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Latin America art

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Latin America art - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Latin America art. Brianna Alvarez and Natalie Villarreal period 1. ● Surrealism, an artistic movement originating in post-WW1 in Europe, strongly impacted the art of Latin America.

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latin america art

Latin America art

Brianna Alvarez and Natalie Villarreal period 1


● Surrealism, an artistic movement originating in post-WW1 in Europe, strongly impacted the art of Latin America.

●The founder of surrealism, was a French poet named Andé Breton after visiting Mexico in 1938.He proclaimed it “the surrealist country par excellence.”


The widely-known Mexican painter Frida Kahlo painted self portraits and depictions of traditional Mexican culture in a style combing Realism, Symbolism, and Surrealism.


Muralism is an important artistic movement generated in Latin America. It is popularly represented by the Mexican muralist movement of Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros. Some of most impressive Muralist works can be found in Mexico, Colombia, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Muralism is a distinctive art form that provided for political and cultural expression, often focusing on issues of social justice related to their indigenous roots.

  • Back then architects built and designed the buildings with their own unique Spanish style
  • buildings were a symbol of the country's heritage
  • antoni Gaudi a famous Spanish architect left imprint on Barcelona he designed the casa Mila and casa batillo he was born in Catalan province of Tarragona his biggest project was the casagrada familia which took 43 yrs. he died on June 7th 1926 .
  • Santiago Calatrava was born in burjassat Valencia he graduated in 1973 of school of architecture of Valencia he designed the bac de roda bridge in barcelona
  • Realism is the deception of actual life it is an aesthetic style of fiction in which elements are blended into a realistic atmosphere
  • Challenges polar opposites like life and death
  • in Latin America in the 1940s realism was a way to express the realistic American mentality
  • It began in France in the 1850s
  • There are two types of realism: realism and magical realism which is more popular in Latin America
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez a Colombian novelist and short story writer is well known realism artist throughout Latin America
indigenous native art
Indigenous native art
  • it is art of the indigenous people in the area
  • It is mainly cave paintings burial attire or dot rock and bark paintings
  • back then tribes would also paint on their bodies it was a popular art back then
  • in 1966 the artist David mélanges was popular and in 1991 rover Thomas was a popular indigenous artist