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Standards of Conduct Test PowerPoint Presentation
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Standards of Conduct Test

Standards of Conduct Test

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Standards of Conduct Test

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  1. Standards of Conduct Test

  2. Question 1 Which of the following is a violation of the Standards of Conduct? A. Knowingly preparing a false tax return B. Having a donation jar in the site TP waiting area C. Using TP’s personal information to ask for a date D. All of the above NTTC Training 2013

  3. Question 2 Which volunteers must take the Standards of Conduct training and test? A. Site Coordinators/LC’s B. Quality Reviewers and Preparers C. Greeters/ Client facilitators D. All VITA/TCE volunteers NTTC Training 2013

  4. Question 3 If a volunteer violates the Standards of Conduct, what are the possible results? A. Removal from the VITA/TCE program B. Criminal investigation C. Elimination of VITA/TCE grant Funds D. Deactivation of EFIN E. All of the above NTTC Training 2013

  5. Question 4 An IRS certified volunteer preparer told a TP that cash income didn’t have to be reported because the IRS would never find out. The return was completed without the cash income. The QR’er missed this omission and the return was printed, signed, and e-filed. Who has violated the Standards of conduct ? NTTC Training 2013

  6. Question 4 (Continued) A. The IRS certified Preparer B. The Quality Reviewer C. Site coordinator D. Neither A nor B NTTC Training 2013

  7. Question 5 Jake is a certified preparer in the VITA/TCE program. When preparing a return for Jill, Jake learns she does not have an account to received a direct deposit of her refund. Jake offers to use his account to receive the refund and says he will turn the money over to her once the refund is deposited. Is this an acceptable action? NTTC Training 2013

  8. Question 5 (Continued) A. Yes B. No NTTC Training 2013

  9. Question 6 Tax returns should be assigned to a IRS certified volunteer after: A. Identifying the certification level of the Preparer B. Identifying the certification level needed for the return C. Identifying the next available volunteer D. Both A and B Alimony income can cause a balance due on return A. • Increase withholding for 2014? • Estimated tax payments for 2014? NTTC Training 2013

  10. Question 7 Volunteers must verify the TP has the following items as soon as possible: A. Photo ID B. Social Security Number documents C. All income statements D. All of the above NTTC Training 2013

  11. Question 8 The TP should be informed of their responsibility for the information on the tax return during the QR process A. True B. False NTTC Training 2013

  12. Question 9 Volunteers who refuse to use the Intake/Interview process are violating the Standards of Conduct. A. True B. False NTTC Training 2013

  13. Question 10 The official accuracy rates for VITA/TCE sites is determined by: A. SPEC Shopping Reviews B. SPEC QSS Reviews C. TIGTA Shopping reviews D. SPEC Field Site visits NTTC Training 2013

  14. You are now Finished Comments? Questions? NTTC Training 2013