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  1. SSGBusIntell Business Intelligence for MK Presented by Strategic Systems Group, Inc. (310) 539-4546

  2. The Gateway The Key to Unlocking Business Intelligence in MK

  3. SSGBusIntell Index This page has been added to help you navigate through this document. Continue . . . Skip to . . .{please note, many sections have multiple pages} • Business Intelligence Systems • MK and Business Intelligence • MK Analysis and Reporting Tools • What is SSGBusIntell, how does it work and what are the benefits? • Reporting and Analysis Components • Data Warehouse • Analysis using Microsoft Excel • Analysis using OLAP cubes • Uninvoiced Receipts Analysis Tool • Crystal Reporting • Executive Information Systems (EIS) Reporting • SSGBusIntell as a transition and data migration tool • Summary

  4. Business Intelligence Systems • Improve the speed, ease and quality of decision-making • Extract, scrub and aggregate data from disparate systems into a single data mart or warehouse • Minimize the time required to gather relevant business information, because now it’s in a single data source • Reduce the cycle time from identifying a problem or issue to the point of problem resolution • Enable rapid delivery of summarized information with drill-down to detail • Deliver relevant information views, which allow querying, reporting and analysis capabilities that go beyond standard reporting abilities • Provide analysis tools to support informed decision making • Provide tools that are designed for the business user • Provide tools that can be accessed by the business user on-demand • Gain a competitive advantage with the ability to evaluate trends, patterns and relationships in your company’s business information Return to Index

  5. MK and Business Intelligence • MK is an excellent data repository • Business intelligence products give you the power to leverage data • Once you turn data into business intelligence information, you create a strategic advantage with your information systems • MK data can be difficult to get at – when you need it and in the format you need • Standard MK reporting is limited to pre-defined data views and does not provide flexibility in viewing data • Using a business intelligence product • Delivers data to the end-user • Provides flexibility • Allows easy, on-demand, secured access MK data • Creates a data repository for consistent reporting throughout the organization Return to Index

  6. MK Analysis and Reporting MK Provides Limited Analysis Tools Sales Statistics Purchasing Statistics Financial Report Writer The analysis tools do not provide the flexibility needed by many organizations, and they can be difficult to set up. There are many sources of untapped information in MK.Some of these areas include: Receipt History Vendor Performance Financial Analysis Inventory Valuation Purchasing Backlog Sales Backlog Inventory Flow Production Activity Sales Analysis Planned Stock Transactions Receivables Management Bookings Analysis Gross Margin Analysis Return to Index

  7. MK End-User Reporting Concerns • Standard MK reporting is limited to pre-defined data views • Standard MK reporting does not provide flexibility in how the data is viewed • Creating reports in MK is too complex for the average business user • MK has hundreds of tables • Few end-users understand the data structure • MK report scripting tools are expensive and require trained personnel • Options such as ODBC access are slow, eat up system resources, and present security issues

  8. What is SSGBusIntell? SSGBusIntell is a Business Intelligence application designed for the business user. This application . . . • Presents information in a format that is flexible and easy for the business user to use and understand • Provides information the business user can access immediately • Presents information in a single data source • Presents data that is organized into logical relationships and ready for analysis • Provides tools that are designed forthe business user • Presents information using tools that provide MK data security • Does not require knowledge of the MK table structure or how to link tables • Provides the methodology to create a unified information infrastructure Return to Index

  9. How does SSGBusIntell Work? SSGBusIntell is a comprehensive application. This methodology utilizes commonly available desktop tools, in conjunction with MK data, to create user-friendly analysis and reporting tools. • The SSGBusIntell application includes: • MK application data extracts • Data warehouse - MS-SQL • Analysis tools – Analysis Services (OLAP) • Unique reconciliation and analysis tools, such as Uninvoiced Receipts • Microsoft Query and Excel • Crystal Reports library of reports • Executive Information System (EIS) Return to Index

  10. MK Data Extracts • MK queries are used to extract the data • The SSGBusIntell tables use conventional naming • Sensible sets of data have been created for these extracts • Key data elements are combined in a way that does not exist in MK reporting

  11. Data Warehouse The backbone of the SSGBusIntell application lies in the MS-SQL database. This database contains tables necessary to create a comprehensive data warehouse and can be expanded to include data from sources other than MK. The result is a database that provides a single data source where the data is logically organized and ready for immediate reporting and analysis. Return to Index

  12. The Tables The MS-SQL database contains numerous tables that represent a diverse collection of data. The tables are structured so there is sufficient overlap to eliminate the need for the end-user to link tables. These tables can incorporate data from sources other than MK.

  13. Open Sales Order Example Open Sales Order table Data is extracted from MK creating logical sets of data, bringing together key data elements in ways they do not exist in MK reporting. The data warehouse contains information that drives other elements in the application.

  14. Add Special Calculations Special calculations can be added to the SSGBusIntell tables . . .

  15. Reporting & Analysis Components The components for standard and ad hoc reporting and data analysis include the MS-SQL database, MS Analysis Services (OLAP) cubes, MS Query and Excel, Seagate Crystal Reports and the Executive Information System (EIS). SSGBusIntell comes with a library of standard reports. Standard reports can easily be modified to meet unique reporting requirements. New reports and graphical presentations can easily be created. Ad hoc and monthly analysis can be created to identify trends, provide business metrics and analyze transactions. Return to Index

  16. Analysis ToolsMicrosoft Excel Microsoft Query provides one of the gateways to the data warehouse. Excel receives selected data from the data warehouse via MS Query Excel is a very effective tool for rapid analysis and reporting. This is an excellent tool for ad hoc or standard reporting and routine reconciliations. Queries can be saved to build a standard library of Excel reports, which can easily be refreshed with new data. The learning curve is minimal since business users already have experience manipulating data in Excel. Return to Index

  17. Start the Query Select the data source. This is configured at installation.

  18. Select the Table & Fields Select the table to query and the fields to include.

  19. Enter Selection Criteria Select the information you want to see.

  20. Sort the Data Decide how you want the data sorted.

  21. Build a Library of Queries The query can be saved now as a Query file, BUILD YOUR OWN LIBRARY OF STANDARD REPORTS: As queries are saved, you start building a library of standard reports that can be reused.

  22. Return the Data to Excel . . . or return the data to Excel and save it as an Excel file.

  23. View the Query Quick and easy. Ready for the next step. You can add data, analyze existing data, create pivot tables . . .

  24. Create Charts Chart created from Excel spreadsheet

  25. More Charts Excel Chart

  26. Analysis ToolsSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services A key analysis component of SSGBusIntell is the Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes. Once the MK data is extracted and loaded into the SSGBusIntell tables, multidimensional cubes are refreshed to provide an excellent view of customers, partners and operations. This information can help you make better decisions and increase your competitive advantage. The cubes allow the business user to view data at various summary levels in familiar spreadsheet format. The approach is similar to using pivot tables in Microsoft Excel. Drill-down views provide key insights into business trends and operations. Views can quickly and easily be transformed into reports and graphical presentations, or they can be transferred to Excel for analysis. Return to Index

  27. Analysis ToolsUninvoiced Receipts Analysis One of the unique analysis tools designed into the SSGBusIntell application supports reconciliation of A/P uninvoiced receipts. Transaction details for Receipts, Accounts Payable, Stock & WIP, Project Financial Transactions and General Ledger are consolidated into one data source. This allows you to analyze transactions from a single source to reduce reporting, analysis and reconciliation time. This analysis tool identifies uninvoiced receipts at month-end. It also contains unique functionality to ‘go back in time’ to recreate ending balances for a prior period. Using the MS Query functions, data is retrieved from the Uninvoiced Receipts table and loaded into Excel. Reconciliation and research tabs provide all the supporting details. Return to Index

  28. Uninvoiced Receipts Analysis Elements Transactions can be analyzed by: • Purchase order and position • Project • Invoice number • Journal and batch • Account number • Supplier • Period

  29. Uninvoiced Receipts Analysis • Record selection is based on: • Uninvoiced receipts ledger account(s) • Beginning and ending periods for analysis For uninvoiced receipts, this analysis identifies: • Invoiced and uninvoiced quantities and amounts by PO line • PO currency and home currency • Variances by PO line between operational transaction flow and general ledger flow • Transaction flow from PO to Receipts to Accounts Payable to General Ledger • Transaction flow for Project transactions

  30. Summary Uninvoiced Receipts Summary . . . can be used as journal back up Uninvoiced PO and Pos detail Detailed analysis tabs . . . and more

  31. Operational Transaction Flow Operational Transaction Flow PO and Pos Variance between Calculated and MK balance Purchase Receipts In MK ending balance A/P Vouchers Out Calculated ending balance

  32. General Ledger Transaction Flow General Ledger Transaction Flow Transactions In Variance between Calculated and MK ending balance Transactions Out Calculated ending balance MK ending balance

  33. Crystal Reports Crystal Reports is a user-friendly reporting tool that helps the business user present data in a professional format. Report distribution for SSGBusIntell is web enabled. SSGBusIntell includes a library of standard reports. Following installation, standard reports can be run immediately to provide routine reporting and analysis. The standard reports can easily be modified to present unique views of your business data. New reports can quickly be created by I/T staff or the business user. Training courses for Crystal Reports are widely available and provide an inexpensive and plentiful resource to develop in-house reporting skills. Return to Index

  34. A Detail Report Crystal Reports is a respected product that provides you with the professional tools to format, analyze and present your business data. Reports can be printed or viewed on-line. Page through the report Drill down to more detail

  35. A Chart with Detail Informative graphs can be created and presented with report detail,

  36. A Chart with Summary . . . or without the detail

  37. Executive Information SystemEIS This component of the SSGBusIntell application is designed to allow quick access to key performance metrics in your business. Through a web-browser, using a secured web connection or the company intranet, you can access the EIS reports. Do you need a quick snapshot of Sales? Do you need to know Inventory levels? This is the executive’s information gateway to the organization. Return to Index

  38. EIS Chart An overview of inventory levels.

  39. EIS Chart Need more detail? Monitor sales dollars and units

  40. EIS Detail Report All the detail you want!!

  41. EIS Chart with Drill-down Get the details!

  42. EIS Trend Report View shipping trends

  43. EIS Trends – Dollars & Units Using the web as an information tool, in conjunction with SSGBusIntell, you now have formatted, detailed information available when you need it, . . . where you need it.

  44. SSGBusIntell as a Data Migration Tool • Limited programming is required beyond the core SSGBusIntell to support data conversion efforts • Data migration steps (simplified) • Data is extracted from MK or Manman using SSGBusIntell • New fields may be added to define elements for the new ERP application • Additional MK fields may be added (probably not necessary) • Data is formatted for the new application • Data is imported into the new application Return to Index

  45. SSGBusIntell - Business Intelligence Solution Effective reporting and analysis to improve response time to answer business questions Reporting and analysis tools that allow the end-users to obtain their own answers A cost effective approach to support the reporting needs of your organization Return to Index

  46. SSGBusIntell Delivers • Better and more timely information • Includes reporting and analysis capabilities not available in MK • Reporting and analysis tools to augment MK reporting • Unique analysis tools, such as Uninvoiced Receipts analysis • Multi-company reporting and analysis • Multi-currency reporting and analysis • Results can be derived immediately • Attaches to existing intranet - or - provides a gateway to intranet development • Provides a pathway to seamless upgrades and data migrations • Does not require that the business user be a programmer Affordability • Improves cost management • Training time and cost are minimal • No software development costs

  47. Benefits and Return on Investment SSGBusIntell • Delivers answers • Improves decision making • Improves the exchange of information • Contains specially designed analysis and reporting tools • Provides easy access to consolidated, logically organized data • Includes scheduled updates to data warehouse • Enables ad hoc reporting and analysis • Allows flexibility in viewing and reporting data • Improves identification of business trends

  48. Product Details and Investment Please contact one of the experts at Strategic Systems Group, Inc. for more detailed product information, a live demonstration or investment details. Strategic Systems Group, Inc. (310) 539-4645

  49. Thank you for your time Strategic Systems Group, Inc. (310) 539-4645 MK is a registered trademark of Infor; MS-SQL, Access, Excel and Analysis Services (OLAP) are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation; PowerPlay is a registered trademark of Cognos Corporation; and Crystal Reports is a registered trademark of Business Objects.