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Tal Am Presentation. Presented by Rabbi A kevy Greenblatt MHA August In-Service August 2010. Positives . Offers an Ivrit b’ivrit curriculum Integrates and connects all aspects of the Lemudie Kodesh curriculum

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Tal am presentation

Tal Am Presentation

Presented by Rabbi Akevy Greenblatt

MHA August In-Service August 2010


  • Offers an Ivritb’ivrit curriculum

  • Integrates and connects all aspects of the LemudieKodesh curriculum

  • Provides opportunities to learn hebrew by absorbing the material and not just memorizing words

  • Provides different learning opportunities for the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners

Feedback on videos
Feedback on Videos

  • Positives







Feedback from video
Feedback from Video

  • Areas for Improvement







Tal am activities

Incorporates many good strategies in their workbooks

  • Think pare and share

  • sequencing

  • What do you think

  • Who am I

Areas that need improvement
Areas that Need Improvement

  • Amount of time spent on Rashi and Rashi skills

  • Critical thinking activities

  • engaging older students

  • assessments that measure what students learned and can do

Critical questions we need to ask ourselves
Critical questions We Need to Ask Ourselves

How can we insure transference of material between each grade and between home and school?

What are the goals of the Parsha program ?

Why is so much time spent copying ?

How does Tal Am Challenge more advanced students who may be bored

How can we make some of the activities more engaging

  • How can we incorporate more critical thinking activities

  • it seems many of the activities are the same in each grade and they are not harder is that true?

  • Can some of the activities be scaffold ( i.e. have some students do the work without pictures)

  • How do we address gaps in student understanding and deal with different levels of readiness

  • Do we give the students the skill set they need to be successful in the Tal Am program

Possible suggestions
Possible Suggestions

  • Making connections- Ma Hakesher

  • Important to Know – ChashuvLadat

  • Let the students give their own answers to the questions not just reading the Tal Am classes and the mifarshim and seeing which one they agree with

  • Use Venn Diagram for activities like what was different bet. Avraham and Lot

  • Al mi neimar- some with pictures some without

  • Think Pair and Share

  • What is bothering Rashi