Guardian angel technologies providing right information to the right people
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Guardian Angel Technologies: Providing Right Information to the Right People. Raj Reddy Carnegie Mellon University June 2, 2014 A Grand Challenge For Computer Science. Get The Right Information To The Right People At The Right Time In The Right Language

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Guardian angel technologies providing right information to the right people

Guardian Angel Technologies:Providing Right Information to the Right People

Raj Reddy

Carnegie Mellon University

June 2, 2014

A grand challenge for computer science
A Grand Challenge For Computer Science

  • Get The Right Information

  • To The Right People

  • At The Right Time

  • In The Right Language

  • In The Right Medium of Text or Multimedia

  • With The Right Level Of Detail (Granularity)

    Digital Bill of Rights, Jaime Carbonell 1994

Universal human rights declaration of united nations
Universal Human Rights Declaration of United Nations

1 Right to Equality 2 Freedom from Discrimination

3 Right to Life, Liberty & Security 4 Freedom from Slavery

5 Freedom from Torture 6 Right to Recognition as Person

7 Right to Equality before Law 8 Right to a Competent Tribunal

9 Freedom from Arbitrary Arrest 10 Right to Fair Public Hearing

11 Innocent until Proven Guilty 12 Right to Privacy and Home

13 Right to Free Movement 14 Right to Asylum

15 Right to a Nationality 16 Right to Marriage and Family

17 Right to Own Property 18 Freedom of Religion

19 Freedom of Opinion 20 Right of Peaceful Assembly

21 Right to Free Elections 22 Right to Social Security

23 Right to Join Trade Unions 24 Right to Rest and Leisure

25 Adequate Living Standard 26 Right to Education

27 Right to Cultural Life 28 Right to a Social Order

29 Free and Full Development 30 Freedom from Interference

Un world summit on the information society wsis human rights for a digital society
UN World Summit on The Information Society (WSIS)Human Rights for a Digital Society

  • Unrestricted Access to Information And Communications

  • Right to Be Connected at High Speed And Without Borders

  • Right to Online Freedom of Expression

  • Right to Security and Data Protection

  • Right to Privacy of Personal Communications

  • Right to Freedom of Association Online

T he digital bill of rights
The Digital Bill of Rights

  • Get The Right Information

  • To The Right People

  • At The Right Time

  • In The Right Language

  • In The Right Medium of Text or Multimedia

  • With The Right Level Of Detail (Granularity)

Not much progress towards digital bill of rights s ince 1994
Not Much Progress Towards Digital Bill of RightsSince 1994

  • What do we mean by Right Information?

  • What do we Mean by Right People?

  • What do we Mean by Right Time?

  • Some Progress in Summarization

  • Some Progress in Translation to Different Languages

  • Some Progress in Text to Speech technologies

The right i nformation
The Right Information

  • Right Information is All Information Impacting Life, Liberty and Happiness of Every Individual

    • Information About Safety, Security and Wellbeing

      • Natural Emergencies: Earthquake, Severe Weather, Flood

        • Hurricanes, Tsunami, Tornado, Snow Storm, Blizzard, Heat Wave

      • Man-made Emergencies: Hazmat, Nuclear, Biological

    • Information About Disruption of Basic Necessities of Life such as Water, Electricity, Food, Health and Transportation

    • Information About Daily Problems

      • Traffic Jams, Strikes, School Closings, Stock Markets, etc

Missing science of the right i nformation
Missing Science of The Right Information

  • Right Information is Relevant Information

    • Most information is not of interest.

    • Scarcity Of Human Attention implies we need to develop technologies for personalization of information.

  • Right Information is also notification and alerts

    • including possible solutions to the problem

  • Given a Known Problem such as an Earthquake

    • Identify each affected individual on the planet

    • create plans for various contingencies

    • use push technology for timely communication,

    • using a database of personal profile of interests,

      • including the 5 billion people who don’t read English and

      • the 1 billion people who can’t read any language.

To the right people
To The Right People

  • Right People is Anyone and Everyone in the World Who May Be Impacted by Daily Events

    • A human being in the path of a typhoon could be notified of the possibility and severity or

    • Man-made disasters such as war and terrorist attacks

  • Need One or More Dynamic Global Data Bases of All Persons on the Planet, Providing Information such as

    • Devices Owned and Accessible

    • Contact Information (Email, Phone Number etc.)

    • Location Info for Emergency Notification

    • Next of Kin Information

    • Only accessible to the Individual and surrogates protecting privacy and security

At the right time
At The Right Time

  • Right Time is Just-In-Time, Not Too Soon And Not Too Late

    • Too soon, we forget

    • Too late and we are in trouble

  • Usually the person does not know that a Tornado is about to hit

    • What is needed is Information Push rather than Conventional Search

      • Today Mobile phones broadcast Alerts in affected areas

  • Time is Money!

    • On Wall Street, Milliseconds is Millions of Dollars

  • Reaction Time Translates to Lives Saved

    • In India, EMRI 108 (911) Saves 80% of Lives by Accident Victims byGetting to The Scene in 10 Minutes

In the right language
In The Right Language

  • Right Language is Each Person’s Preferred Mode of Communication

    • Messages in English (and other languages) to be Translated into Any Language and spoken out using Text To Speech

  • In spite of all the progress in Language Translation, we are not there yet!

    • Acceptable Translation from Google in 80+ languages

    • Still Errorful

  • Hybrid Systems Combining Knowledge with Data

    • A Little Knowledge goes a long way! e.g. Deep Blue

  • Speech to Speech Translation is a Little Worse

    • Tolerable Translation

    • Compounds Errors of Translation and Speech Recognition

In the right medium using text or speech or video
In The Right MediumUsing Text or Speech or Video

  • Right Medium is Technology Solutions that cater to

    • Language Divide: 4 billion people don’t read English, Chinese, or EU languages

      • A Text Message in English is Not Always Appropriate

    • Literacy Divide: 1 Billion People can’t read any language

      • Limitations such as inability to read or disabilities such as dyslexic, blind, deaf etc. require the use of appropriate media

  • To Reach Every Person on the Planet, the Same Message may Need to be Sent in ALL the Different Media to All the Different Devices

    • Or preferred mode as indicated by user with RSVP?

    • Broadcast to Unicast on Mobile devices?

With the right level of detail
With The Right Level Of Detail

Right Level of Detail Requires

  • Systems that, Given a Text Corpus, can Summarize the Text as Precisely and Quickly as a Human Expert

    • Do the Same for Speech, Music, Images, Video, Art, and Movies

  • Far From The Goal of Effective Summarization

  • Systems that are Context Aware

    • Produces Different Summaries for Experts And Novices

Personal guardian angels pgas to the rescue
Personal Guardian Angels (PGAs) to the Rescue

  • Getting The Right Information to the Right People requires that

    • Every Person on The Planet is Provided with aSmart Phone with an Embedded Personal Guardian Angel

  • A Guardian Angel is an autonomic, nonintrusive, device- independent virtual avatar that is always-on, always-working and always-learning

    • and whispers in your ear that a tornado is heading your way

  • PGAs monitor, analyze and learn from their own experience and experience of others

  • A Social Network Of Guardian Angels (Facebook Of Guardian Angels?) is Able To Learn And Predict What Events Are Likely To Impact You

    • by sharing anonymized knowledge

    • using publish/subscribe mechanisms of social networking

Big elephant in the room is the cost
Big Elephant in The Room is The Cost

  • Free Sensor Intensive Smart Phone to Every Person on the Planet: Current cost of $200/Unit

  • Estimated 2020 Cost per Unit of $50

  • Assuming 8B population

    • One per Family of 4? One per Person?

  • Expected Global Cost $100 to $400 Billion

    • 0.1% to 0.4% of the Gross World Product

  • Funding from Government and Other Stakeholders

    • Smart Phone Manufacturers

    • Telecom Service Providers

    • IT Product and Service Companies

    • Increase in Economic Activity and Productivity

      • Expected Payback Time: Less than 1 year

Getting the right information to every person on the planet is a big idea
Getting the Right Information to Every Person on the Planet Is A Big Idea

  • If Every Man, Women and Child on the Planet is Entitled To Get The Relevant Information of Interest

    • How do we filter out all the rest of data glut?

    • How do we determine what the right information might be for every person on the planet?

      • Do we create a data base of everyone on the planet?

    • How can we know what is of interest to each of them?

    • How do we communicate with them?

      • Only those with smart phones?

      • Just the information available in English?

Structure of personal guardian angels
Structure of Personal Guardian Angels

  • A Personal Guardian Angel is a Virtual Avatar (like a shadow) for Each Person on the Planet

    • Always-On, Always-Present and Always Working

      • Enduring (life-long)

    • Autonomic and Nonintrusive

    • Always-Learning

    • Ubiquitous: Device Independent (cloud resident or local)

  • Monitor, analyze and learn from experience;

    • Learn From Own Experience And Experience Of Others Share knowledge with a community of Guardian Angels

    • Automated discovery of data and information sources

  • PGAs must communicate with humans

  • The Publish/Subscribe model of social networks

    • Who do you ask when you don’t know who to ask?

    • What if you don’t know who to Friend?

Functionality of personal guardian angels
Functionality of Personal Guardian Angels

  • A Personal Guardian Angel

    • must continuously derive future course of actions from local sensory observations and context;

  • AFacebook of Guardian Angels will be able know all disruptive events that may affect your life

    • earthquakes and hurricanes or fuel or food scarcity

  • A Guardian Angel can also assist you in solving day to day problem solving

    • find an alternative route in case of accident

    • warn you about kids being late from school

    • help you in selecting the right college,

    • detect and correct fraudulent use of your credit card and

    • even help you to find a compatible partner

Personal guardian angels at work
Personal Guardian Angels at Work

  • Every Guardian Angel, 7 plus or minus two billion, is

    • always on,

    • continuously monitoring the wellbeing of the ward and

    • accumulating huge amount of episodic knowledge

  • Suitably Anonymized, This Data Can Be Used in Learning Appropriate Responses For Every Possible Situation

    • learning preferences by observing user choices,

    • learning by task similarity and user similarity,

    • learning by error correction and simply learning thru clarification dialog ( does that mean yes? Would you care to define it?).

  • There will be enough data to swamp even the most demanding Big Data Advocate.

Computational resources access to unlimited computation memory and bandwidth
Computational ResourcesAccess to Unlimited Computation, Memory and Bandwidth

  • By 2020, Everyone on The Planet Has Access to a Smart Phone with Global Connectivity

    • A Smart Phone is Expected Cost $20 to $50

  • Every Man, Woman And Child will have Access to 16GB+ of Space on The Cloud from Facebook, Google And Microsoft

    • Enough To Host All Personal Information In Your Own Secure Privacy Protected Area

    • Accessible Only To You And Your Guardian Angel

    • And Ensure Your Digital Bill Of Rights

  • Everyone on The Planet Has Access to

    • Unlimited Computation

    • Unlimited Memory and

    • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Use Mobile And Cloud Computing For Prediction and Notification

The global brain of hg wells
The Global Brain of HG Wells?

  • HG Wells Spoke of the Appearance 0f “Synthetic Super-minds...” within “The Species Homo Sapiens”

  • He Envisioned that These Super-human Intelligences Represent “An Ultimate Unification … Of Knowledge And Memory” of Humanity

  • A Social Network Of Guardian Angels May be the Ultimate Instantiation of The Global Brain of HG Wells. The Guardian Angels

    • monitor, analyze and learn from own experience and experience of others and

    • share anonymized knowledge using publish-subscribe mechanisms of social networking

The grand challenge of 21st century
The Grand Challenge Of 21st Century

In Conclusion

  • Creation of Guardian Angel Technologies for providing the right information to every man, woman and child on the planet in a timely manner can eliminate surprise and reduce human suffering and misery.

  • While the cost appears to be prohibitive, on a per capita basis it represents less than 0.1% of GWP.

  • A Social Network Of Guardian Angels that can anticipate and share potential disastrous events for every person on the planet may be able to save 50% to 80% of all accidental deaths in the world

    • and save over a million lives and hundreds of billions of dollars of property damage every year

  • It is certainly the most influential research project that a great country of China could undertake.