thorium scam by vv minerals is false news n.
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Thorium Scam By VV Minerals Is False News PowerPoint Presentation
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Thorium Scam By VV Minerals Is False News

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Thorium Scam By VV Minerals Is False News - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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News about a thorium scam has been doing the rounds these days and VV minerals being accused of it. However, after an investigation into the matter it was proved that VV Minerals and company owner S. Vaikundarajan is not guilty and this case has been unnecessarily hyped.

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Thorium Scam By VV Minerals Is False News

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A big fuss was created recently over a supposed thorium scam that never existed in India


VV Minerals, India a private mining company was unnecessarily dragged into this thorium scam by its rivals out of envy which lead to the office of VV Mineral being raided by officials.


However, VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan came out clean from this case as there was no evidence found which would prove them to be guilty of any charges.


For over 20 years VV Minerals has been carrying out its business by abiding by all government regulations and norms.

It is strange how their name came up in the thorium scam.


VV Minerals, India was cleared off the charges of illegal heavy mineral mining, hence, it was proven that if the path of honesty is followed, nothing can bring you down.


VV minerals is also known among the people of India because of their CSR initiatives. They put in a lot of effort in maintaining a healthy work environment at the same time also look into the needs of their workers.


Vaikundarajanis the person behind the success of VV Minerals. It was his hard work and dedication that has brought the company to its current position.


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