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Setting Analysis

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Setting Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Setting Analysis
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  1. Setting Analysis By: Megan Taylor

  2. The Cliff Description:

  3. The swamp Description: • “The ground grew softer under his moccasins; the vegetation grew ranker, denser; insects bit him savagely. Then, as he stepped forward, his foot sank into the ooze. He tried to wrench it back, but the muck sucked viciously at his foot as if it were a giant leech. With a violent effort, he tore loose. He knew where he was now. Death Swamp and its quicksand” pg. 34 • Analysis: • Knowing Zaroff is approaching, Rainsford digs a big hole and covers it with grass, and twigs, serving as a trap. Then he hides. When Zaroff approaches, he falls in, gets out and commends Rainsford, being sure to tell him he’ll be back for more. In the beginning of the story, I was scared for Rainsfords sake, I thought Zaroff would crush him. He proved that he was actually a skilled hunter. And this part also proves that Zaroff is in it for the thrill, he really does treat it like a game.

  4. The Mansion Description: • “as he forged along, he saw to his great astonishment that all the lights were in one enormous building—a lofty structure with pointed towers plunging upward into the gloom. His eyes made out the shadowy outlines of a palatial château; it was set on a high bluff, and on three sides of it cliffs dived down to where the sea licked greedy lips in the shadows.” pg. 22 • Analysis: • After killing Ivan, Rainsford makes his way around the island and ends up in Zaroffs bedroom and kills him. This means Rainsford has kilt a man, not anybody has been able to kill before. Mission accomplished.