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Automotive Careers and Certifications

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Automotive Careers and Certifications. Produced by Joe Wintermute ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician. The Automobile Technician. Today’s Technician is no longer just a “grease monkey”

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automotive careers and certifications

Automotive Careersand Certifications

Produced by Joe Wintermute

ASE Certified Master

Automobile Technician.

the automobile technician
The Automobile Technician
  • Today’s Technician is no longer just a “grease monkey”
  • The Technician must be skilled in several trades in order to perform the job of repairing the modern vehicle
today s technician
Today’s Technician
  • Must be skilled in the following trades.
  • Machinist (precision measurement, machining brake parts for example)
  • Plumber (working with fuel lines and power steering lines)
  • Welder (Gas and mig welding on exhaust systems and parts repair)
  • Electrician (charging, starting and lighting systems service)
do you remember
Do you remember
  • What does today's technician have to be skilled in?
  • A) machinist
  • B) plumber
  • C) welder
  • D) electrician
  • E) all of the above
the modern technician
The modern Technician
  • Metal worker (Trim and body repair work)
  • Electronics ( Vehicles have thousands of electronic parts)
  • Air conditioning (all cars today come with air conditioning ) unless its ordered without
  • TV- radio installation and repair of stereo systems
  • Computer technician (Vehicles have several onboard computers)
wow that s a lot
  • As you can see the Technician’s job can be very challenging!
  • There is normally a variety of repair tasks that prevent boredom on the job!
  • But you must not mind getting dirty
where do i start
Where do I start?
  • Service station attendant This used to be a great way to get your feet wet so to speak BUT not anymore because of the complex nature of the modern automobiles there are less and less independent service stations.
  • The best way to enter this field is by going to a trade school or a junior college program.
there are different technicians
There are different Technicians
  • Semi skilled mechanics (perform limited jobs such as oil changes light bulbs flat tire repair air filter replacement etc
  • Apprentice Technicians do all that a semi skilled do and more such as wind noise repair water leak repair warranty repairs etc
  • Specialized Technicians are experts on one or two systems and that’s all they work on
different technicians
Different technicians
  • Because of the increasing complexness of the modern automobile.
  • Most technicians are becoming skilled in one system.
  • A Master Technician is a technician who has mastered all of the specialized areas and is capable of working on any part of the vehicle.
do you remember1
Do you remember?
  • What is a master technician?
  • A) just a technician who has 10 or more years of experience.
  • B) a technician who has mastered all the specialized areas.
  • C) anybody who tells people I am a master technician.
  • D) none of the above.
  • Shop supervisor or Shop foreman is in charge of the other technicians in a large shop
  • They must be able to help the other Technicians troubleshoot and repair all systems!
what is a shop foreman
What is a shop foreman?
  • A) a master technician in charge of other technicians.
  • B) a technician capable of managing a large shop.
  • C) must be able to help other technicians troubleshoot and repair all systems.
  • D) all of the above.
still more yes there s more
STILL MORE!Yes there’s more
  • Service Manager The manager is responsible for the complete service and repair area of a large dealership or repair facility.
  • They must use a wide range of skills to coordinate the job of the supervisor, parts department, service writers, service dispatchers and other shop personal.
a s e certification
  • A.S.E. Stands for Automotive Service Excellence it used to be called NIASE or the national institute for automotive service excellence.
  • In 1985 the name was shortened to A.S.E so the public would recognize it easier
  • A technician becomes certified after they take a test in the area that they wish become certified in.
  • And they have the required work experience 2 years is the normally required length of time.
can you tell me
Can you tell me
  • What was ASE originally called?
  • A) ASED
  • B) NIASE
  • C) ABCDE
  • D) WXYZ
what does ase stand for
What does ASE stand for?
  • A) another stupid educator.
  • B) all systems equal.
  • C) automotive service excellence.
  • D) automobile systems everywhere.
  • E) all of the above.
  • When you pass the test and meet the work requirement you become certified.
  • If you take all eight tests and pass them you become a Master Technician
  • The testing is voluntary
  • It proves to you ,your employer and the public that you are fully qualified to service their automobile
  • Becoming certified in some cases can raise your pay some employers pay a certified technician more than a non certified technician.
how do you become certifited
How do you become certifited?
  • A) take a test
  • B) work for two years
  • C) take and pass the test and have two years work experience.
  • D) pay the guy at the test center
the future of certification
The Future of Certification
  • Some states require any Technician who works on any part of an automobile to be licensed for that system
  • If you are not licensed for a system you can not legally work on the system.
  • In the NEAR future all states will require that a technician be licensed to work on a automobile.
what might the future hold
What might the future hold?
  • A) that all technicians have licenses to drive cars.
  • B) that technicians be licensed to work on any system that they work on.
  • C) that all technicians own their own tools
  • D) that all technicians have a license to work with air tools.
  • A technician in order to become licensed in the State of Michigan for example
  • Has to apprentice for four years under a licensed technician for the systems that they wish.
  • During that time they must take and pass 4 test per system
  • At the end of this time they receive their license to work on automobiles.
  • The other way is to be A.S.E. certified and then the Technician can apply for licensing by submitting their credentials and the state of Michigan will license them.
what state has technician licensing
What state has technician licensing?
  • A) Illinois
  • B) New York
  • C) Michigan
  • D) Mississippi
  • E) All 50 states
so get certified
  • Being certified opens a lot of opportunities for you!
  • Better pay
  • Respect from the customer (they look for that distinctive blue gear patch on your shoulder!