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Working with Gay Persons

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Working with Gay Persons - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Working with Gay Persons. Exam Emphasis Managing a gay identity in the workplace (2) What is it like to grow up gay (1) Overcoming workplace barriers (2) Legal rights (1) Stereotypes & Myths (3) Current profile (1). Stereotypes & Myths. Gays cluster in certain occupations

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working with gay persons
Working with Gay Persons
  • Exam Emphasis
    • Managing a gay identity in the workplace (2)
    • What is it like to grow up gay (1)
    • Overcoming workplace barriers (2)
    • Legal rights (1)
    • Stereotypes & Myths (3)
    • Current profile (1)
stereotypes myths
Stereotypes & Myths
  • Gays cluster in certain occupations
    • Feel safer to “come out” in certain fields
    • They are found in a wide range of fields
  • People who associate with gays are probably gay themselves “courtesy stigma”
    • Creates barriers to building support/mentor networks needed for career success
  • Gays in sensitive high-level jobs are a security risk
stereotypes myths1
Stereotypes & Myths
  • Gay persons don’t have normal, lasting relationships
    • No significant difference in relationship satisfaction
    • Most desire an enduring, close relationship
  • Gay men act feminine and lesbians act masculine
    • Most gay couples reject traditional M/F roles in their relationship
stereotypes myths2
Stereotypes & Myths
  • Gay sex is immoral and gay persons are promiscuous
    • Immorality is a religious/philosophical belief and can’t be proved/disproved
    • At some point some % of all population is promiscuous
  • Gay persons are a bad influence on children
    • All gays are not pedophiles nor do they all want relationships with younger men
past connections
Past Connections
  • Stonewall: A turning point
    • 4 days of gay riots; marks the birth of the modern gay rights movement
  • Cultural breakthroughs
    • Gay Games founded in 1982
    • Popular celebrities are now speaking out publicly about their sexual orientation
    • Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O’Donnell
current profile
Current Profile
  • 2.15% of the population is gay
    • This holds true for all ethnic groups, economic categories, social classes, etc.
  • Higher educational levels and jobs
    • Out of the closest gays hold well-paying professional jobs, 60% college educated
  • Lower pay for comparable work
    • Gay men’s wages are 27% lower than straights
nature impact of antigay prejudice
Nature & Impact of Antigay Prejudice
  • Reasons for antigay prejudice
    • Maybe they’ll come on to me
    • Maybe I’ll get AIDS by being around them
    • I have to show disapproval of gays so people will know that I’m not gay
  • Who is likely to be prejudiced?
    • Male, older, less well educated
    • Reside in rural areas, the Midwest or the South
    • Strongly religious
nature impact of antigay prejudice1
Nature & Impact of Antigay Prejudice
  • Exclusion, ridicule & assault result in a range of psychological damage to the gay person
  • In 40 states is legal to fire a gay person based solely on sexual orientation
    • Most people believe that gay persons should have equal employment & free speech opportunities
growing up gay
Growing up Gay
  • Phases of Gay Awareness
    • Stage #1 – denying
    • Stage #2 – recognizing
    • Stage #3 – experimenting
    • Stage #4 – accepting and coming out
growing up gay1
Growing up Gay
  • Dealing with Antigay Bias
    • Threatened with a weapon at school (4x)
    • Miss school due to safety concerns (5x)
    • Commit suicide (3x)
  • Dealing with Damage to Self-Esteem
    • Dating, marriage, & children are events to be anticipated by straights but not gays
the gay community
The Gay Community
  • The Gay Community
    • Most gays function in two cultures, the larger culture and the gay culture
  • Support Networks
    • Provide psychological support & social acceptance
  • Gay Couples
    • 50% of gay Men & 75% of lesbians have a steady couples relationship
  • Gay Parents
    • Gay parents report that their children are straight
managing a gay identity in the workplace
Managing a Gay Identity in the Workplace
  • Gays in the Closet
    • Counterfeiting a straight identity
    • Dodging the issue
  • Gays Who Come Out
    • Calculating the risk
    • Facing the reactions*
    • Minimizing gayness
    • Normalizing gayness
    • Making gayness an asset
    • Heaving a sigh of relief
what legal rights do gay persons have
What Legal Rights Do Gay Persons Have?
  • Equal Employment Rights
    • Federal Protection only for federal employees
    • A few states, counties, and cities have specific laws against gay discrimination
  • Pursuing Family Rights
    • Domestic Partner Laws
  • Resisting Private Sex as a Crime
leadership challenge overcoming workplace barriers
Leadership Challenge: Overcoming Workplace Barriers
  • Blocks to Spontaneity – Seeing Gays as Abnormal
  • The Sexual Double Standard
    • Straight persons can discuss sexual partners at work but gays can’t
  • Prejudice & Discrimination that drain corporate assets
    • Talent drain, energy drain & productivity drain
leadership challenge overcoming workplace barriers1
Leadership Challenge: Overcoming Workplace Barriers
  • Walls of Silence that Deaden Creativity
  • Treating Gay Persons as Tokens
  • Hostile Corporate Cultures and Gay Ghettos
    • May move to more tolerant depts. or where gays are clustered
    • Jobs have concrete measures of success
  • The Lavender Glass Ceiling
    • Limiting advancement & career opportunities
leadership opportunities building on gay persons strengths
Leadership Opportunities: Building on Gay Persons’ Strengths
  • Follow the Lead of Savvy Organizations
  • Recognize that Gay Persons Have High-Value Skills
  • Help build Gay Support Network
  • Encourage Company Benefits for Gay Employee’s Partners
  • Promote Education about Gay Issues
  • Help Create a Savvy Corporate Culture