By mike cardamone mike diebold andy gordon
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By: Mike Cardamone , Mike Diebold, Andy Gordon. Under Armour. Under Armour.

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By mike cardamone mike diebold andy gordon

By: Mike Cardamone, Mike Diebold, Andy Gordon

Under Armour

Under armour
Under Armour

  • Under Armour is dedicated to the creation of the greatest performance enhancing athletic gear on the market. Products include many lines of athletic apparel as well as numerous shoe lines and equipment for a various variety of sports.

Swot analysis
Swot analysis

  • Strengths: Reputation, Quality, Celebrity Endorsements, Variety of Markets, Wide Variety of Products, Availability

  • Weaknesses: Price, Narrow Focus

  • Opportunities: Expanding Sport Market, Lower Prices

  • Threats: Competitors:(Nike, Adidas, Riddell), Recession

Target market
Target Market

  • Demographics- Athletes ages 12-35 who desire the absolute best for their athletic performance; medium-high income

  • Psychographics- Likes Hip-hop and some wide variety of music; loves hanging out with friends

Radio ad
Radio ad

  • 96.3 B96- Hip-hop and recent songs are being played on this station which applies to the target market.

  • 103.5 KISS FM- Same situation as B96 with the music style matching the target market.

  • 101.9 The MIX- Chosen because of the wide variety of music played on the station.

  • Suh Lewis

Television ad
Television ad

  • ESPN & ESPN 2- Sports channels that are watched by many people who are involved and interested in sports activities.

  • Comcast Sports Net- Many sporting events and sport shows are hosted on this channel.

  • Versus- Sporting events are often hosted on this channel, mostly hockey.

  • WGN- Channel broadcasts the Cubs. Under Armour also sponsors the Cubs.

  • FOX- Wide array of sporting events and lots of news.

  • CBS- Same reason as FOX with news and events.

Print ad
Print Ad

  • Sports Illustrated- Many people who are interested in sports and truly care about then are members of this magazine.

  • ESPN The Magazine- Same as Sports Illustrated; people who are interested in sports read it.

  • Sports Illustrated Kids- Same as Sports Illustrated but for kids who are younger.

Non traditional advertising
Non-Traditional Advertising

  • Word of mouth advertising –

  • We could offer incentives and bonuses for customers who help spread a good word about Under Armour. We could create an incentive system where referals could result in free merchandise.

Non traditional advertising1
Non-Traditional Advertising

  • Door to Door marketing campaign –

  • Sales representatives could trail door to door handing out promotional coupons and helping to inform potential customers about the product lines that we carry.

  • This would be beneficial to people who might not have cable T.V. or that don’t listen to the radio.