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Written by, Josh pt., Ben V., Alex D. PowerPoint Presentation
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Written by, Josh pt., Ben V., Alex D.

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Written by, Josh pt., Ben V., Alex D. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Written by, Josh pt., Ben V., Alex D.

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  1. Written by, Josh pt., Ben V., Alex D.

  2. Personalities of 1924 Goose Goslin •His real name was Leon Allen Goslin •He finished the season with 129 RBI (Runners Batted In) •He played the position of outfielder

  3. Personalities of 1924 (cont.) Archibald J. Motley •Painted Mending Socks in1924 •1891-1981

  4. Personalities of 1924 (cont./end) • On November 4,1924, Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming, and Miriam Ferguson of Texas became the first two women elected as Governors in the United States ever. Nellie Ross Miriam Amanda Wallace Ferguson

  5. Inventions • 1924 patent for an ice cream Cone Rolling Machine issued to Carl R. Taylor of Cleveland, Ohio • Clarence BirdseyeStarted the idea of frozen food (1924) • 1924 - Notebooks with spiral bindings invented.George Brecht

  6. Major Headlines of 1924 New York City hostess the first Thanksgiving Day parade on November 27th

  7. Major Headlines of 1924 • J. Edgar Hoover is appointed to the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 8

  8. Major Headlines of 1924 • June 2nd the Indian Citizenship Act is passed giving citizenship to all Native Americans born in the United States 9

  9. Leisure time The first winter Olympic Games were held from January 25 through February 5, 1924. It was held in Chamonix, France. 16 different nations sent their athletes to compete in this event. A whopping total of 258 athletes competed (247men and 11 women) in the event of the century. The winter Olympics lasted 11 days, January 25 through February 5. The events run include: 4-man bobsled, Biathlon ,curling ,Figure skating (men's, women's, pairs), Hockey, Cross country Skiing (18k, 50k), Ski jumping, Nordic combined skiing, Speed skating (500m, 1500m, 5000m, 10,000m, combined) but are not all that were run.

  10. Leisure time (cont.) Summer Olympic games A total of 44 nations were represented at the 1924 Games.Held in france. The opening ceremony and several sporting events took placein the Olympic Stadium of Colombes which had a capacity of 45,000 in 1924

  11. Leisure time (cont.) People went to the movies for leisure time. Peter pan was one of the most popular movies of this year. It was a story of a boy that did not want to grow up. And plus its a movie about pirates, who doesn't like a movie about pirates. With the advances in technology people could watch movies instead of having to go to a play. movies produced a cheaper form of entertainment available to more