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Listen to Your DNA to Help with Weight Loss

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Listen to Your DNA to Help with Weight Loss - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Looking for simple weight loss Diet tips? VLCC Wellness gives you diet tips which will help you reduce weight. Read our diet plans to know more about it.\n

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Diets decided post a DNA test may help a person lose up to three times more weight than a diet not based on one.Our body absorbs and metabolizes vitamins and nutrients to provide nourishment and keep us fit. Our genes play an important role in this activity. By identifying the genetic profile, we can supplement our diets to ensure that we get enough of the nutrients, that we might be lacking.


Millions of people across the world take nutritional supplements, not knowing how their body is actually metabolizing them. With DNA testing you can discover your body's nutritional needs and personalize your nutritional requirement.By doing a simple genetic test via a cheek swab, we can find out about our genetic profile. In DNA testing, a whole range of genes will be analyzed including those that affect fat metabolism, obesity and energy consumption.


If we are looking at losing and controlling weight, we can do so by making a lifestyle change based on our DNA test. This will also help in creating a personalized level of activity for optimal results.Due to our genetic profile, we are suited for certain types of activities and exercise. Some bodies respond best to endurance exercises whereas others are suited for explosive ones.Genetics helps us identify our individual types and ensure that there is a scientific basis behind the exercise regime. We can't change our genes but we can alter our exercise regime to suit the way our bodies work.


DNA Test for Losing WeightAs someone stepping into my thirties, one of my biggest challenge was to hold on to my weight and ensure that I don't have to buy bigger sizes of clothes every year. To meet my goals, I have gone on diets, followed the latest exercise fads and have been left unimpressed by how much of a losing fight it has been.Recently, I came across an article that explained why some of us are able to eat anything and still stay slim and how some of us sweat in the gym but end up with aches and niggles. It is all in our genes.


We all know that our DNA ensures that we are all unique and no two individuals are the same. What we didn't know till now is that the genes play a big role in how our body accepts diets and exercise routines.A balanced diet is the most important activity in our weight loss plan. With DNA mapping, we can see which nutrients our body is able to breakdown well and which nutrients our body needs the most. Based on this learning, we can plan our diets to get us the best results.


Even in the case of exercise, it is better to figure out the best course of action based on our DNA than mindlessly running on those treadmills or doing squats. The way these reports work is by examining a particular trait like recovery time after exercise or sensitivity towards carbohydrates and list the genes responsible. Based on that, an exercise regime is created which is personalized.For example: Giving due weightage to power exercise and endurance exercise. This has a chance of delivering results, which are 2-3 times better than following a course that does not follow these results. VLCC, a well-known brand in slimming, has introduced VLCC DNA Slim programmer, VLCC DNA Slim helps in customizing the weight loss plan for you. To know more, visit: