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American Civil War

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American Civil War . Timeline (1860-1865). 1860. November, 6- Abraham Lincoln declared government cannot endure permanently half slave, half free. Only got 180/303 electoral votes and 40 % of the popular vote

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american civil war

American Civil War



  • November, 6- Abraham Lincoln declared government cannot endure permanently half slave, half free. Only got 180/303 electoral votes and 40 % of the popular vote
  • December, 20-South Carolina withdraw from the federal government and two month later, so did Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas.
  • February, 9-Jefferson Davis formed with The Confederate states of America as president.
  • March, 4- Abraham Lincoln became the 16th President of the United States of America.
fort sumter attacked 1861
Fort Sumter Attacked 1861
  • April, 12-At 4:30 am General Pierre Beauregard open fire fifty cannons upon Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • April, 15-President Lincoln announce launching 75,000 professional solders.
  • April, 17- Virginia withdraw from the Union and within five weeks later, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina left the Union also.
fort sumter attacked con
Fort Sumter Attacked con
  • April, 19-Lincoln sent out a Blockade against Southern ports. This mean’s the South would not get well supplied in the war VS the north.
  • April, 20-Robert E. Lee resign his commission in the US Army and accept the military and naval forces in Virginia. Robert will not go against his birthplace, home and children.
first bull run
First Bull Run
  • July, 21-The Federal Government Army under Irvin McDowell got defeated at the Bull Run, just 25 miles southwest of Washington. The Federal Troops retreat back to Washington.
  • July, 27-Lincoln replace McDowell with George B. McClellan.
  • Sept, 11-Lincoln replace Gen. John C. Fremont with Gen. David Hunter. Due to a unauthorized military attack in Missouri
November, 1- Lincoln assign McClellan as general-in-chief of all Federal Government forces when Winfield Scott resign due to aged.
  • November, 8- The Confederate officials was sailing toward England (the leading world power) and caught by the U.S. Navy. They were release in December ,Lincoln make a remark ”One war at a time”.
  • January, 31- The US Naval and land Forces to advance by Feb 22 George Washington’s birthday.
  • February, 6- Gen Ulysses S. Grant capturing Fort Henry
  • February, 20- Lincoln son, Willie dies from fever from drinking polluted water from white house.
  • March, 8&9- Confederate Ironclad “Merrimac’ sinks two wooden Federal ships. This was end of using wooden ships.
  • April, 6&7- 13,000 Federal Government troops and 10,000 Confederates troops die/wounded. When Confederate surprise attack on Gen. Ulysses S. Grant’s at Shiloh on the Tennessee. This was the most death in all American wars combine.
  • April, 24- 17 Federal Government ships with command of Flag officer David Farragut move up the Mississippi River and took over New Orleans, the South’s greatest seaport.
  • May, 31- Gen. Joseph E. Johnston’s Army attack McClellan's troops, Johnston is badly wounded.
shiloh 1862
Shiloh 1862
  • June, 1- Gen. Robert E. Lee replace wounded Johnston and name the forces the Army of Northern Virginia.
  • June, 25 to July, 1- Seven Days in Battle, Lee attack McClellan near Richmond. Both had heavy losses and McClellan withdrawal back toward Washington
secound battle of bull run 1862
Secound Battle of Bull Run 1862
  • August, 29&30- The Federal Government with 75,000 troops with Gen. John Pope are defeated by only 55,000 Confederates troops with Gen. Stonewall Jackson and Gen James Longstreet in northern Virginia. The Federal Government retreats to Washington.
second battle of bull run 1862
Second Battle of Bull Run 1862
  • September, 4 to 9- Lee with 50,000 Confederates troops and went to Harpens Ferry. Only 50 miles northwest of Washington. The Federal Government Army with 90,000 troops under McClellan, pursues Lee.
antietam 1862
Antietam 1862
  • September, 17- McClellan with the huge force attack Lee, leaving the Confederates 26,000 men dead/wounded/missing. Lee withdraw to Virginia.
  • November, 7- Lincoln replace McClellan with Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside as new Commander of the Army of the Potomac due to the slow attack by McClellan.
fredericksburg 1862
Fredericksburg 1862
  • December, 13- Gen. Burnside was defeat at Fredericksburg in Virginia with losing 12.653 men while the Confederate lost 5,309 men
  • January 1,1863- Lincoln final Proclamation freeing all slave and allowing them to enlist in the army.
fredericksburg 1863
Fredericksburg 1863
  • January, 25- Lincoln replacing Burnside with Joseph Hooker as Commander of the Army of the Potomac
  • January, 29-Gen. Grant is placed in command of the Army of the west, and with order to capture Vicksburg.
fredericksburg 18631
Fredericksburg 1863
  • March, 3- The U.S Congress enacts a draft (military hiring), either pay $300 dollars or provide a substitute.
chancellorsville 1863
Chancellorsville 1863
  • May 1-4, The Federal Government Army under Gen. Hooker is decisively defeated by Lee’s much smaller forces at the Battle of Chancellorsville in Virginia. The Federal lost 17,000 killed/wounded/missing out of 130.000 while Confederates lost 13,000 out of 60,000
chancellorsville 18631
Chancellorsville 1863
  • May 10- Stonewall Jackson die from his wound, last word were “ Let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees”
  • June 3- Lee with 75,000 Confederates launches his second invasion of the North, heading in to Pennsylvania.
chancellorsville 18632
Chancellorsville 1863
  • June 28- Lincoln appoints Gen. George G. Meade as commander of the Army of the Potomac, replacing Hooker. Meade, this is the 5th change in the army less in a year.
gettysburg 1863
Gettysburg 1863
  • July 1-3- The Confederates are defeated at the Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania.
  • July 4- Vicksburg surrenders to Gen. Grant and the Army of the West after a six week siege. With Union now in control of the Mississippi.
gettysburg 18631
Gettysburg 1863
  • July 13-16- A riot in New York City that killed at least of 120 persons, including children.
  • July 18- The ‘Negro troops’ of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment under Col. Robert G. Shaw attack fortified Rebel at Forts Wagner, with half of the men in regiment killed at the end.
gettysburg 18632
Gettysburg 1863
  • August 10-Lincoln have a meeting with abolition Frederick Douglass who push for full equality for Union’ Negro troops’
  • August 21- At Lawrence, Kansas, pro-Confederate William C. Quantrill and 400 proslavery followers raid the town and butch 182 boys & men
chickamauga 1863
Chickamauga 1863
  • Sept 19-20- The Confederate victory by Gen. Braxton Bragg’s Army of Tennessee at Chickamauga leaves Gen. William S Rosecrans.
  • Oct 16- The president appoints Gen. Grant to command all operation in the western theater.
  • Nov 19- Lincoln dedicating the Gettysburg Battlefield as National Cemetery
chattanooga 1863
Chattanooga 1863
  • November 23-25 The Rebel siege of Chattanooga ends as Union forces under Grant defeat the siege army of Gen. Braxton Bragg. During the battle, one of the most dramatic moments of the war occurs. Yelling "Chickamauga! Chickamauga!" Union troops avenge their previous defeat at Chickamauga by storming up the face of Missionary Ridge without orders and sweep the Rebels from what had been though to be an impregnable position. "My God, come and see 'em run!" a Union soldier cries.
chattanooga 1864
Chattanooga 1864
  • March 9 Lincoln appoints Gen. Grants to command all armies of US, Gen. William T. Sherman succeeds Grants as commander in the west.
  • May 4- With 120.000 solders advancing to Richmond to engage Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia with only 64,000 troops.
chattanooga 18641
Chattanooga 1864
  • May 4- In the west, Sherman with 100,000 man move to Atlanta to fight with Joseph E. Johnston’s 60,000 Army of Tennessee.
cold harbour 1864
Cold Harbour 1864
  • June 3- Grant made a mistake ending up with 7,000 Union dead in twenty min during an offensive VS fortified Rebels at Cold Harbour in Virginia.
  • June 15- The Union Forces miss a chance to capture Petersburg to cut off Confederate rail lines
cold harbour 18641
Cold Harbour 1864
  • July 20- At Atlanta, Sherman’s forces battle the Rebels now under the command of Gen. John B. Hood, who replaced Johnston.
  • August-29 Democrats nominate George B. McClellan for president to run against Republican incumbent Abraham Lincoln.
cold harbour 18642
Cold Harbour 1864
  • Sept 2- The Sherman’s Army captured Atlanta, which helps the President Lincoln’s bid for re-election
  • October 19- In Shenandoah Valley Cavalry Gen Philip H. Sheridan over Jubal Early Troops.
  • November 8- Lincoln is re-elected
march to the sea 1864
March to the Sea 1864
  • November 15- Sherman with 62,000 men destroyed Atlanta's warehouse and railroad facilities and begin to March to the Sea.
  • December 15-16- Hood’s Rebel Army of 23,000 is defeated at Nashville by 55,000 Federals with Negros troops with George H. Thomas
march to the sea 1864 1865
March to the Sea 1864-1865
  • December 21- Sherman reaches Savannah in Georgia leaving 300 miles and 60 miles width all the way from Atlanta.
  • Jan 31,1865- The US Congress approves the 13 Amendments to US Constitution, to crush slavery.
  • Feb 3- A peace meeting was held but no agreement so war goes on.
march to the sea 1865
March to the Sea 1865
  • Feb 3- Only Lee’s Army at Petersburg and Johnston’s forces in North Carolina remain fighting for the South fighting Northern forces with 280,000 men.
  • March 25- The last offensive by the Lee’s Army of the Northern Virginia attacking Grant’s forces at Petersburg
march to the sea 18651
March to the Sea 1865
  • April 2- Grant’s army begin advance and break Lee’s line at Petersburg. Confederate Gen Ambrose P. Hill die. Lee evacuates Petersburg and Capital Richmond.
lee surrenders 1865
Lee Surrenders 1865
  • April 9- Gen Robert E. Lee surrenders his Confederate Army to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at the village of Appomattox Court House in Virginia.