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Considering the Plug-in

Considering the Plug-in. It’s incredibly easy to process transactions with your UBC Plug-in. Simple as 1-2-3 !. 1. Create Payment. 2. Receive Payment. 3. Process Transaction. APPROVED!. Features and Settings. Settings :. Requirements:. Supported Versions of QuickBooks:

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Considering the Plug-in

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  1. Considering the Plug-in

  2. It’s incredibly easy to process transactions with your UBC Plug-in. Simple as 1-2-3 ! 1. Create Payment 2. Receive Payment 3. Process Transaction APPROVED!

  3. Features and Settings

  4. Settings: Requirements: • Supported Versions of QuickBooks: • 2004 QuickBooks Professional or Premier (Limited support and may need QB SDK) • 2005 Professional, Premier and Enterprise • 2006 Professional, Premier and Enterprise • 2007 Professional, Premier and Enterprise • 2008 Professional, Premier and Enterprise • Supported Platforms: Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, and Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 • The following software is required to use HPS QuickBooks Plug-in: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 • Hardware Requirements: • Minimum Requirements: • Pentium 600MHz • 256 MB RAM • 200 MB Disk Space • Recommended Setup: • Pentium 1 GHZ • 512 MB RAM • 350 MB Disk Space

  5. Features: Security: • Certified for TCP/IP and SSL secure connectivity. • Integrates with the security features of QuickBooks. • United Bank Card Server along with the plug-in creates and supports local encrypted database for historical transaction reports, card readers, PIN pads, signature capture pad and check readers. • All credit card data is PCI compliant. • CVV2 and AVS (Address Verification Services) • Password protection. • UBC Client has been certified as VISA PABP compliance by a Visa PCI/CISP qualified assessor. UBC Plug-in Data Encrypted Bank receives funds

  6. Features: Supported Transaction Types • All major credit cards: • Options: (Sales, Returns, Voids, Pre- Auths, and Post-Auths.) • Debit cards: • Options: (Sales and Returns) • EBT: • Options: (Sale, Return, Cash Benefit Sale, Balance Inquiry) • Gift Cards: • Options: (Redeem, Reload, Refund, Activate, Deactivate, Balance Inquiry, and Voids) • Electronic check services: • Verification Guarantee • Conversion • eCheck and ACH • signature capture/receipt retrieval and • check image capture and retrieval. • Options: (Sale, Force, Void)

  7. Features: Integration: • Compatible with PCCharge INP / XML file exchange and integration. • Integrate to Microsoft RMS POS Retail Management System (optional) • Additional Input Formats: TCP/IP XMLPay • *SDKs are available upon request.

  8. Additional Features: Additions: • UBC QuickBooks Plug-in supports Store and Forward for offline transactions. • Supports the latest and newest customer-facing interactive PIN pads. • Works out of the box as a stand-alone product; scale up to serve multiple register as a client-server solution. • Supports all Windows printers and some receipt printers. (If you are able to successfully print from Windows, the plug-in will support this printer. • Internet Connections: (modem dial-up, DSL, Cable/Modem, etc.) Along with Internet Explorer v.6 or higher installed.

  9. Find out how it works

  10. UBC QuickBooks Plug-in is Fast, Easy, and Secure! • Getting Started: • There are only 3 things you will need prior to using your plug-in: • Merchant account information • UBC Client • UBC QuickBooks Plug-in

  11. Client is a versatile solution that requires little to no work to implement! UBC Client Operates as an independent Windows Service making it invisible and non-intrusive to the POS system. Once the UBC Client is installed and configured through its UI, you will be ready to setup your QuickBooks Plug-in. How Client Operates with QuickBooks: 2. Sent to UBC Client Service in Windows. (Unseen to user) 3. QB Plug-in populates data in QuickBooks. 4. Data is secured & processed. 1. Data is entered in QuickBooks.

  12. The Checklist

  13. The Checklist: So far you have: • 1. Gathered your merchant account information. • 2. Setup & Configured Client. 3. Lastly you will need to setup the UBC QuickBooks Plug-in. The QuickBooks Plug-in setup is easy! Once you open QuickBooks, your plug-in can be configured in just 3 steps!

  14. UBC QuickBooks Plug-in is fast and easy to install! UBC QuickBooks Plug-in: Once you have installed & registered your plug-in, open up QuickBooks to being your easy setup. 1.Accept the application certificate to always allow access to company file and allow access to credit card information. 2.Accept confirmation screen 3.Register Product Simple as 1-2-3 !

  15. Demonstration: Below you will find a demonstration of the plug-in: * The plug-in will exhibit the same behavior when saving and processing an invoice or sales receipt. Next, enter the customer information (including credit card), and click “Process” To test the plug-in, first go under “Customers”, “UBC QuickBooks Plug-in”, and choose “Process Credit Cards”. APPROVED!

  16. The End

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