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Eagle Scout Service Projects. Mattameechen District Sept. 13, 2011. Eagle Scout Service Project Requirements. This is to be the best effort of the Scout Life Scouts to submit project before they are 17-1/2 The project is sole responsibility of Scout

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Eagle scout service projects

Eagle Scout Service Projects

Mattameechen District

Sept. 13, 2011

Eagle scout service project requirements
Eagle Scout Service Project Requirements

  • This is to be the best effort of the Scout

  • Life Scouts to submit project before they are 17-1/2

  • The project is sole responsibility of Scout

  • Two Scouts may not qualify on the same project

  • Use the printed or the electronic version of the project booklet

  • The key requirement is to demonstrate Leadership

Eagle scout service project requirements1
Eagle Scout Service Project Requirements

  • To demonstrate Leadership the Scout must Plan, Organize, and Direct project to orderly completion

  • No requirements for project size, but must be sufficient to clearly demonstrate Leadership

  • Spelling, grammar, neatness, give overall impression of Scout's best effort

  • Include approval letter from beneficiary organization, on their letterhead

  • Project must help community, school, religious institution, but not Scouting, a business, or an individual

Eagle scout service project requirements2
Eagle Scout Service Project Requirements

  • Routine labor or services are not acceptable

  • Package programs are not acceptable

  • Include estimated cost of the project

  • Include how funding will be obtained

  • Fundraising is permitted only for providing materials, not as a project

Eagle scout service project requirements3
Eagle Scout Service Project Requirements

  • Troop Leadership must check and approve proposal before submitting to District

  • District must approve before project can be started

  • Allow minimum of 3 weeks for approval from District

  • Scout must communicate directly with District member during approval process

  • A separate approved notice will be included with approved project booklet

Eagle scout service project requirements4
Eagle Scout Service Project Requirements

  • To carry out project, use primarily Scouts, but can also use family, friends, and associates

  • Substantial changes in project require prior approval

  • Troop Leadership to monitor progress and ensure objectives are met when complete

  • When project is complete, application can be submitted

  • The Eagle candidate must prepare detailed description of completed project for application

Standards we follow
Standards We Follow

  • Submitted projects will be reviewed by one of two District Eagle committee members

  • District will communicate directly with Scout at all times during approval process

  • Spelling, grammar, and syntax are important regardless of age of Scout - corrections will be requested

  • Scouting related words are to be capitalized

Standards we follow1
Standards We Follow

  • Sketches are to be neat and best effort of the Scout and spelling will be checked

  • Photo captions are to be neat and spelling will be checked

  • Scout is to Lead not perform substantial amount of work himself

  • Scout is not to self-fund project

Helpful hints
Helpful Hints

  • Use Website workbook and type into booklet

  • Use of Website workbook is helpful when corrections are required

  • Provide all information requested in Project Details section

  • Embed digital photos and type captions

  • Signed letter from beneficiary does not replace signature on approval page

Helpful hints1
Helpful Hints

  • Keep Project Approval page as a separate page

  • Allow sufficient time for weather dependent projects

  • Troop Leadership to ensure requested information is provided before signing and forwarding workbook for approval

  • Multiple copies of the Project Proposal are not required

  • Keep copy of all Project Proposal documentation

Common mistakes and omissions
Common Mistakes and Omissions

  • Cover page not completely filled in with requested information and full addresses

  • Spell check is not used

  • Missing an Approval Page signature

  • Sketches are done freehand

  • Date of discussion with Unit Leader is omitted

  • Information provided in Project Details section is not complete.

Project details
Project Details

Plan your work by describing the present condition, the

method, materials to be used, project helpers, a time

schedule for carrying out the project, the estimated cost of

the project, and how the needed funds will be obtained.

Describe any safety hazards you might face, and explain

how you will ensure the safety of those carrying out the


If appropriate, include photographs of the area

before you begin your project. Providing before and-

after photographs of your project area can give a clear

example of your effort.