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COACH: Exercise & Physical Activity PowerPoint Presentation
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COACH: Exercise & Physical Activity

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COACH: Exercise & Physical Activity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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COACH: Exercise & Physical Activity. Presented by: Jan Johnston Gerontology Specialist Janice Hermann Adult and Older Adult Nutrition Specialist. C_O_A_C_H. A Concept C onnecting O lder A dults & C ommunities for H ealth

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COACH: Exercise & Physical Activity

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    1. COACH:Exercise & Physical Activity Presented by: Jan Johnston Gerontology Specialist Janice Hermann Adult and Older Adult Nutrition Specialist

    2. C_O_A_C_H A Concept • ConnectingOlder Adults & Communities for Health • Identify, link & promote community resources for health and wellbeing of aging families through FCS & OHCE programming A Curriculum • Empowering Older Adults With AT to Shop, Cook & Eat: Ask your OCES/FCS Educator about this!

    3. Connecting Communities for Health Using the booklet from NIA* Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide *National Institute on Aging

    4. Physical Activity & Exercise Both are voluntary movement that burns calories Physical Activity: ways to get your body moving Gardening; stair climbing; raking leaves Exercise: specific form of activity that is planned and structured Weight training; aerobics; swimming

    5. Steps to Health & Well-being • Get Ready Know the Benefits • Get SetSetYour Goals • Go Tips To Get Started

    6. Get Ready Know the Benefits • Maintain & improve strength & fitness • Improve ability to do things you want to do • Improve your balance • Help manage & prevent diseases • Increase mental & emotional wellbeing • Help reduce feelings of depression

    7. Get Ready Get Ready Know the Benefits You are in Charge! Know your own needs & abilities Make it fun Put your best effort into it Exercise with others

    8. Get Ready Types of Exercise 4 main categories of exercises • Endurance • Strength • Balance • Flexibility

    9. Get Ready Endurance Aerobic increase in heart rate & breathing • Improves heart, lung & circulatory system health • Delays disease: diabetes, heart disease, cancers • Examples: Brisk Walking Yard Work Dancing Swimming Stair Climbing Biking

    10. Get Ready Strength Muscle strength is key • Even small increases • Helps with everyday activities • Carrying groceries • Climbing stairs • Promotes independent living

    11. Get Ready Balance • Key to preventing falls • Build lower body strength to improve balance • Ways to work on balance • Stand on one foot behind a sturdy chair • Heel-to-toe walk near a wall

    12. Get Ready Flexibility • Being limber gives freedom of movement in • Regular exercise routine • Everyday activities around the house • Stretchingis key to flexibility • Ways to remain flexible & limber • Shoulder & upper arm stretch • Calf stretch

    13. Get Ready Regularphysical activity = many health benefits Maintain healthy weight Prevent excess weight gain May help in weight loss Recommended amounts (2008 Phy. Activity Guidelines) 150 minutes moderate physical activity each week or 75 minutes vigorous physical activity each week

    14. Get Ready • Match the level of activity to your needs • Ways to succeed in staying active • Socialize with others • Have fun while doing it • Be creative in making it interesting (gardening for exercise & enjoyment all year long!)

    15. Get Set • Know your starting point and build from there • Consider your current activity level • Activity log • Write down some ways you can add activities • Consider your current fitness level

    16. Get Set • Setting your goals • Specific, realistic and important to you • Types of goals • Short term goals • Long term goals

    17. Get Set • Write an exercise and physical activity plan • Make your plan specific and grounded in your goals • What kind of activity you plan to do • Why you want to do it • When you will do it • Where you will do it

    18. Get Set • Talk with your doctor • If you haven’t been physically active • If you have other health problems • Things to talk to your doctor about • Exercises or activities you should avoid • Any unexplained symptoms • How any health conditions affect exercise and physical activity

    19. Get Set • Managing some of the practical things: Shoes • Choose shoes for the type of physical activity • Make sure shoes fit well and provide proper support • Look for shoes with: • Flat, non-skid soles • Good heel support • Enough room for your toes • Cushioned arch that’s not too high or too thick • Replace your shoes when they are worn out

    20. Get Set • Managing some of the practical things: • Personal trainer • Education and experience • Personality • Business practices

    21. Go! • Three keys to success • Include physical activity in your everyday life • Try all four types of exercise • Plan for breaks in the routine

    22. Go! • Include physical activity in your everyday life • Make it a priority • Make it easy • Make it social • Make it interesting and make it fun • Above all, make it an active decision

    23. Go! • Try all four types of exercise • Endurance • Strength • Balance • Flexibility

    24. Go! • Plan for breaks in the routine (life happens) • Don’t be too hard on yourself • Talk with your doctor about when you can resume your regular routine • Think about the reasons you started exercising • Ask family and friends to help you • Try something easier or an activity you haven’t done • Talk with your doctor or trainer • Start again at a comfortable level • Think creatively about other ways to exercise • Be flexible • Believe in yourself

    25. Go! • Tips for coping with breaks in your exercise routine • Temporary • You’re on vacation • Caring for an ill relative is taking up much of your time • Getting sick keeps you out of action for a few weeks • Permanent • Your usual exercise buddy moves away • You move to a new community • You are recovering from surgery

    26. Go! • Building up the benefits • Add new physical activities • Review your goals • If able, do your activities longer, farther, or harder • Do the activities more often

    27. Go! • Reducing the risks • Talk to your doctor is you haven’t been physically active • Talk to your doctor if you have any health problems

    28. Go! • Preventing injury • Tips to avoid injury • Begin slowing with low-intensity exercises • Wait 2 hours after a large meal before strenuous exercise • Wear appropriate shoes and clothing • Warm up with low-intensity exercises • Drink water before, during and after • Pay attention to your surroundings when outdoors • Traffic hazards • Weather • Uneven walking surfaces • Strangers

    29. Go! • Preventing injury • Stop exercising if you: • Have pain or pressure in chest, neck, shoulder or arm • Feel dizzy or sick to your stomach • Break out in a cold sweat • Have muscle cramps • Feel severe pain in joints, feet, ankles, or legs

    30. Go! • Walking safely in rural areas • Always walk facing oncoming traffic • Look for a smooth, stable surface alongside the road • Be sure drivers can see you • Wear brightly colored clothing • During low-light hours have reflective material on your jacket or walking shoes and carry a flashlight • Take along a cell phone

    31. Go4Life: Exercise Workbook & DVD How to Order Website: Phone Toll Free: 1-800-222-2225 For the DVD: and/or For the Information sheets: