integumentary system
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Integumentary System

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Integumentary System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integumentary System. How do you care for your skin?. How do you care for your hair?. How do you care for your nails?. You will find out how to keep these body parts healthy! First you need to know the structure of your hair, skin, and nails and how each part works!!!.

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You will find out how to keep these body parts healthy!
  • First you need to know the structure of your hair, skin, and nails and how each part works!!!
1. Integumentary System
    • Covers and protects body
    • Made up of skin, hair, and nails
2. Skin
    • Largest organ in body
    • Has nerve cells that help detect pain, pressure, heat cold, and touch
    • Protective layer from germs
Maintain a healthful body temp.
  • Removes waste from body
3. Two Layers of Skin
    • Epidermis – outer layer which is constantly shed and replaced
    • Dermis – layer below epidermis that contains hair follicles, glands, blood vessels and nerves
4. Melanin
    • Protects you from ultraviolent radiation
    • Pigment that gives skin its color
    • More Melanin=Darker skin tone
5. Glands
    • Sweat glands – rids the body of salt and helps cool the body by releasing sweat through pores
6. Nails
    • Composed of dead cells and keratin, a tough protein
7. Hair
    • Dead cells filled with keratin
    • Protects skin and helps maintain body temp
      • Goosebumps
      • Prevents loss of heat through head
    • Each hair grows in a hair follicle
8. Hair follicle– a depression on the surface of the skin that contains nutrients needed for hair to grow
A. Sunburn –
    • Caused by UV rays from the sun
    • People with fewer amounts of melanin are more likely to be sunburned
    • Can be prevented by wearing sunblock (at least SPF 30!!!)
B. Skin Cancer
    • Also called melanoma
    • Can be obtained from the sun
    • Studies have shown tanning booths may
    • cause skin
    • cancer
A – Asymmetry
    • If your mole is NOT the same on both sides, it could be cancerous
B – Border Irregularity
    • If the outside borders are shaped oddly, the mole may be cancerous.
C – Color
    • If your mole is black with a blueish tint, it may be cancerous
D – Diameter
    • Check for moles that are wider than ¼ of an inch, or larger than the size of a pea.
C. Acne
    • Lesions on the skin filled with excess oil and dirt which encloses the skin’s pores.
    • To prevent pimples:
      • Wash face daily with facial cleanser that contains Benzoyl.
      • Moisturize
      • Keep hands off your face
D. Athlete’s Foot
    • Fungal infection of the skin between the toes
    • Caused by sweating and heat
    • Highly contagious
    • Wear sandals or other foot coverings when in locker room or shower!
E. Ringworm
    • Common fungal infection of skin
    • Ring-shaped
    • Scaly, blistery patches form
    • Itchy
    • Contagious! Be careful of locker rooms…
11. Keeping the Integ. System Healthy
  • A. Nails
    • Clip regularly, clean dirt out under nails
    • Wear clean socks, avoid contact with locker room floors, showers to prevent athletes foot
B. Hair
    • Wash every day
    • Cut regularly
    • Avoid sharing hats or headgear
    • Brush hair
C. Skin
    • Use sunscreen
    • Don’t use tanning beds!
    • Use ACNE medication
    • Wash face and skin everyday when showering
12. Deodorant
    • Used to prevent excess sweating and body odor smells
    • Applied to armpits
    • Look for a deodorant and antiperspirant – prevents sweating..
How I will Keep My Integumentary System Healthy…
  • Hair –
  • Skin –
  • Skin on Face -
  • Nails -
1. Epidermis
  • 2. Dermis
  • 3. Blood Vessel
  • 4. Hair
  • 5. Pore
  • 6. Nerve
  • 7. Sweat Gland
  • 8. Oil (Sebaceous) Gland