student driver simulations
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Student Driver Simulations

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Student Driver Simulations. Jennifer Wysocki. Equipment Software Project . Problem-. According to the CDC - Motor vehicle crashes are the LEADING cause of death for U.S. teens .  In 2010, seven teens ages 16 to 19 died EVERY day from motor vehicle injuries. . Goal-.

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student driver simulations
Student Driver Simulations

Jennifer Wysocki

Equipment Software Project

  • According to the CDC-
  • Motor vehicle crashes are the LEADING cause of death for U.S. teens.
  •  In 2010, seven teens ages 16 to 19 died EVERYday from motor vehicle injuries. 
  • Improve teen driving performance by providing
  • essential practice
  • time through
  • simulator driving.

Simulator Seat

  • The Professional Simulator Seat is a metal structure that lifts your entire simulator up off the floor and brings all your equipment together.
  • Gives an authentic experience to a real life car seat.
  • Ability to put pedals, steering wheel and monitors in the frame
  • Purchase at
  • Price- $1399
Driver Education Suite 2012
  • The software to correspond with the driving equipment
  • Learn Road Rules & practice all the basic and essential driving skills with a realistic 3D driving simulation program for your computer.
  • Students will become comfortable enough with driving to remember to routinely look around, check blind spots, use mirrors, turn signals and headlights, and be aware of your speed.
  • Purchase at
  • Price- $75
software description
Software Description
  • It teaches students to use an automatic, passenger vehicle with or without a small trailer attached. By pressing buttons on the wheel or keyboard, users can turn to look to their-
  • Left
  • Right
  • Monitor blind spots
  • Look directly behind their virtual vehicle for approaching traffic and obstacles
  • SimuRideis also a driving Simulator for the people with Special Needs.
steering wheel
Steering Wheel
  • GxxRacing Wheel with shifter Module, Gas, Brake, Clutch Pedals
    • Power Supply
    • Six-speed shifter & Sequential shift mode
    • 900 degrees of wheel rotation & Force Feedback
    • Buttons & Controls
  • Feels and handles identical to a power steering wheel
  • Purchase at-
  • Price- $359
statistics show
Statistics show…
  • The number of crashes, both within and outside the hazard windows, that trained and untrained drivers were involved in across the two testing sessions (pre-intervention and post-intervention). Standard error bars are added.

Accident Analysis & Prevention, Volume 42, Issue 6, November 2010, Pages 2117–2124

drunk goggles
Drunk Goggles
  • DRUNK BUSTERS™ Goggles effectively simulate what it is like to be impaired.
  • Use these goggles with the accompanying activity list, and put your students through an actual field sobriety test.
  • This is a fun yet sobering lesson on impairment.
  • Purchase at
  • Price-$134.95
twilight drunk goggles
Twilight Drunk Goggles
  • The Twilight goggles have a darker lens material, simulating impairment under low light conditions (at night time or adverse conditions).
  • Simulates BAC of .10 to .17
  • Students can see the effects of being drunk at night time
  • Purchase at
  • Price-$134.95
fatal reflections
Fatal Reflections
  • Fatal Reflections® 3.0 generates a personalized multimedia presentation in news story format that puts students in the middle of tragedy.
  • Engage your audience in a meaningful discussion about the very real consequences of alcohol misuse and abuse and stop it from becoming reality.
  • Purchase at
  • Price- $199
teen drivers
Teen Drivers
  • 1 Teenage Driver Death is too many.
  • Help teens get the experience and practice they need.