Coordination integration of institutions pathways to work ireland barry kennedy
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Coordination & Integration of Institutions Pathways to Work – Ireland Barry Kennedy. Context:. Worst economic crisis in the history of the State Highest ever level of Unemployment Increasing Long-term Unemployment Extremely tight Budgetary conditions

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Coordination integration of institutions pathways to work ireland barry kennedy
Coordination & Integration of InstitutionsPathways to Work – IrelandBarry Kennedy


  • Worst economic crisis in the history of the State

  • Highest ever level of Unemployment

  • Increasing Long-term Unemployment

  • Extremely tight Budgetary conditions

  • Severe cuts in salaries in public service

  • Sharp rise in work levels

Rise in long term unemployment
Rise in Long-term unemployment

Flows into long-term unemployment

Coordination integration of institutions pathways to work ireland barry kennedy

  • Total expenditure was €20,774 million

    • 40.6% of gross current government expenditure

    • or 12.7% of Gross Domestic Product

  • Over 1.4 million people in receipt of a weekly payment, - 2.2 million beneficiaries;

  • Pensions

  • Illness payments

  • Carer’s Allowance

  • Child Benefit payment,

  • Family Income Supplement

  • Working Age Income Supports

  • Working Age Employment Supports

State provision for people who became unemployed was fragmented complex and ineffective
State provision for people who became unemployed was fragmented, complex and ineffective…

Re-start payment

Take-off payment

Refer to PES

Take details Make appt.

Refer to CWS



Advise CWS

Take details


Payment of BASI

Apply for rent supplements etc.

Cease payment of BASI

Refer to


Community Employment

External job.

Jobs club

Cease payment at scheme end

Advise DSP

Make Community Employment/

Training payments

Advise DSP

Take details

Make appointment

3 sets of interfaces X 3 sets of records X 3 sets of payments X 50+ options =

complexity, duplication, frustration and sub-optimal outcomes for customers

Benefits agency and pes
Benefits Agency and PES fragmented, complex and ineffective…

  • National Employment Action Plan - NEAP

    • Selection for intervention based on unemployment duration – 3 months.

    • Separate IT systems

    • Weekly data transfer

  • Need for enhanced control measures - Benefits Agency (Disallowances leading to SWA)

  • Little or no “Control” agenda in PES

  • Research into NEAP effect – 17% less likely to exit

Government decisions
Government Decisions fragmented, complex and ineffective…

  • 2006 Community Welfare (CWS) to merge

  • December 2009 FÁS to split and merge

    • DSP 5,000 staff approximately

    • CWS – 1,000 + to transfer - 1 October 2011

    • FÁS (2,000) – 700 + to transfer – 1 January 2012

  • New organisation - 6,400 staff approximately

The 2011 the new service model the vision
The 2011 – The new service model – fragmented, complex and ineffective…The Vision

Case Management





Multiple Access Channels

Integrated View of Customer

Job Placement

Functional Experts

Special Needs

Employment Guidance


Referral to

Personal Development


assess needs.

Functional experts brought in as necessary

Client is registered for service. Profile data captured


Accesses Services

Client provided with appropriate income, employment and personal development supports

Helps client to develop/monitor personal progression plan.

Key priorities
Key Priorities fragmented, complex and ineffective…

  • Integrated services

  • Link Benefits Payment to participation in activation

  • Early, targeted intervention based on profile

  • Prevention of Long-Term Unemployment

  • Return to work first and ultimate goal

  • Development of a new organisation

    • New capacity and competencies

    • New culture

    • New values

    • New goals

Proposed to tailor the service proposition based on the client profile needs
Proposed to tailor the service proposition based on the client profile/needs.

Relationship between Client profile and Intervention Type and Frequency


Directive Guidance

Client Distance from Labour Market

Frequency of intervention

Reference to development

Job Search




Intensity of Support


Coordination integration of institutions pathways to work ireland barry kennedy

Pathways To Work 2012 client profile/needs.

Government Policy


Stop drift into Long-term Unemployment

Ptw 2012 key elements actions
PTW 2012 Key Elements/Actions… client profile/needs.

  • The development and roll-out of new service processes for jobseekers

    • Integrated employment and income support services – ‘one-stop-shop’

    • Integrated welfare decisions – to speed up the decision process

    • Profiling to inform and prioritise the activation process

    • Group Engagement to initiate activation

    • Implementation of personal progression planning as part of a 1-2-1 case management process

    • ‘Contract’ of rights and responsibilities

    • Implementation of a penalty rate regime

  • The development/implementation of new jobseeker and employer offers JobBridge Internship, TÚS Employment Programme, JobsPlus for Employers

  • Intensified employer engagement activity.

  • Development and specification of contracted service delivery options

These projects operated over three separate but overlapping phases
These projects operated over three separate PTW 2012 by 2015…but overlapping phases

Transfer of functions (2011 - 2012)

Gathering together all the relevant functions within one organisation

Integration of services (2012 – 2013)

The merger of services into one ‘united’ organisation

The reorganisation of work and people to improve efficiency and effectiveness of delivery of current services. (e.g. Back to School Clothing and Footwear)

Service Development (2012 and on-going)

The development and implementation of the new service model

New IT systems to Replace:

Client Services System, Activation/Case Management System

Jobs Ireland, New Business Objects Model

New activities for the organisation, new roles for people

New People & New culture

Coordination integration of institutions pathways to work ireland barry kennedy

Across seven core areas…. PTW 2012 by 2015…

Customer Service Focus


Modernisation (SDM)

Public office processes

Back Office Processes

Medical Review and case management

Mobile Certification

Business Process Improvement Projects

Customer Communications

Facilities/’high street’



Customer Profiling

Case management

Employer services

Linkages to education sector

Single Payment

Interim Payment

Disability and Lone Parents Payments


Customer research

  • Service

  • Integration

  • Redundancy &

  • Insolvency

  • Community Welfare Service

  • Back to School

  • Rent Supplement

  • Mortgage Supplement

  • EN/UN Payments

  • Employment Services

  • Community Employment Programmes

  • Services for disabled





Transformed Organisation

Organisation Capability Focus





Transformed Customer Service

Coordination integration of institutions pathways to work ireland barry kennedy

…and on building organisation capability…. PTW 2012 by 2015…

Customer Service Focus


Modernisation (SDM)





Performance reporting/management





Annual SoS

Unit Business Plans

Cost Reduction








Mgmt Development

Organisation Design

Transformed Organisation

Organisation Capability Focus

Staff Attitudes Survey

Culture/Values Audit &


Skills and Competencies


Mobility and Assignment







Facilities Review

Infrastructure and networks

FAS/CWS/DSP systems integration

Office Systems





Transformed Customer Service

Over the period 2011 2015
…over the period 2011 - 2015 PTW 2012 by 2015…

Coordination integration of institutions pathways to work ireland barry kennedy

There are a number of service elements that are key to ‘Intreo’…

2011 2012 2013 2014

Service Element

Profiles being captured for all new clients

Profile capture (New Clients)

Profile Capture

(Long-Term Unemployed)

Group Engagement

Social Contract

Integrated Decision

Use of profiling

Progression Plan

Penalty Rates


Employer Engagement

To start, developing plan to have all clients profiled by end Qtr 4

Now in place in all offices

Qtr 1

In place in Intreo offices being rolled out to all offices by Qtr 4 2013

Qtr 2

Qtr 3

Qtr 3

Now in place in all offices

10 offices

20 offices

30 offices

60 offices

ER HQ Team Established

Road-shows held

New employer incentive implemented

Regional Employer Managers appointed

Overall programme status at end 2012

31/12/12 ‘Intreo’…

Overall Programme Status at end 2012

Ptw 2013
PTW 2013 ‘Intreo’…

  • A response to experience and developments during 2012/13

  • Persistence of long-term unemployment – now over 50%

  • Emergence of jobless households as an issue to be addressed

  • Youth Guarantee: EU wide commitment to respond to youth unemployment

  • Recognition that some of targets/measures needed to be reviewed

Ptw 2013 seeks to augment ptw 2012
PTW 2013 seeks to “augment” PTW 2012 ‘Intreo’…

  • More intensive activation of long-term unemployed people

  • Develop a policy plan to address issue of jobless households

  • Address disincentives - welfare/salaries/tax

  • Current focus on development and rollout of Intreo process to be maintained.

50 key actions to deliver
50 key actions to deliver ‘Intreo’…

  • Greater engagement with/More attractive incentives for employers

  • Greater engagement of third parties in delivery of activation services - JobPath

  • Rollout of the Youth Guarantee – European Union Initiative for under 25 year olds

  • More activation and training scheme places for long-term unemployed people

  • Faster roll-out of the Intreo service

  • More effective interplay of tax, welfare and in-work payments

  • Housing Assistance Payment.

Activation and sanctions at centre
Activation and Sanctions at centre ‘Intreo’…

  • Legislation 2011

  • Approximately 24% cut in personal rate of payment

    • Non-engagement, refusal, failure.

    • Non-attendance rates –

      • Up to 30% initially – Less in Intreo

      • Approximately 5% after warning

  • Legislation 2013

    • Up to 9 weeks disqualification after 3 weeks

    • Employment programmes included

Activation resources
Activation Resources ‘Intreo’…

  • Approximately 6,400 staff

  • 470 case officers at 1 January 2013

  • Approximately 770 end 2013

    • Efficiencies within Intreo

    • Major re-alignment of the Community Welfare Service

  • JobPath

    • Contracted services

    • Equivalent to approximately 1,000 Case Officers

Jobpath complements but does not replace existing service provision
JobPath – Complements but does not replace existing service provision

  • Existing DSP/Intreo service will target short-term unemployed jobseekers

  • Local Employment Service will

    • Support Intreo in delivering services to short-term unemployed jobseekers

    • Provide services to those jobseekers returning from JobPath

    • Continue to engage with long-term unemployed jobseekers as roll-out takes place

  • JobPath will focus on

    • Those jobseekers who are currently long-term unemployed;

    • Those who become long-term unemployed and, potentially,

    • Those jobseekers profiled as most at risk of becoming long term unemployed

Lessons learned
Lessons learned service provision

  • People

    • Clear IR issues before mergers

    • High level early engagement with all staff – not just new staff

    • Keep people informed

      • Huge unsettlement – for all

      • People want to know what is happening

  • Sometimes we do not know exactly the route – just the destination

  • Assumption that “there is a master-plan” –

  • “Management” must know!

  • Get everyone involved

  • Partnership – Engagement and Innovation”

Lessons learned1
Lessons learned service provision

  • Break down silos:-

    • Establish new structure quickly

    • Staff movement – new jobs, new approach

    • Co-locate as soon as possible – rationalise service and outlets

    • New combined roles for staff

    • New processes – eg integrated decisions

  • Merger – not a takeover!

  • Develop Strong management structures and teams (13 Divisions)

  • Empower managers!

  • Develop “One” organisation – with set of values and culture

Lessons learned2
Lessons learned service provision

  • Training & Development

    • At all levels – including middle management

  • Research –

    • Talk to others – adopt best elements

  • Manage expectations – If you can

  • Expect some things will not work

  • Review and adapt –

    • Intreo Short-term and Long-term unemployed

  • It will take time!

Coordination integration of institutions pathways to work ireland barry kennedy

Thank You service provision