS Proposals (Continued)
    • Teachers have developed and implemented plans to increase scores on the Benchmark exam in the area of open response questions
    • DEAR: MJHS has implemented the Drop Everything and Read program to support the overall academic program.
    marion high school
    Marion High School

    Grade Levels

    • Tenth
    • Eleventh
    • Twelfth
    • Crittenden Prep Academy


    • 929 Students 10-12
    • 69 Certified Teachers & Administrators


    Mr. Steve Landers

    Assistant Principals

    Mr. Jim Marotti

    Mr. Clint Williams

    Ms. Connie Simpson

    Dean of Students

    Mr. Irving Clay

    marion high school1
    Marion High School
    • Status: Accredited by ADE and AdvancED
    • All 2013-14 teachers are licensed. All teachers are highly qualified in core content areas.
    • Three (3) teachers are currently working under an Additional Licensure Program
    • Accountability Designation: Needs Improvement Focus School in both Literacy and Math
    mhs proposals to meet the 2013 14 annual maintenance objective
    MHS Proposals to Meet the 2013-14 Annual Maintenance Objective
    • We are continuing the strategies that yielded significant growth in recent years.
    • A seminar period was created to target students with academic needs that are unable to participate in after-school activities.
    • Class Schedules were modified to lower class sizes in critical subject areas.
    • We are meeting twice monthly in our PLC’s to strengthen teaching strategies to reach all students to strengthen literacy and math skills.
    crittenden prep academy fully accredited ale 7 12
    Crittenden Prep AcademyFully Accredited ALE 7-12

    Changes for 13-14

    • Installed new Crittenden Prep Academy Principal & Director
    • MHS Cafeteria is utilized by the ALE students with ALE students using student IDs.

    Information for 12-13

      • Served 51 students

    from MSD

      • Graduated 6 seniors from MHS


    Mr. Steve Landers


    Mr. Clint Williams


    5 full time

    2 part-time

    2 paraprofessionals

    1 teacher currently working under an Additional Licensure Plan

    gifted and talented program
    Gifted and Talented Program
    • K-3 Enrichment (Ms. Leah Schmidt)
    • 4th - 5th Self-Contained with Cluster Grouping
    • 6th - 7th Pre-AP: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies
    • 8th Pre-AP: Pre-AP English, Pre-AP Social Studies, Pre-AP Science, Algebra I
    • 9th Pre-AP: Pre-AP English, Pre-AP Physical Science, Pre-AP Civics/Economics, Geometry
    • 10th Pre-AP: Pre-AP English, Pre-AP World History, Pre-AP Biology, Pre-AP Algebra II
    • 11th and 12th Pre- AP and AP: Pre-AP Chemistry, AP English/Language, AP U.S. History, AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, AP United States Government, AP World History, AP Chemistry, and AP Literature
    title i funding
    Title I Funding
    • Avondale Elementary, Marion Elementary, and Marion Intermediate are Title I school- wide schools that use federal Title I funds to pay for additional instructional staff and supplies.
    • Title I funds are federal funds that cannot be used to pay for anything required by state or local laws.
    • MSD’s Title I allocation for the

    2013-14 school year: $1,403,073.21

    title i funding continued
    Title I Funding (Continued)
    • Students are served based on academic need, not income levels. If a school has at least 40% of its students qualifying for the National School Lunch Program and has a plan to serve all students, it can become a Title I School-wide school that can serve all students at that school.
    arkansas better chance abc preschool
    Arkansas Better Chance (ABC)Preschool
    • The ABC Preschool is a state funded program.
    • The student selection for the ABC Preschool program follows state guidelines.
    • Marion’s ABC Preschool program is funded to serve 3 classrooms with 20 students each.
    • Marion’s ABC Preschool program employs 1 certified teacher and1paraprofessional for each ABC preschool classroom.
    title ii a funding
    Title II-A Funding
    • Title II-A targets professional development for teachers and administrators.
    • The district’s Title II-A Teacher Quality program allocation this year is $182,272.37.
    • Title II-A funds are used to pay ½ of the salary of our Instructional Technology Facilitator to assist teachers with curriculum and technology.
    site based parent involvement
    Site-Based ParentInvolvement

    Parent centers are on each campus.

    • Heart Beats:

    Avondale Elementary

    • Watch D.O.G.S.:

    Marion Elementary

    Avondale Elementary

    • P.E.A.C.E.: Parents Experiencing Awesome Children Everyday

    Marion Elementary

    • Career Action Planning:Marion Middle School

    Marion Jr. High School

    Marion High School

    parent involvement
    Parent Involvement
    • Parents are encouraged to participate in school activities and in the review and design of school improvement plans.
    • Comments and suggestions are encouraged and may be submitted to the building principal or to:

    PARENT COORDINATOR: Ms. Julie Coveny Marion School District

    200 Manor Street

    Marion, AR 72364

    msd equity information
    MSD Equity Information
    • The Marion School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, or veteran status.
    • Equity complaints may begin with the district's equity coordinators:


    Dr. Robin A. Catt (K-5) Mr. Hugh Inman (6-12)

    Marion School District Marion School District

    200 Manor Street 200 Manor Street

    Marion , AR 72364 Marion, AR 72364

    thanks to a great staff
    Thanks to a Great Staff!
    • In conclusion, we would like to thank the entire staff – bus drivers, substitutes, custodians, food services staff, maintenance crew, technology crew, secretaries, paraprofessionals, teachers, media specialists, counselors, instructional facilitators, and administrators – of the Marion School District for their dedication and continuous effort to make our schools safe and nurturing learning environments for our students.
    • In addition, we would also like to thank our school board for your continuous support.